Willowshade is a fairy tale fantasy film wherein an aging alchemist must revaluate his life of solitude when he recieves a surprise visit from an old friend...


Good day. We are third year film students at the Arts University College of Bournemouth and Willowshade is to be our graduation film. Having been conceived by Production Designer and fantasy enthusiast Adam Neill, the project has been developed by our award winning Director Paige Copsey (see her work The Apothecary, made with First Light Film http://vimeo.com/14252724). The film is to be a fairy tale, the world of which draws its influences from a multitude of sources, both history and fiction alike. Willowshade is a touching story which explores the thin line between the selfish and the magnanimous, enveloped in a myriad of classic fairy tale imagery (such as one might find in The Company of Wolves or the Fable series).



The village of Willowshade is deserted, save for one small cottage. Here lives Claudius, an aging doctor and renowned alchemist, in the old Apothecary. He is solitary, save for a small, ancient Drake (male dragon) named Maurice, and the well-kept grave of his late wife, Kristanna. One day, Claudius receives a surprise visit from his oldest companion, the opulent artisan Arcadius. Though pleased to see his friend, his presence soon leads Claudius to begin questioning the morality of his solitary existence in such a troubled time. However, Arcadius' connection to the tyranical Raven King proves problematic when it is revealed that his seemingly foolish actions could have far reaching consequences, for himself and Claudius alike. Claudius must choose between honouring his old friend or continuing his endeavour to preserve both his village and his memories.



The money we raise though Indie GoGo shall all be contributed to our large Art Department, the task of which being the creation of construction of the film's world –

- Building the interior set of Claudius’ Apothecary

- Dressing locations of better match the created world

- Researching a developing the cultural, historical and magical elements

- Painting, decorating, woodwork and dressing

- Prop sourcing, buying & constructing

- Complete construction of Maurice the dragon


Fairy Tales and Fantasy projects require a great deal of work, both artistically and structurally. It is the culmination of these efforts which is truly magnificent however, as a well produced Fairy Tales can caupture the imagination of all, whilst losing none of a story's weight or depth in the process. We thank you for you time and hope that our humble project has cought your attention.

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