WinShareZ: Reward App, You Use, You Win

Recommend your favorite brands in your social network and earn money to spend as you wish.
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You share, you win!

WinShareZ is the first app that creates a win-win situation between Brands and Consumers:

1 - As a Consumer, we are tired of receiving indiscriminate advertising. We trust so much more on recommendations from our friends.

2 - The Brands spend a lot of money on traditional advertising.

Why not combine the best of both worlds?

With WinShareZ you finally get the payment you deserve. By recommending your favorite brands on your social network, you'll win money to spend as you like!

      With the WinShareZ smartphone app you have access to:

  • Your post ads history
  • Ongoing and completed campaigns
  • Your balance
  • Settings
  • And you only need a smartphone with Internet and a Facebook account.

- How it works:

It's easy - you see the "Post Ad" option and you're free to share it.

When you share the Brand Add on your social network, we validate the payment in your app's balance. 

Our Strenghs

1. Your reward

When you accumulate a minimum balance, you can request to lift it up through a gift card, mastercard or paypal account and use it as you wish!

2. The trusted advertising

You will continue doing word-of-mouth with your friends, but now you can win with it.

3. Self-expression

It empowers your identity! You share what you love!

- If you have a Brand and want to advertise it, here's how it works:

After we launch the platform, you only need to register your store and print the personalized QRcode. Then, you can start enjoying your client's advertising.

Your employees can inform your customers to share the “Post Ad” by giving them the QRcode.

You still maintain complete control over your image. Our web platform helps you keep track and supervise the brand advertising shared by your clients.

Our Strenghs

1. The best advertising always come from the clients

Brands have always tried to turn the loyalty and satisfaction of their customeres into "media". Now they can do it in a much easier way.

2. No investment costs

The brand only pays for the customer recommendation after he shares it. There are no previous costs.

Also, is free to use WinShareZ web platform.

3. The range

Nowadays, if you have a brand you want to advertise, the web is your best option. Trust your message to your customers, and they will spread it all across the web.

*The source of number of friends.

- The payment

The payment for your customer per Post Ad has a minimum value of $1.

If he gets shares and likes, he can receive + $1. 

This extra $1 for shares and likes helps to increase the impact of your add.

This way, 1 Post Ad published by your custumer can reach a minimum of 504 friends = $0,004 by friend.

- New customers

The brands can acquire new customers just through recommendations from their current customers.

- Confidence

A brand that allows the client to advertise its image, is a brand that inspires confidence and gives value to the customer.

- Brand positioning

WinShareZ increase the brands differentiation factor.

Image by Philipp Henzler

WinShareZ was designed for thinking of you.

So what better way to launch our platform than to make you all our ambassadors?

We have been working very hard for the last few months, and WinShareZ is finally a fully functional prototype. Now we need your help to guarantee its launch.

We’re at the starting line, ready and dying to begin. Now it's all up to you!

Join our project and spread the word.

Support WinShareZ, tell your friends and family, and together we can go very far and turn this platform into a reality.

But why should you help us? It’s simple:

- You can be the first to use and benefit from it.

- If you advertise, you automatically win.

- Be part of our history; we can only do it if we do it together.

Help us reach our goal. Spread the word and win with it!

 You have to share using your personal URL link. 

Stretch Goals

Help us reach our goals. Spread the word and win with it! 

We are launching our Landing Page.

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    Be ONE OF THE FIRST to use WinShareZ! At launch, we’ll send you a personal invite and $5 CREDIT in your balance to use as you want. We will also list your name on our Website and on our App as an original backer who helped to bring WinShareZ to the world!

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    Bundle WinShareZ CREDIT with your promotions to hand out to friends, employees or customers. FOUNDER BADGE, will appear next to your name in the WinShareZ app. WinShareZ will send you a personal invite and 100 x $10 credit, can be added to the balance of users you choose. We will also list your name on our Website and on our App as an original backer who helped bring WinShareZ to the world!

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