Who We Were and Where We Lived

For twelve-year-old Pip, it's time to make a history that is all his own.
Tess Antonellis
New York, New York
United States
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Who We Were And Where We Lived, a film by James Bartol

Follow the story of twelve-year-old Pip, a shy, introverted boy stuck in a past that isn't his. Convinced his life would have been better had he grown up in a different era, he uses his romantic fantasies of the past to escape his troubling reality.  

Who We Were And Where We Lived is a coming-of-age film that explores the passage of time and the romantics of history, all from the eyes of a child.

Inspiration for the Film

“Seize the day”, “There’s no time like the present”, “carpe diem”, these are all aphorisms we hear often.  The philosophy of “living life in the present” is not a new concept, yet it continually evades us.  With our busy lives, it can be difficult, if not impossible, to find single moments to truly appreciate the world around us.  It can be easy to get caught in memories from the past, or plans for the future, so much so that we lose track of the life we have at hand.

Pip is a character we can all relate to.  We all spend time thinking about our own histories, and the histories of our generations.  Haven't we all considered what it would be like to live in another era?  Or wonder what the world was like before us?  Where are we going and what will we leave behind?

What We Need & What You Get

To make this film possible, and as successful as it can be, we are reaching out to as many resources as we have available.  With any film production comes many costs in bringing the film from page to screen.  Some of these expenses inlcude: location fees, vehicle rentals, insurance, transportation, meals for cast/crew, costumes, props, set dressing, camera/lighting equipment, and expendables.  These are all expenses that we need to fund entirely by ourselves.  As young artists in New York City, we have worked so hard for this project, dedicating as much time and and as many personal resources as we have available.  We are now looking to you to help take this film to the next level!

We have set our IndieGoGo goal for $5500, which is still very modest in the world of short, independent filmmaking.  We are using IndieGoGo as the main source for fundraising for the film.  If our goal is not reached, certain elements will have to be cut from production, or paid for with our own personal funds.  The success of the film relies on the success of this campaign.

By contributing to our film, you are not just making this production a reality; you are also taking this journey with us!  This film cannot be made without your support and we are looking forward to having you as part of our team.

Other Ways You Can Help

Want to help us in a different way? Check out our pages on Facebook and Twitter!  Share our pages and spread the word about our film!

Live in the New York area?  We are also looking for local help from individuals and businesses looking to contribute to the project with food donations, vehicle rentals, extra help on set!  Contact us at goodolddaysfilm@gmail.com for more information!

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    In addition to all of the perks above, a pledge of $500 will award you with a personal invitation to the first screening of the film with the cast and crew! You will also receive a boxed gift set of two dozen baked goods of your choosing--provided by the Brooklyn-based "Drop Leaf" bakery. https://www.facebook.com/dropleafnyc (amount over $51 is tax-deductible)

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    WOW! You have made this film possible! With an extremely generous of donation $1000 or more, you will receive an "Executive Producer" credit in the finished film, as well as on all posters and marketing materials for the project. You will ALSO receive all of the perks listed above! (amount over $51 is tax-deductible)

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