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We're the EZ team, from Italy, and we've designed the EZBoard so that you can easily make connected home devices that can interact with other connected hardware around your home through Lelylan's platform.

What can you make? Light, thermostat and sprinkler control to give you an idea, but the possibilities are limitless! Contribute now and start taking control of your home.


EZcontrol.IT is proudly part of the official Arduino™ AtHeart program.

EZcontrol.IT is also made in Italy and quality is our main goal.

The Hardware

EZboard is a low power consumption Arduino™ compatible board, equipped with an onboard WiFi controller, microSD card socket, temperature sensor, and power relay.

The board was designed to run for long periods of time powered by batteries, as low as 3.7V (common value for a LiPo pack) and it integrates all the hardware necessary to implement most of the common applications for Home Automation.

Light control, Thermostat, Temperature logging, Sprinkler control, are all application that can be implemented without the use of any external components. All with the simplicity of any other Arduino™ compatible board.

EZboard comes with the libraries, the code, and even the basic program already installed, so you don't need to do anything else other then open the box, plug it in, and start to control anything you want!

The Software

While hardware has been affordable and accessible for a long time, the software platform is the real hurdle, when implementing an efficient and affordable Connected Home.

Lelylan is the solution.

This is a very easy to use Home Automation cloud platform, universally compatible with any device capable of being connected to the web, that allows you to connect and control the EZboard, and any other device based on Arduino™, Raspberry PI™, Electric imp™, mBed™, Flyport™, Nanode™ and many more.

Lelylan is based on the MQTT protocol (MQ Telemetry Transport), the same used by Facebook to send live updates to the mobile messaging applications, and offers a simple API that can be used to program basically any platform. The front end is totally editable as well, and the API for the user interface is available for Curl, Ruby, Node.js, Angular JS and Python.

Because a standard user interface is already available, you don't need to be a developer to use and enjoy Lelylan. Plus, the ready to use interface is based on AngularJS, HTML5 and CSS3, so you can use it on any mobile device without installing any app.

The advantage for anyone who is not familiar with software development is that Lelylan comes with a fully implemented universal user interface, so you can connect and control your devices without knowing how to write a single line of code!

The Match

EZboard was designed after Lelylan, so it's specifically optimized to interact with the control platform. While the two projects are independent, with the hardware and the software designed by different groups, the advantage of EZcontrol.IT is the integration of the two.

You will get both the Hardware and the Software, together working as a perfect Match.

This is the real deal! Lelylan can be used with any piece of hardware, including the one you already have, and EZboard is a fully Arduino™ compatible, low power consumption, development platform. Together the two are a plug&play, easy to implement, and extremely affordable platform for the Internet of Things.

The perks for this campaign includes both the Hardware and the lifetime long subscription to the Software platform, that can be used with any device, not only ours, for basically half the cost of the two separated!

The Basic Match - to start controlling things at only $45 (or less if you act fast)

1 EZboard WiFi + Lifetime Lelylan platform for 1 device

The Makers Match - with two devices to control and interact at only $79 (or less if you act fast)

2 EZboard WiFi + Lifetime Lelylan platform for 2 devices

The Space Odyssey Match - to give a HAL 9000 power to your place at only $179

5 EZboard WiFi + Lifetime Lelylan platform for 5 devices

The Business Match - takes you to the next level with ten boards and Lelylan Premium (unlimited)

10 EZboard WiFi + Lifetime Lelylan premium platform for unlimited devices

You can choose your Perk right now, on the right side of this page, and start to dream about your very own Connected Home.

Or keep reading to get even more information :-)

About the Hardware


EZboard was designed to be, as much as possible, compatible with Arduino™, but at the same time capable of offering more functions and lower power consumption.

The result is a development board that is only 9mm (0.35") longer than an original Arduino™ UNO, adopting the same footprint but offering additional functions.

Compared to an Arduino™ UNO, the EZboard offers: full Internet capability over WiFi (new), microSD card reader, a relay rated 5 Ampere (new), and a TMP36 temperature sensor.

Everything on the EZboard has been designed to minimize power consumption. For this reason the microcontroller Atmel ATMEGA328P is configured to work a 3.3V and 8MHz of speed. While this could sound like a limit, we have verified that it is more than enough for Home Automation applications.

The EZboard is a wireless device based on WiFi connectivity! This thanks to the adoption of the CC3000 WiFi adapter from Texas Instruments:

We have designed the EZboard to be ready for any kind of hack, including advanced programming of the WiFi module. The design of the EZboard allows to update the firmware of the TI CC3000 module without use any additional device!

The power source could be the USB adapter supplied with the board, but the EZboard was designed to receive power mostly by batteries, the EZboard has a dedicated input that uses 0.1" pitch connectors like the common JST or even direct soldering of a battery pack to the board.

The whole board is running at 3.3V, but is 5V tolerant and the use of shields designed for Arduino™ will work at 5V without damaging the board (only the SPI is not compatible with 5V).

The power circuit is designed to be, as much as possible, efficient while working with batteries and we have dedicated particular efforts in the research of solutions to lower the power consumption.

The USB interface is based on the widely used FT232RL converter from FTDI, that offers drivers and compatibility for every computing platform. This device is separated from the board and we provide it in form of USB adapter. This means that when the EZboard is not connected to a computer and is not sending or receiving communications on the USB, the adapter is not necessary and will save energy.

The temperature sensor and the onboard relay allows to develop advanced projects, like a connected thermostat, without requiring any additional components, but a battery pack. Why spend so much for a Nest™?!?

Also you can see that in order to reduce interference and to protect the low voltage circuits, the area related to the relay, that could be connected to high voltage, is physically isolated trough a cut in the PCB from the rest of the board.

The temperature sensor, a very common and well supported TMP36, is located as far as possible from the power regulator and from any device that could heat up during normal working conditions, this is to avoid false readings of the actual temperature, due to the proximity of warm components.

Technical specifications:

  • Microcontroller: ATmega328P
  • Operating Voltage: 3.3V (5V tolerant on I/Os)
  • Input Voltage: 3.7 - 9V
  • Digital I/O Pins: 14 (of which 7 used by the board exclusively)
  • Analog Input Pins: 6 (of which 1 used by the board exclusively)
  • Flash Memory: 32 KB - SRAM: 2 KB, - EEPROM: 1 KB
  • Additional Memory: microSD (TF) socket
  • Clock Speed: 8MHz
  • USB Controller: FTDI FT232RL (on external USB cable provided)
  • WiF Controller: TI CC3000
  • Temperature sensor: TMP36
  • Relay Rating: 5A at 220/250VAC
  • Footprint: compatible with Arduino™ UNO R3

The Arduino™ AtHeart program is designed for makers and companies wishing to make their products easily recognisable as based on the Arduino™ technology.

EZboard is a licensed product. This means that part of your contribute will be received directly by Arduino™ to support the development of the IDE.

We are extremely proud to present the first project ever published on Indiegogo officially licensed by Arduino™!

About the Software

Lelylan is a simple and open API to build the Connected Home where makers can focus on the hardware and on the design process, while developers create new apps for the web, the mobile, and much more.

Any request sent to the Lelylan API is forwarded to the physical device, which is in charge of applying the desired changes and of sending back a message to Lelylan when those changes are made.

Lelylan is based on three resources:


A Device is a resource virtually representing everything you interact with everyday of your life. You interact with lights, appliances, alarms, cooling and heating systems, gas sensors, rolling shutters, windows, irrigation, video surveillance, gates, multimedia (audio and video), and much more. With a Device you can simulate, monitor, and control any of those devices through a unique URl.


If Devices are a virtual representation, Physicals are the real objects you interact with, everyday of your life. To enable the communication between Lelylan and the physical world, the physical device must be able to connect to the Internet and to implement the Physical API.


A Type describes the structure of a device. Lelylan has started to define the most used ones, but anyone, can create new ones. In its simplest form, every Type can be defined as the combination of three key elements.

  • Properties - what vary during time.
  • Functions - what a device can do.
  • Statuses - what a device is in a specific time of its life.

It works in 3 easy steps:

The dashboard

A Dashboard developed with AngularJS to create, control, and monitor all of your devices with realtime notifications when one of your devices changes its status.

The dashboard is the solution for you to create and control all of your devices, without writing any software.

And the dashboard is available on any device, including smartphones and tablets from any manufacturer. It's not necessary to install any app!

Know more about the dashboard: http://manage.lelylan.com/learn

You can also give Lelylan a try, following this link: http://try.lelylan.com

You will receive a lifetime subscription from Lelylan, together with your EZboard. Also the board will come pre-loaded with software that allows you to immediately plug it in and start to control things.

The subscription you will receive is the Makers plan from Lelylan, valued at $29US. If you request a perk that includes more than one EZboard, then you will also receive the support for the additional devices, valued at $10US each.

Who we are

We are a group of engineers and software developers from the North East of Italy, not far from Venice to give you a point of reference. Lelylan was developed since 2010 by a group of programmers as an open platform for an easier and accessible Connected Home. We met in a maker space and started to share ideas, that became in time what you are seeing now.

