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For 50 years the British sci-fi series Doctor Who has been entertaining fans. In Who's Changing we will discover how fandom has changed since 2005.
Elisar Cabrera
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United Kingdom
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Who's Changing - a documentary about 50 Years of Doctor Who Fans is sponsored by Raindance Film Festival.


As featured on: BBC America Blog, Den of Geek, Cult Box, DrWhoOnline, Geek Syndicate, Kasterborous, Doctor Who and The TARDIS, Outpost Skaro, BlogtorWho, io9 Observation Deck, Planet Mondas, The Cult Den, IndieWire Project of the Day.

15 SEPT: NEW GOAL: Wow, you took us over our second stretch goal! In these final hours we need just a handful of Doctor Who fans who can take us to £5000. Can you help?

14 SEPT: NEW GOAL: Thanks to those who took us beyond our stretch goal of £4500. Plans are in motion that are really exciting. Our new goal for this final weekend is £4750. Please keep donating, its not over til it's over. 

9 SEPT: NEW GOAL: We are now raising £4500 with the new funds going into an online advertising budget for the release of the film.  Can you help us get there?

Are you a fan of Doctor Who?  Are you excited about the greatest TV sci-fi show ever is now 50 years old in 2013?  Then this is the documentary for you!

Hi, we are three Doctor Who fans - Cameron, Elisar and Jack - and we are producing a feature-length documentary about 50 years of Doctor Who fans, looking at how the nature of fandom has changed since the series returned to TV screens in 2005.

Filming has already begun, having started in the Spring, and we have already met and interviewed some incredible people:

Louise Jameson
('Leela' - companion to the 4th Doctor);
Sophie Aldred ('Ace', companion to the 7th Doctor)
Neve McIntosh ('Madame Vastra', companion to the 11th Doctor);
Dan Starkey (Sontaran 'Strax', companion to the 11th Doctor);
Simon Fisher-Becker ('Dorium Maldovar', friend of the 11th Doctor);
Catrin Stewart ('Jenny', companion to the 11th Doctor);
Caitlin Blackwood (Young 'Amelia Pond', the first person to meet the Eleventh Doctor);
Gary Russell (Doctor Who, Torchwood & Sarah Jane Adventures Script Editor and author);
Andrew Smith (writer of Fourth Doctor story, 'Full Circle');
James Moran (writer of the Tenth Doctor story, 'The Fires of Pompeii');
Spencer Wilding (Doctor Who creature actor in the 11th Doctor era);
Eric Saward
(Doctor Who Script Editor and writer);
Jane Espenson (Torchwood, Buffy, Once Upon A Time writer);
Jeremy Bentham (Writer Doctor Who Weekly);
Tony Lee (writer of the IDW Doctor Who comic);
Simon Furman (writer of Doctor Who Magazine and Transformer comic strips);
Dan Slott (legendary Spiderman Marvel comics writer and Who fan);
Richard Starkings (writer of Doctor Who Magazine comic strips and the Elephantmen comic book series);
Richard Dinnick (writer of Big Finish and Doctor Who books);
Jan Vincent-Rudzki (Co-Founder Doctor Who Appreciation Society);
Liam Dryden (YouTube star and Chameleon Circuit band member);
Josh Adams (American artist of Doctor Who comics);
Alain Carrazé (French journalist & TV programmer);
David Monteith (Blogger and Podcaster);
Kaite Welsh (Journalist and Author)

and many more including lots of Doctor Who fans like yourself...

The team behind this film are:

Cameron K. McEwan is a journalist and filmmaker, best known as popular Doctor Who blogger Blogtor Who - a website that attracts over 700,000 pageviews a month. With over 35,000 followers on his @BlogtorWho Twitter account, Blogtor is one of the most influential voices in Doctor Who fandom. He is also currently writing a book, The Who's Who of Doctor Who, due for publication in Jan 2014. Cameron's first Doctor was Peter Davison.

Elisar Cabrera is a film producer who has produced films (Witchcraft X, Love.Honour.Obey in post-production and Ibiza Undead in pre-production), short films (Sweetheart, Beryl), webseries (3some, Those Video Guys) and TV shows (Love Goddesses shown on LivingTV, Revival shown on Bravo channel). A lifelong Doctor Who fan, Elisar also produces the live Doctor Who fan internet talk show, Talking Who. Elisar's first Doctor was Tom Baker.

Jack Ayers is working as a freelancer cinematographer and editor. He studied both theatre and media while at the BRIT School of Performing Arts. He started his career making documentary films and, more recently, has turned to fiction projects, but he has never lost his love for documentaries. Jack's first Doctor was Christopher Eccleston.

By getting your help, you will be an instrumental part of this documentary, helping us to travel within the UK where we can film interviews with fans and people from the Doctor Who "Whoniverse". We are fans as well as filmmakers and we think this film will be a wonderful tribute to the fans who are united in love for a 50 year old TV science fiction show.

We hope to release the final feature-length version on DVD by the end of October in time for the 50th anniversary in November.


But we do need your help:

Why did we start this campaign? Well, there are fan events and conventions around the country and we need to travel to them to meet and inteview fans and people from the series alike at them.  Not only this but the end result will be a professionally produced DVD, which we will need to author and print copies.  This means as filmmakers we can release this film 100% independently (we plan to release late October, one month before the official anniversary).

