Winklebeans are hand crafted, American made, all natural wooden monsters with interchangeable pieces, that love to explore and share stories.



Greetings! I'm Shane Reilly, owner and founder of Winklebeans, artist, designer and stay-at-home dad.  My background is in sculpting, fabrication, and believe it or not...clowning!
I am launching a new creative venture called Winklebeans because I want my kid to play with something that will challenge him and allow him to express his creativity and imagination.
Winklebeans are hand-crafted, natural, wooden toys made right here in America. They are fun, playful monsters that love to explore and create.   A couple of years ago, we had a big scare with foreign made plastic toys.  I took a look at the market and found that not only were handmade, natural toys hard to find, but the ones that were out there weren’t very modern or reflected the way today’s kids play.  I designed the Winklebeans to be high quality, high style, modern toys made locally of sustainable materials. I found that not only were kids enamored with them but adults loved the design and changeability of the characters too.  Everyone loves the way Winklebeans facilitate storytelling and interaction. 
You can visit the Winklebean Etsy shop here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/Winklebeans?ref=seller...

What we’re asking for is help in launching the 1st generation of Winklebeans.  We’re looking to get them in the hands of 10 different retailers as well as keep a small stock for our online market.  Your support will go toward the manufacturing and marketing of these amazing little monsters.
• First I need raw materials - yes, wood grows on trees, but that doesn't mean it's free, especially not the supper cool, sustainable wood Winklebeans need.
• To go with the material, we'll also need packaging and printing with the Winklebean logo
• I also need to buy tooling - I've been making these in small batches using hand powered tools, but in order to expand the business, I need to buy industrial strength tooling for manufacturing larger quantities. Or depending on how much we raise, I would hire an American manufacturing company to produce the larger quantities of Winklebeans.
• We need to get the Winklebeans into the hands of small, independently owned & operated toy and design stores. The funds would cover promotional materials, travel and marketing.

Artifacts are our way of saying thanks and of getting you started in the Winklebean community.  
Heart felt thank you.
Heart felt thank you  + Magnet Pin (1 1/2 inch square with Winklebean image)
One black t-shirt with Winklebean logo screen printed in white
$30 MEMBER of the HOARDE
One black t-shirt with Winklebean logo screen printed in white + Magnet Pin
One random Winklebean from the first generation tribe.
One Winklebean + T-Shirt + Tribesmen (supporter) on website
$500 ELDER
Set of 6 Winklebean + T-shirt + Magnet Pin + Elder Tribesmen  on website. 
Create and Name one of the second generation of Winklebeans + Set of 6 first generation + T-shirt + Magnet Pin + Witch Doctor)on website. 

Artifacts will be shipped out in the order they are received. We are going to work to ensure all orders are shipped before the Holidays.
This is a 30-day, flexible funding campaign. Even if we don't reach our goal your funds will still help. The Winklebeans will still go into production, just on a smaller scale.

The Impact
By making a contribution to Winklebeans, you are joining a community. Not only are you helping to build an American designed and crafted toy, you are inviting creativity and shared storytelling.
Each hand made Winklebean comes with between 4 and 6 interchangeable elements (arms, horns, ears).  These elements are unique to each character and by changing them around you change the mood, presence, and personality of the character.  One of the exciting things we discovered was that owners of multiple Winklebeans tended to combine the elements and create entirely new characters to tell stories with.  Stories are shared on our website, www.winklebean.com, in our forums where people are uploading images of trips taken with their Winklebeans or animations, or simply written stories of the adventures they have shared together.
Other Ways You Can Help
Can't show your support through indiegogo? That's okay! You can still help and get involved:
Check out the Winklebean website, create a profile and share stories or ideas for adventures.
Like the Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/Winklebeans
Mention us to your local, independent toy store.
Share our campaign with your friends and contacts in time for the holidays!

Team on This Campaign: