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A family of tiny wireless sensors for smartphones and tablets
Marc Nicholas
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Toronto, Ontario
6 Team Members

Now starting to ship!

Nine things


Motes are a family of small, wireless sensors for your iPhone, iPad, Android, Linux or Raspberry Pi device that measure environmentals such as ambient temperature, humidity, light, soil moisture, soil temperature, object temperature, human presence and movement. They last for about a year on a single battery and don't require an Internet connection to work. 

You can upload your data to our cloud service for analysis via our free app, or use the optional mote.cloud bridge to do it for you in realtime via Wifi.

Motes diagram 


climote in nursery

Instead of launching a weather app, wouldn't it be nice to know what the weather right outside your home is right now? Or if it's too dry or cold at night in your baby's bedroom? Or how long it take my fridge to cool down every time the door is opened? Or if my cigars turning to dust in my humidor? Or if that bottle of vintage wine is turning to vinegar in the basement? Or if my compost heap has finished its aerobic reaction?...

The Climote has literally hundreds of uses where you need precision temperature, humidity and light information. Like all motes, it records this information to its built-in memory when you're not around and can send you alerts when a minimum or maximum threshold is exceeded. You can even upload your mote's data to our cloud service to analyze it or export it to your own applications.

Growmote in pansies

The Growmote measures the amount of water available in the soil surrounding the roots of a plant. the level of light available for growing, and even soil temperature to protect against frost. Unlike other devices on the market, they're economical enough to have several of and can 'push' alerts such as "I need water" directly to your smart device.

Imagine coming home from work, and your lawn telling you that it needs to be watered?


The Thermote doesn't measure the air temperature or even use a probe: it measures the temperature of an object just by being pointed at it! The techno-jargon for this is "infrared emissivitiy". In practical terms, it means that the mote:thermo doesn't need to be touching the object you want to measure the temperature of -- just point and measure!

This makes it great for measuring the temperature of the water in your hot tub or swimming pool or aquarium, your body tempature (via your temporal area), food, or anything else you might not want to stick a traditional temperature probe into for reasons of hygiene, comfort or practicality. 

Because it's tiny and can easily be stuck to an iPad or iPhone, you can even turn your iPad or iPhone into a portable contactless thermomter!


As we've now exceeded our original funding goal, we're able to introduce the...


The Securimote has a passive infrared motoion sensor that detects human movement up to around 5m/16ft away. It also has an onboard acceleromter, so it can detect if it's moved. Use it to notify you if someone is approaching your front door, if your toddler has climbed out of his bed again in the middle of the night, or that the mail is delivered -- the possibilites are enedless!

A Great Looking App

Wimoto app mote:climate screen Wimoto mote:app sidebar

Our app features a minimalist deisgn and works with the whole range of Motes -- no need to launch separate apps for each type. Simple "sparkline" graphing is available on your iPhone and iPad to indicate trends and data can easily be uplaoded to the cloud service for more detailed graphing and data export with the click of an icon.

Signal strength and battery life for each Mote is displayed whilst that Mote is selected.

We will have an Android version of the app for Android 4.3 devices in June or July of 2013, although this is dependant on Google releasing Anrdoid 4.3 with a fully supported version of the Broadcom Bluetooth 4.0 stack. Only devices that have the necessary hardware (most Samsung devices, Google Nexus, etc.) will be compatible -- please ask if you're unsure if your device will be supported.

Common Features Of All Motes

Common Features

Technical Specifications

Technical Specs

How We'll Use The Money Raised and the Risks and Challenges

We've spent a long time developing our technology, going through various prototypes, developing the iOS app, putting together the beta of our cloud service, and more. We're almost at the pre-production stage, but we need your help to make the first production run a reality.

Mote prototype PCB

We'll use the funds raised for the following major tasks:

Plastic Enclosure Moulding

Even a seemingly simple plastic part can actually have a very expensive and complicated mould. These moulds sometimes cost tens of thousands and sometimes even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Rather than have a custom enclosure for each Mote, we've opted to use one basic design that can be post-machined using a CNC. This saves time, money and reduces risk -- it's a lot easier to adjust machining a hole on a generic design than having to redesign the entire mould if the hole is completely wrong. 

We've worked with Protomold, a company that specializes in prototpye and short run injection moulding, to design an enclosure that is both functional and economical. Using CAD models they have identified potential issues with our designs *before* manufacturing and therefore we are confident we have mitigated any expensive issues before starting production.

Regulatory Testing

Because Motes are both tiny computers and wirelessly communicate with a smartphone, tablet or computer, they require regulatory testing and approval.

To ensure that we get Bluetooth complance approval we've worked with the manufacturer of the Bluetooth SMART system-on-a-chip we're using to ensure we follow their best pratices. We've also reused their reference design for the complicated radio portion, which also means we're assured compliance approval from the Bluetooth oversight body -- Bluetooth SIG. 

We have partnered with a testing facility that will perform our FCC (USA), Industry Canada (Canada) and CE (Europe) radio frequency emissions testing and provide consulting advice in the unlikely event we are not compliant. 

Electronics Assembly and Fulfillment 

One of the biggest challenges with producing a product is getting every part of it made, put together and ready for shipping.

For electronics our electronics, we have a worked with a contract manufacturer who will take on the procurement of most of the parts, manufacturing of the printed circuit boards, assembly of the printed circuit boards and the testing of the completed electronics sub-assemblies. 

But it's not economically feasible to do the above everytime we get a single order -- we need to order in bulk (1,000 Motes or more) to make it practical.


Press Coverage

"Whether you are a gardener or just had a baby, you will be alerted of changes in the environment with the Motes sensor. This is an affordable product that is durable, simple, and has a great app to go with it. Motes has doubled its goal on Indiegogo!" - The Crowdfund Mafia

"Notifications keep us appraised of email, Twitter and overall social presence, but what about the real world? That’s where Motes come in. These tiny 1×1-inch sensors keep tabs on their local environment, detecting either temperature, humidity and light (Climote), object temperature via infrared (Thermote), motion plus movement thanks to an accelerometer and infrared sensor (Securimote), or light exposure and soil humidity of a plant (Growmote). How they’re used is totally up to you, but they make it easy with 1-year battery life, water-resistant casings, wireless connectivity, two types of included mounting materials, plus an app that brings it all together." - GearHungry 


Ubergizmo SFGateTreehugger logo
Miami Herald  iPhone in Canada Crowdfund Insider

Questions and Answers

Are Motes waterproof?
While they are not designed to be submerged, they are water resistent and can be placed indoors or outdoors. We use the same stuff to coat their electronics that they use to keep electronics safe in the harsh conditions of oil rigs!

What kind of batteries do they use
Motes use common, readily avaialble CR2032 "coin cell" batteries. Our Perks for Motes include an extra battery as an added thank you.

Does the app display in Farenheit as well as Celcius? 
Yes! Farenheit, Celcius and Kelvin will be supported.

Can you guarantee the range?
Unfortunately, no. Most building materials such as drywall/sheet rock, lumber and flooring do not severely affect the range. Thick concrete walls such as those in foundations will affect the range quite severely. If you're able to see where the Mote is from where you are ("line of sight"), you're pretty much guaranteed a 30-50 meter range.

How big is a Mote?
The Climote and Thermote are approximately 30mm*30mm*10mm. The soil probe for the Growmote adds approximately 90mm in height to that device.

Why not use Wifi?
Wifi is relatively power-hungry and wouldn't allow us to produce such tiny, battery powered sensors that run for so long on a single battery. We *will* release a Mote-to-Wife bridge (mote:cloud) later in the year that will connect your Motes directly to our cloud service for realtime, continuous data streaming, remote access and historical data.

Will you ship internationally?
Yes! Go ahead and select the Perk you'd like, and we'll contact you once we reach our goal to let you know exact shipping costs. As an example, shipping uninsured/untracked to Europe is about USD$9 per Mote or USD$44 for a 3-pack insured. Tracked and insured shipments are very expensive with Canada Post, so we're looking into courier services.

How many Motes can I talk to from one iPhone/iPad?
Our software is currently limited to 128 Motes per iPhone or iPad.

What devices are Motes compatible with?
At launch, you'll have to have an Apple iPhone 4S or 5, an iPad (3rd gen & 4th gen), or an iPad Mini, or a current iPod touch. Android support will arrive in June 2013 via Android 4.3 (developer API 18). If your device has Bluetooth 4.0 hardware and can be upgraded to Android 4.3, then it should work with our Motes.

Will there be a Software Development Kit (SDK)?
The mote.cloud bridge will have alternative firmware that will be Arduno compatible for hackers. We will publish details of our Bluetooth 4.0 profiles and services so that you can access the Motes from Linux or other environments that don't have an off-the-shelf app.

Will there be other Motes?
Yes! We already have prototypes of additional and very exciting Motes. We may even add them as "Stretch Goals" to the existing campaign if things go well. Stay tuned!

We're a distributor or reseller and would like to carry your products
We'd prefer you buy the 100-pack here and support our campaign, but you can also drop us a note at contact@wimoto.com and we'll talk.

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