Why Ride? When You Can Walk.

What ever happened to using natures intended roads for traveling? A documental based on the benefits and challenges one might face on the road. Alone.
Nick Fabris
Chicago, Illinois
United States
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The Plan


 The Beautiful nature, and scenery of the United States is something that only few ever are able to fully experience in a lifetime. What if that could all change; some find a fear in the trek across the United States. But if all those questions, and fears could be answered and challenged; so that you yourself and or anyone with the idea, could one day take it on themselves to attempt the experience. I’m coming straight out of High School, and my hopes are to discover the possibilities of getting through the Country with little or no need for financial support. In hopes of documenting this all on High Definition Camera and releasing it as a short documental film so that anyone who has the same dream or goal can see this as a reference or personal help. The documentary will be mostly shown through first person, to let the viewer experience the feeling as closely as I will have. Showing the encounters one will face; with minimal dialogue to show the loneliness, and silence maximizing just the sound of nature. Expressing the calmness and tranquility one will find out on the open road.


 “The Plan” is to start here in Chicago, IL (Hometown) and end up on the West Coast; most likely the CA region, in the most timely and routinely way possible. My goal is to make it there in a span of 2 months at the least.


 It is Ironic that the need for funding goes against what I previously stated about getting through the country with the littlest amount of money possible. Also as much as I would like to do this without the need for any financial back-up; I will be recording the whole trip and will need money for equipment upkeep, and post marketing on the documentary when it is finished.


 If my goal is reached I can guarantee a successful trip. If my goal is partially reached I will try to make it as far as possible on my trip, but no guarantees can be made.


 The goal is to release two version of the documentary consecutively. One version of the documentary will be uploaded and released on the internet for anybody interested to see. I will also hope once again, depending on my funding goal; I hope to release a full documentary displaying more and extra footage than what is shown in the short documentary.

What Will This Accomplish?

 I hope if not to start a small revolution, but at least inspire a new way of living a much simpler, and less reliance on automobiles. Thus reducing our carbon footprint as a whole if this is at all sucessful.

Get This Out there

 I can only do so much on spreading this idea, and concept out there. If theres anything you can do more than funding and contributing, it is spreading the word. Tell anyone you know about this project; spread the knowledge of this idea. 


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    Free Download Digital Copy + Extras You get a copy of the full length documentary, and tons of extras. Special Section in the credits.

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