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We partner some of the best US winemakers with winemakers from developing countries to make amazing, meaningful wines. Help us build bridges- blanc by blanc!
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Hello friends,

Our campaign has ended! Thanks to everyone for your tremendous support.

If you are interested in learning about our final opportunity to access our limited-release wines before they arrive this fall, sign up for our mailing list. If you are interested in supporting us in any other way, drop us a line. We would love to hear from you. 

Cheers to the exciting months ahead!

 -Wine for the World


Final Countdown!

We have entered the final countdown of our campaign!

We greatly appreciate any support you can provide to bring us closer to our goal. And all contributors will gain access to our first, limited-release wines before they hit the market!

Thanks very much and we look forward to sharing our wines with you this fall!

We're a premium, collaborative wine brand with a social mission. We partner some of the greatest winemakers in the U.S. with emerging winemakers from developing nations to create high-quality, meaningful wines. Using wine as an instrument for professional and economic development, we strive to build bridges and open the U.S. market to talented winemakers abroad. 

By working with highly-coveted U.S. winemakers, we help wine drinkers confidently explore wines from new regions. And we provide wine drinkers with a unique opportunity to access top U.S. winemakers whose wines they might not otherwise afford. For you, this means you get a chance to do what you love - explore - with excitement and heart.

We're offering excitement, connectedness, and opportunity in each glass. We invite you to join us in building unique opportunities through wine.


What's our Impact?

By buying our wines, you are putting our international winemakers and their regions on the radar in the U.S. market. This is economic development that is fun!

You're helping winemakers like Howard Booysen and Ntsiki Biyela tell their impressive stories, bring their wines to the United States, and participate in a meaningful collaboration in the wine industry.

At the same time, we're launching with South Africa where there are significant barriers to entry for bringing wines to the U.S. Wine for the World is in a unique position to help generate significant economic impact through wine. Using South Africa as an example, if our marketing efforts help increase their wine market presence in the U.S. from just 1% to 1.2%, over five years we can help generate $100 million towards the South African economy alone. (Absolutely attainable - check out the link below for details). We'd like to keep this page short, so please visit our website's impact page here to find out additional facts about our economic, social, and environmental impact on the wine industries in emerging markets. We're working both on the personal level, to help winemakers like Howard and Ntsiki, and on a macro level, to create broad opportunities to connect you with high-quality wines from emerging markets. 

Curious how it works?

Some wine savvy consumers may already know that South Africa produces excellent wine. With just 1% of U.S. import market share, many still don't. We are working with what South Africa calls "previously disadvantaged" winemakers in the post-apartheid era - individuals who are remarkable as people and artisans and deserve to be recognized. They are paving the path and inspiring others to fall in their footsteps. We are honored to pilot with them.

After our launch, we'll scale to other emerging wine regions in Latin America, Eastern Europe, Northern Africa and the Middle East.

We're raising money to send our U.S. winemakers to South Africa for the launch this summer and to bring in our first batch of wines to the U.S. market this fall. $25,000 will help us bring our first, limited-release wines this fall. Our contributors get first dibs (see Membership perk to the right for significant discounts!).The more funds we raise, the more wine we can bring in!



How you can help

  1. Contribute. Your financial help goes a long way! Each contribution helps.
  2. Share. Spread the message clicking here!
  3. Join. Be part of our community by following us on Facebook and Twitter, or join our newsletter list



1. How are you able to bring wine back so quickly, if you're sending winemakers this summer?  For the first stage of the process, we're working with almost-finished wine that meets our standards of quality and social and environmental responsibility  metrics. We are sending our U.S. winemakers to consult on blending and styles. This enables us to enter the market swiftly. The South African harvest was also recently completed and there is opportunity to begin consulting for the following vintage as well. 

2. How do you select the winemakers?  All of our winemakers were initially referred by word of mouth as being among the best in their field, and were subsequently interviewed and selected after careful analysis. To us, it's important that are our winemakers possess both the skill set and collaborative spirit to work with us. 

3. Where are you based? We are based in New York City and the San Francisco/Napa Valley areas. 

4. How can I receive your wines? Make any contribution and be a part of our list to access our first, limited-release wines. If you select any of the Membership perks, we're giving you discounts on our first wines, and you will be entitled to receive additional, insider-only membership benefits (including some additional wine discounts!) every single year! That's like traveling the world in wine, first-class, and making a difference while you're at it.  

Mika Bulmash.  A former international development program manager who has worked with non-profits and for-profits in public health, food security, and agriculture, Mika has a significant passion for wine and eager to offer her development experience to the wine industry. What started as a leap of faith by leaving her Washington, DC job and working a wine harvest in South Africa has turned into her teaming up with more than 10 winemakers abroad and at home, a stellar advisory board, Stephen at ISAW, an awesome team at Wine for the World, and other partners along the way for additional industry support. 

Stephen Satterfield. Currently the manager at popular San Francisco, CA restaurant NOPA, the Atlanta-native also founded the International Society of Africans in Wine in 2008, a nonprofit with the mission of creating economic opportunity in Africa through the wine business. A Certified Sommelier with the International Sommelier Guild since 2005, he has worked at fine restaurants and wineries throughout Oregon, Atlanta, California and South Africa. 

Our awesome team: Alicia Tyree, Communications. Andrew Teixeira, Marketing.  Leigh Buckens, Business Development.  Sarah McCurdy, Business Development.

And special thanks to Manuel Tsingaris, Video Editor, for joining our campaign team!

U.S. Winemakers

Among their accolades, the two U.S. winemakers in the above video, Aaron Pott and Helen Keplinger, were both Food and Wine Magazine Winemakers of the Year (2012). Additional U.S. winemakers that we are incredibly proud to work with include: Sam Kaplan of Arkenstone, Jon Berlin of El Molino, Kevin Morrisey of Ehler’s Estate and formerly Stag’s Leap, and more exciting winemakers slated for 2014 from some cult classics. 

Check out the full bios on our U.S. and pilot winemakers from South Africa.


We're thrilled to be working under the guidance of Tim Matz, Managing Director of North America for Accolade Wines, the fifth largest wine company in the world;  Paul Dolan, celebrated winemaker and champion of environmental sustainability; Lou Capitao, international wine branding expert who directed the national launch of [yellowtail]; Michael Parrish DuDell, a millennial marketing expert and former Editor of GE’s Ecoimagination; Karl Storchmann, NYU Professor of Economics and the Managing Editor for the Journal of Wine Economics, and Michael Odell, a lifetime entrepreneur with experience in all stages of the business cycle, and Sarit Bulmash, a strategic consultant specializing in public-private partnerships. 

Additional support

Wine for the World Additional Support



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