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"In the most desperate situations man still tries to overcome such difficulties with a total trust in man and in the art he is able to express." (A. Camilleri)
Sergio Lo Cascio
4 Team Members



«In the most desperate situations, in those which seem the most extreme ones,  leaving no way out, man is more and more aware that defeat and fail are just around the corner. Yet, he still tries to overcome such difficulties, tenaciously, with a total trust in man and in the art he is able to express.» (Andrea Camilleri).

Basel, Majed, Shareef and Samah are four artists. They are painters, photographers, performers, event and art training course planners. They live in Gaza, a strip of land besieged and isolated from the rest of the world: all around, along the land and sea borders, is the Israeli troops' siege which, in the name of fight against terrorism, is a constant military threat for the population and a hindrance to supplies. Within the territory, the extremist and totalitarian government of Hamas exerts rigid control over people's life and thoughts. A state of perennial war and constant threat of death and destruction reign over the heads and souls of Gaza citizens.

In such a difficult and complicated situation, absolute symbol of oppression and lack of freedom, Basel and the other members of the group of artists “Windows from Gaza” try to get their job going every day in order to spread their message and their own world vision in a situation where daily problems connected to family life, social relationships and their own job – especially in the artistic field – are obstacles that seem almost impossible to overcome.

The daily life of these men and women is continuously affected by restrictions  and control: lack of freedom of movement, no constant supply of energy, difficult availability of necessaries and raw materials, difficulty in finding places where to meet and work, lack of freedom of expression.

Basel, Majhed, Shareef and Samah are artists, but they are also gazaui, inhabitants of a city that, in the imagination of those who look at it only from outside and through the media, represents the worst place in the world, a real hell on Earth.

It is in the suffering heart of this hell that, through their efforts and activities, Basel, Majhed, Shareef and Samah open a view on a vital and prolific universe made of artists, athletes, intellectuals and citizens who are devoted to culture and freedom of thought.

A real human universe hang about the streets of Gaza. It is a world made of devotion and creative commitment, passion and discipline, research and freedom of expression. It is a universe composed of painters, graphics, photographers, videomakers, media activists, musicians, singers, rappers, actors, parkourists, boxers, basketball players, skaters, philosophers, writers, event promoters, poets.

It is an unknown part of the civil society of Gaza that, in spite of war and repression, has chosen to survive in such a desperate situation and to react to this tragedy using peaceful means such as their own talent and expressive force.

Basel, Majhed, Shareef and Samah believe that art is most of all a means of expression and communication: on one hand to relate to the prolific cultural world of the Gaza Strip and to inspire it with their own ideas and works, on the other hand to get in touch with the external world through the Internet webpages of the social networks in order to express their own world vision.

In their opinion, art is an instrument to break down prejudices and regain human dignity, an instrument to keep psychological balance and tell about life in Gaza without using stereotypes.

Where any human expression is repressed and destroyed, thanks to Basel, Majhed, Shareef and Samah art becomes a tremendous means of surviving and at the same time a way to react which let regain and give life to what is human, «with a total trust in man and in the art he is able to express».



Since 2010 as FotografiSenzaFrontiere Onlus in cooperation with Windows From Gaza we have created a series of photo labs for children and teenagers in the Gaza Strip, established by three gazaui artists. Thanks to this experience we have had a closer look at the daily reality of that area and have realised how that reality is not depicted in the official portrayals which affect irremediably our perception of that place.

The reality portrayed by the WFG group let us open our eyes on how today, even in a place like Gaza, it is however necessary to give voice to individual intimate wishes and ambitions, and how art can be an instrument of freedom and integration as well as an important means to react to the affliction of living in a condition of annihilation of the soul.

Our wish to tell about Gaza through the experience of these artists has arisen from all the foregoing and has been supported by Andrea Camilleri. After completing a photoreport which is accompanied by a text by Camilleri himself, we want to go on giving a deeper insight into this artistic reality by producing a docu-film.
Because we believe that describing the life and artistic experience of the WFG group could be an instrument to look at the Gaza Strip in a different way. And this is because a series of stereotypes and prejudices are hanging on that reality, giving a distorted view of the daily life lived there by the local population.

During the different on-the-spot investigations we have made in Gaza, we have seen how much the people living there want and need to “live” and how the news and representations we are given about that ideological and military conflict tell only an aspect of that human universe, making common people “invisible”.

Meeting Mahjed, Basel, Shareef and Samah, the artists of the WFG group, let us sense the complexity of this land's human tragedy. It's necessary to give voice to these men and women, who are usually neglected by news and reports.
which instead tell about them only when they become a number of victims whose lives and wishes in that reality are never of particular interest for the most.

Through the works of these artists new light is cast on the psychological and inner life of gazawi people as well as on the difficulty of living in such isolated and oppressed condition. Only art can give birth to such a light which comes directly from the innest part of man.



The aim of this film is:

-  showing the force of human will and art

-  breaking down all the stereotypes concerning the Gaza Strip and the people living there by focussing our attention on that large part of the gazaui society which lives day by day making great efforts to live with dignity, rather than dealing with ideological, religious and military conflicts  Our documentary aims at contributing a missing puzzle piece to the representation of Gaza reality: the humanity of its ihabitants, their dreams, wishes, anguish, nightmares, which come out from the works of the artists.



- Filming in the Gaza Strip

- Editing, mixing, post-production and circulation of the movie doc

- Realization of a photography book with an interview with Andrea Camilleri

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