Wildlife Kids Club International!

What does nature mean to you? Many children don't have a chance to experience or wonder... Come join us this February to Change Children's Lives With Nature!

From Feb 22nd - March 13th,2014,

As part of the Wildlife Kids Club International's mission to Change Children's Lives With Nature, Erik Callender  will be traveling to Madagascar to begin preparation of building a Nature Education Center in Ranomafana Madagascar.

By making a donation, YOU can participate in this important mission...


What is Wildlife Kids Club International  Madagascar?  Wildlife Kids Club International (WKCI) is a not for profit that was founded by me, Erik Callender following my first trip to Madagascar in November of 2011. 

 WKCI was set up in May 2012 with the approval of the Education Department of NY. After providing educational programs for hundreds of schools and institutions throughout the New York Tri-state area it was time to expand the give back to the local and global community by connecting our kids to nature and life beyond our own back yard!

 During that trip I witnessed extreme poverty and young children working in the rice fields. Many children work because they cannot afford  to go to school. My heart immediately recognized the need for an educational opportunity, and knew a return trip would be necessary to continue the work to benefit our children! 

It was at this moment that the WKCI mission began! www.wkci.org

What Does Wildlife Kids Club International do?

 We Change Children's Lives with Nature!

We provide weekly wildlife education programs and  workshops for children.

 To enhance our mission we are currently planning the construction of our first "Nature Education Center in the village of Ranomafana Madagascar to provide basic education to children there, and to connect our children here in the US with the children in Madagascar through guided SKYPE sessions ( live internet feed) and  our pen pals program. 

During my second trip in March 2013 my Friends Family and Schools and I all came together and donated a projector, computer, crayons,paper, shirts, and weeks worth of fun activities. 

We also facilitated a trip into the jungle of Ranomafana National Park! For many of the children this was their first experience visiting the jungle because many of the children cannot afford to go and are working at a very young age. 

The February 2014 trip will be my third trip and the 2nd trip for WKCI! Your contribution will allow us to complete a Nature education center that will connect our kids to each other and  expand and unite LIFE!

Why your support is needed?

 We are relying on you to help bring awareness and urgency to this crisis not just in Madagascar, but in every region of the world where children live in extreme poverty and  are not afforded the opportunity to gain knowledge of our world and a basic education. 

For many of the children this will be their only opportunity to have a basic education and a safe place to learn. 

 The picture below is part of the architectual  plans to build our nature center! It will support many children here and abroad through our pen pals program and live internet sessions...

Who Benefits?

Our kids and everyone who will listen!  

The funds we seek will help the children have a nature center that will provide weekly activities, and a chance to go to school we will also get the unite with the local communities to support conservation and preservation initiatives in Madagascar and any of the countries we visit.

Please give what you can afford. All donations will be greatly appreciated.*

Madagascar LIVE! has been created in partnership with The Institute for the Conservation of Tropical Environments at Stony Brook University, The Madagascar Institute for the Conservation of Tropical Ecosystems, Centre ValBio and the government of Madagascar.

The Madagascar LIVE! Team

Erik Callender, Environmentalist/Educator & Owner/Director Erikʼs Reptile Edventures, LLC

Dr. Pat Wright, Advisor The Institute for the Conservation of Tropical Environments

Pat Paladines, Program Officer for Institute for the Conservation of Tropical Environments 

Jocelyn, Dede,  Audio Visual Technician 

Emile, Angelin, Jose , Wildlife Educators 

Centre ValBio- Research technicians / field guides

*Donations will be tax dedectuable for the 2014 season, and our 501 c3 is in in Progress. 

 WKCI is  NYS registered Not For Profit Corporation 501 c3 is Pending 

Team on This Campaign: