Why wait when you can be Cued.

Do you lose customers because they are unwilling to wait for a table when they come to eat?
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 I am the owner/CEO of e-cued Inc. I have degrees in Management, Business Administration, Telecommunication Engineering and an advanced certificate in project management. I like to figure out the concepts of web and mobile applications that I find interesting on my down time.

My campaign is about e-Cued’s web and mobile application for businesses that require their clients or customers to wait physically in the premises of the business. I want to give customers an option to wait or be wherever they (customers) want to be until their table, product or services is ready.

This campaign is important to me because it gives customers a choice to go shopping in the mall while they are on a virtual queue waiting for a table at their favorite restaurant. The customers can be anywhere in the mall, city, state or country and when their product or service is ready they will be notified by the business.

The campaign is important to me because it provides opportunities to small businesses to have a mobile platform that they can use to sell their products and services for free. The application will help businesses save money on other subscription based mobile marketing platforms.

Contributors will help me achieve the following

Give customers visiting a restaurant located in a mall an option to multitask very easily by being in a virtual queue while shopping for friends and families.

Give customers an option not to give out their phone numbers to businesses that use a similar service because e-Cued’s mobile app called Cued has a code called Cued code that business will use to notify the customers when their product, service or table is ready.

Businesses already using a similar service that uses a phone number to function will save thousands of dollars annually because we are offering our product for free.

I need $50,000. 

I will spend $8,000 on building Cued mobile application on Windows and Blackberry platforms because we already created Cued mobile application on Android and iOS platform. If Cued mobile application is on all 4 platforms then almost anybody using a smartphone will be able to use the mobile application.

$12,000 will be used for maintaining the web and mobile application over a period of 6 months.

$30,000 will be used for online and email marketing.

I need your help with business connections, and by this I mean help us contact companies like PF Chang restaurant HQ, Applebee’s HQ, Cheesecake Factory HQ, Car repair shops, malls, universities, Government agencies, and many other businesses that notify their customers about a product or services.

Individual contribution that are $20 and above will receive a customized e-Cued  T-Shirt! 

Individual contribution that are $30 and above will receive a customized e-Cued pen and a T-Shirt!

Businesses that support the campaign with $50 will receive 3 days of gratuitous advertising on e-Cued website.

Businesses that support the campaign with $100 will receive 7 days of gratuitous advertising on e-Cued website.  

If the contribution does not get to $50,000, I will allocate the first $8,000 to the development of Windows and Blackberry mobile application. Whatever is left will be distributed to maintain the application and marketing.

 With this application you can be in London and you can still be notified about when your car will be ready for pick up in theUnited States, doctors can let you know about an appointment that will be cancelled or if a prescription was changed for some other medication. It all happens in real time. Since it does not use a phone number, you can transfer your Cued Code to another Cued mobile application that you have downloaded on your new device that you intend to use in London.

The application was designed to work with telecommunication infrastructure and this means that if there is telecom network problem in a particular area, the mobile application will not be able to connect to the web application were the notifications or messages originated from.


Lets say 1000 businesses decide to use the e-Cued web application, and an individual has the Cued mobile application on his mobile phone, as long as the individual provides the Cued Code that is integrated into the mobile application that is on his mobile phone to  the 1000 businesses,  if the 1000 businesses send a push notification or a message about a product, service,  or when the individual’s table is ready, he/she will receive it.

The status quo:

You go to the mall and you decide to shop and eat at one of the restaurants located in the mall. Now you have to make a choice to eat first and shop later or shop first and eat later right? 

With e-Cued application:

You can be on a virtual queue while you shop and when you're done or before you are done you will be notified of seats that are available if you should decide to come and take a table you can let them know.

At the moment the risks that I am facing are 

No business contacts- Companies that will test and use the application.

No funds – marketing and maintenance funds.

The web and mobile application is already working, in fact you can register to have a test interface at www.e-cued.com  and download the mobile application so that you can try and see for yourself. You can find the user guide at http://www.e-cued.com/pdf.php 

So far I have been able to finance the project by myself, but after I was told about Indiegogo, I decided to give it a try.

I know that it will not be everybody that can contribute financially to my project, I will need a lot more people to spread the word about my application, I will need people to test the application and tell me what they think, I will need people to help me find mistakes, my application is in the Cloud and I will need people to help me with an inexpensive Cloud account that I can use. Currently I pay $350 monthly for 2GB.

Finally, I will need people to let me know what I am doing right or wrong, and use Indiegogo share tools to share or spread the word to small, medium and chain franchises.

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