WIN's Mobile App: Time For America's Working People To Speak Up.

Of Working People, by Working People, for Working People. This app is for all of us, and with your help, we can make our voices heard everywhere.
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Workers Independent News is Developing an App!

Workers Independent News is a media organization based in Madison, Wisconsin. Since 2001, we've been producing news stories that concern working people like you. In order to broaden our listener base, we're developing an app to connect with people all over the world. We cover a variety of issues, including labor rights, economic policy, environmental issues, healthcare, and education.

This app will include access to our one-hour radio program The People's Mic with Doug Cunningham. This show is currently broadcast exclusively in Madison & Wausau, Wis., but with this app we'll be able to reach listeners around the globe.

Please make a donation to help us meet our goal!

What We Need & What You Get

We need $10,000 to develop our app and get the advertising off the ground! Check out our incentives which include books, documentaries, advertising, and producer credits.

The Impact

Workers Independent News is the longest running labor news organization in the country. With your help, we can keep producing stories on issues that matter. Within the app, you'll be able to geotag your location, customize your interests, and respond to stories that speak to you. Whether you're a teacher in Wisconsin, a steelworker in Pennsylvania, or a nurse in California, this app is for you!

Other Ways You Can Help

Please share this campaign on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc! Email your friends who are interested in labor news or progressive issues. Download the app when it comes out!

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    Associate Producer Credit!

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