We have designed and tested the EZboard for several months, messing around in the house and playing with different solutions, starting from the breadboard until we got to the final design that you can enjoy today.

What we want to do

The EZboard is well tuned and tested now, while the Lelylan platform has been in final beta for over half a year.

It's time to take it to the next level. This means offering users around the world access to the cloud platform, together with the easy to use and affordable hardware.

Why Indiegogo

To make it affordable we need to produce a first run of minimum 500 EZboards. This is the only way to reduce the costs.

Everything is ready and we have signed already the manufacturing agreement with an Italian company that works for some of the largest brands in our country, like Olivetti and Telecom Italia group: Erregi Elettronica S.r.l.

With this campaign on Indiegogo you can have the opportunity to be the first to benefit from this perfect match of Hardware and Software, at an incredible discounted price!

The retail price of the EZboard, after the campaign, will not be lower than US$40, while the price for the Lelylan platform is already set at US$29. So in the future this match will cost at least US$69, but during this Indiegogo campaign you can pay much less, saving up to 50% if you act fast and catch an Early Bird offer.


How long it will take

We decided to set the shipping time a bit far in the future, four months after the end of this campaign. This is because we won't take the risk of disappointing you. The CPU used for the EZboard is the same one used on the Arduino™ UNO SMD, or other compatible devices like the RedBoard™ from Sparkfun™: Atmel's ATMEGA328P. While this CPU is often available, for a few hundreds of thousands of pieces, from the common distributors like Digikey or Mouser, in case of missing stock the usual lead time is 6-12 weeks. This means that if the CPU will be out of stock at the time this campaign ends, when it is time for us to order the parts, then we could wait up to three months.

It's unlikely and we believe we will be able to ship in advance, but we must be real and take into account any risk of delay.

We don't want to promise a fast turn and then send you a message announcing delays, after the end of the campaign. We believe in a serious approach and so we want to make clear that this is the longest time you could wait.

We have already selected the manufacturer. The production will be Made in Italy. We also don't know how many boards we will need to produce, at the end, and we will need to test and program all, one by one, so it's better to choose a safe shipping date, and be sure to be able to keep the promise.

We think it will take less time and we could ship in advance, but we can't guarantee it.

Shipment is quite expensive

We will produce and ship from Italy. Postage is expensive here :-(

We could choose to produce in Asia and ship from there, at a fraction of the cost. But we wanted to offer something different and have full control of all aspects of the fulfillment.

We hope you will understand that a few more dollars of cost are due to the quality and nothing else.

Because we can't predict the location where we will need to ship, we haven't included the shipping costs in the value of the perks. Please don't forget to add the amount to cover the shipping costs to the total of your contribution. This is equal to US$10 for shipments to Italy and US$16 for the rest of the world.

Thanks for your contribution to our project and welcome to a Better Connected World!

Disclaimer: Trademarked names, logos, and images may appear in this page. Rather than using a trademark symbol with every occurrence of a trademarked name, logo, or image we use the names, logos, and images only in an editorial fashion and to the benefit of the trademark owner, with no intention of infringement of the trademark. The use in this page of trade names, trademarks, service marks, and similar terms, even if they are not identified as such, is not to be taken as an expression of opinion as to whether or not they are subject to proprietary rights. While the advice and information in this page are believed to be true and accurate at the date of publication, we can't accept any legal responsibility for any errors or omissions that may be made. Arduino™, the Infinite symbol and the AtHart logo and symbol are tradermarks of Arduino LLC which is not affiliated with the project's owner but has authorized this project under terms of license.

Additional detailed pictures of the EZboard:

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    The deal for real makers! You will get Two EZboards + One lifetime subscription to Lelylan Makers' plan + One additional connected device. Please add $10 for shipment to Italy or $16 for shipment to the rest of the world. Estimated delivery date is just for reference. Will ship earlier than scheduled if the sourcing of the components will allow it.

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    Estimated delivery: October 2014
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    Space Odyssey Match

    You are going to give an HAL 9000 to your Home!!! You will get FIVE EZboards + One lifetime subscription to Lelylan Makers' plan, + Four additional connected device. Please add $10 for shipment to Italy or $20 for shipment to the rest of the world. Estimated delivery date is just for reference. Will ship earlier than scheduled if the sourcing of the components will allow it.

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    Business Match

    Take it to the next level! You will get TEN EZboards + One lifetime subscription to Lelylan Premium plan that includes Unlimited connected devices, 100 times more API requests and a white label dashboard. Shipment will be free worldwide. Estimated delivery date is just for reference. Will ship earlier than scheduled if the sourcing of the components will allow it.

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    Estimated delivery: October 2014
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