One of the perks is actually a free gift of the DVD. So even if you can't contribute you can still help by getting the perk that gives you a free DVD copy of the film.

Breakdown in more detail:

  • £2100 will be spent on DVD authoring, DVD sleeve design and DVD manufacturing.
  • £500 will be spent on travel and accomodation expenses for filming around the UK.
  • £1400 will be spent on covering expenses of editing and any additional filming expenses.

If we go over our campaign target, we hope to raise enough to also produce a Bluray version. And then if we get over that target then additional funds will be spent on an international film festival campaign, sending the documentary around the world to the international film festivals. Who knows, we might even win a film festival award somewhere.

Cameron and Elisar on stage with Doctor Who convention guests

It's All About The Doctor Who Fans

There have been plenty of documentaries made over the years about Doctor Who, but we think this one about the fans is unique in that its about fans by fans. The camaraderie that fans have between themselves at conventions is always a pleasure to be around. Fans who have grown up with the show have ended up working in some capacity in media - and they credit Doctor Who as being their inspiration.  

Likewise, we have been impressed with the amazing creativity of fans who attend conventions with self made costumes inspired by the show. And this documentary will be featuring some of the fantastic cosplayers we have met on our journey in making this film.

Everyone from so many different generations now have an earliest memory of Doctor Who and you will hear some of these in this film.

We even have fans contributing some fantastic items which we are giving away in our Perks for your contributions. So please do check out the perks in our campaign.


Please Help Get The Word Out:

Whether you can contribute or not, you can still help by spreading the word.  The more you can share, the better are chances are for getting this campaign out to Doctor Who fans the world over. If you are a member of a Facebook group, have a following on Twitter, chat regularly to other fans on forums, please do mention and link back to our campaign page.

See the SHARE options above for your unique link to share with your friends and family.

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  • £5GBP
    The First Doctor

    You will have our eternal thanks and if you let us know your Twitter name (tweet us @talkingwho) we will shout you out on Twitter.

    4 claimed
  • £12GBP
    The Second Doctor

    You will have our thanks and we will send you a free gift: a DVD of the finished film. For outside UK orders please add £5 post and packaging.

    83 claimed
  • £23GBP
    The Third Doctor

    You get the Second Doctor perks and you get to see your name in the end credits of the film under our special "The Greatest Doctor Who Fans" section. Non-UK orders please add £5 post and packing for DVD shipping.

    60 claimed
  • £44GBP
    The Fourth Doctor

    Want to contribute to the documentary. Do you have a photo or photos of yourself attending a Doctor Who convention anywhere in the world over the years? Or maybe a pic of yourself with a Doctor Who star? We'll put it in the film and you get a 2nd credit in the DVD end credits as a photo contributor. [You must own the photo so it must be one you took yourself on your own camera]. Plus 3rd Doc perks too. Non-UK orders add £5 for DVD post and packing

    7 out of 50 claimed
  • £65GBP
    The Fifth Doctor

    You will get all 4th Doctor perks plus we will send you another free gift: an exclusive Doctor Who art print by artist Grant Perkins. This print will only be available to our Indiegogo contributors and so could easily become a collectors item. Non-UK orders add £8 for DVD and print post and packing

    7 out of 35 claimed
  • £96GBP
    The Sixth Doctor

    You get the 5th Doctor Perks plus an extra special free gift of an exclusive hand-knitted Cybermat stuffed toy (see photo in campaign info). A great present for a child or secretly for yourself. Non-UK orders add £10 for DVD, print and exclusive handmade Cybermat post and packing

    2 out of 25 claimed
  • £147GBP
    The Seventh Doctor

    As well as The Sixth Doctor perks you will be invited to a special private preview screening of the film at a Central London location with other VIP fans like yourself and the filmmakers in attendance (you are responsible for own travel and accommodation to the event). Non-UK orders add £10 for DVD, print and exclusive handmade Cybermat post and packing

    0 claimed
  • £188GBP
    The Eighth Doctor

    You will get the 7th Doctor perks plus you will get a chance to first chance exclusive view behind a password protected site of some extended interviews with some of our celebrities featured including footage not seen in the final documentary. Non-UK orders add £10 for DVD, print and exclusive handmade Cybermat post and packing

    0 out of 25 claimed
  • £309GBP
    The Ninth Doctor

    All the 8th Doctor perks but you will also get named in the credits and on IMDB as a "Crowdfunding Producer". You will get to see sneak previews of edited sequences, you will asked for opinions on marketing materials and have a chance to influence decisions we make during the production through a password protected Producers Only website. Only 5 Available. Non-UK orders add £10 for DVD, print and exclusive handmade Cybermat post and packing

    1 out of 5 claimed
  • £510GBP
    The Tenth Doctor

    All the 8th Doctor and 9th Doctor perks including the password site access but also a credit on the film and on IMDB as "Associate Producer". Non-UK orders add £10 for DVD, print and exclusive handmade Cybermat post and packing

    2 out of 5 claimed
  • £1,011GBP
    The Eleventh Doctor

    All the 8th Doctor and 9th Doctor perks including the password site access but also a credit on the film and on IMDB as "Executive Producer".

    0 out of 3 claimed
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