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I believe music can heal those bullied & shine a light on those who are the cause of it. Be a part of boosting this campaign through the messages in my song!
Ray Isaac
United Kingdom
16 Team Members

"I believe music can heal those who have been bullied and shine a light on those who are the cause of it. I believe everyone has the right to equality, to harmony and to a peaceful existence. Be a part of boosting this campaign through the messages in my song WHO I AM"


Ray Isaac xx


                                                MY STORY

Little RayRay Now

G'day my name is Ray Isaac I am an unsigned Singer Songwriter and DJ from Australia. I am currently residing in the UK. During my final semester in high school my creative arts teacher told me that i was NOT good enough to audition at a highly reputable performing arts college because SHE didn't even get in so how could I?

So later that year, i decided to follow my gut and I auditioned and - to my surprise - I GOT IN. It just so happens that i also made the head teacher cry. She said i had the voice of an angel and that they would make me a star! That month my cousin Diane died from cancer at the age of 20, the Virgin Mary appeared to me in a dream with divine affirmations, my third eye was opened, my faith was restored, I recorded my first ever demo AND I signed my first deal with Ministry of Sound. Fast forward in time - and Woohoo! Now HERE I AM! Unsigned, untouched and unbreakable. RAY ISAAC - THE SINGING DJ, the songwriter, the qualified primary school teacher and the boy who doesn't take NO for an answer. Persistent and courageous at heart! BUT not all kids are as rebellious and ambitious as me!

Maybe YOU feel like you're suffocating too? Maybe you feel like your voice needs to be heard? I wonder if someone you know feels the same? Well, I wrote a song which is going to change ALL of that!

I can finally see the light and NOW I know that my purpose on this planet is to use my talents to write songs that will heal people on a spiritual and emotional level. I want to be a superstar! The bigger I become, the bigger outreach I will have. The greater i become, the more significant and positive changes I can make. And I can't do it without YOU. These days, our youth need a positive role model in the music industry. According to IASP statistic "Suicide is the second biggest cause of death worldwide among 15-19 year olds" iasp.info/wspd. Life is too short and I want to use my talent to make people feel good and to use my power as an Artist and DJ to prevent suffering in the world as much as I possibly can.

I am very passionate about Equal Rights. I donate my services to Anti-Bullying organisations, suicide prevention, children's helplines, LGBT organisations, Aids Charities, I speak out about womens rights & I take part in fundraising opportunities on a regular basis.

Check it out for yourself:







I suffered with depression for a long time growing up. On the outside I seemed confident and loud but often inside I felt lost and confused. Some people (mostly males) laughed at the way i walked, talked, danced or dressed. At that time i just wanted to fit in and be normal. I fell into a minor depression. In bed for days and just so unhappy. During those days, I reflected upon my life and why I was here. I started writing down the names of all the people who bullied me at school and of those who made me feel like i was not good enough, unworthy of success, those who filled my mind with negative thoughts and fears. Of course it brought many feelings up to the surface. Suddenly, I heard a heavenly voice speak to me, in my heart, and it said "Get up my child. This is the way I made you, perfect in my image, so why are you trying to change?" My chest felt heavy and tears erupted.

I cried for 2 hours. It was time to let it all go and let the negative toxins that clogged up my system out and never come back. Because I chose to forgive, I felt stronger and alive again. My mum was so worried about me. She had never seen me in this state before. This was my way of healing. I will never forget what my mum said to me that night. She said "Ray, you are my son and I love you just the way you are. I don't give a damn what anyone says or thinks. You are my first born son. My pride and joy and I refuse to lose you because of what a few ignorant people think. As long as you love yourself no one can affect you! We love you very much and we accept you just the way God made you. Now get up out of bed, and enjoy your life". Sounds like an Oprah Winfrey episode doesn't it?

So, I switched my thoughts around. I began to write down my feelings and as many empowering lyrics that I could. I wanted to create a song which captured the triumphant moment and emotions I was experiencing - in real time. I was determined to capture the energy that was flowing from my soul and freeze it so the song could have the same powerful effect to heal others at the same time. I named the song 'WHO I AM'. My aim was to create a three minute miracle to prevent someone from ending their life, or from giving up on their dreams. Now I can help empower others just like me who have experienced bullying or who were treated like they were not equal or worthy.

"I finally found happiness because I'm proud of Who I Am".

My song is the flying starship on a mission to carry listeners out of the sad place and raise them up into a higher vibration. I have the power as an artist to show people that they are not alone and that they have our support when they need to reach out. That way they are awake and can see how perfect, special and worthy they are to be on this planet.


I have started touring schools in the UK sharing my story and singing WHO I AM to the kids. I teach them the words and then have a class discussion about self confidence and how to handle bullying. BUT In order for me to reach more people, WHO I AM must have a music video so it can be available for schools to use in their lessons. Just recently, diversityrolemodels.org officially made me a role model at schools so I can teach the song and perform it around the UK. I also have Vevo and Youtube on board making it simple to view the video and get exposure worldwide. Anti-Bullying, LGBT and Equality organisations have shown their belief in my campaign by offering to post and share the song on their social media websites. I intend on getting it into nightclubs, radio and TV so relevant remixes must be produced to fit the format. With your contributions an amazing music video can be made and I can achieve all of this with the click of a button.  




So, I REALLY need your help to do it! I must raise $7,000 to reach people successfully. I am turning to YOU, my greatest supporters and my beautiful friends, to please help me and in exchange I have designed special gifts which include Ray Isaac CD's, Vinyl, T-Shirts, Keyrings, Stickers, Skype Chats and much more. Your contributions will help save a child from being scarred for life, it will help prevent another suicide, and touch someone who needs WHO I AM in order to heal, just like I did. I will have the whole package ready for release by the 15th October 2013. With this successful campaign I can tour more schools to discuss bullying, to teach WHO I AM, to discuss the lyrics and message and to sing the song in hope that it will save someone! With this song, I can heal those all around the world. It breaks my heart to know that someone else could be going through what I did!


 green screen Banner

We need to make the video stand out from the thousands of other videos on You Tube and Vevo that kids watch daily! I've decided to use cool images, positive symbols, song lyrics, 3D Animation and typography in the Music Video to keep it fresh, edgy, consise and visually appealing for those little short spanned minds!

I am a very hard worker. I teach primary school during the day time and at night I DJ in London. I managed to make enough to pay for the recording of the song. It cost me $6,000 to record the song, hire studio, producer, engineer and get it mixed and mastered. Now I need to finalise the song with a video and PR services to make it ready for full exposure. Here is the budget for this campaign so you can see exactly where your contribution money will be going! I promise your money will be used for a great cause!


WHO I AM - BUDGET - $7,000

Shooting the Music Video:


$2,000 (Heavily Discounted) 

Director, Animation, typography, Editing, Green Screen, Postproduction & Studio Hire

Camera Operations – Methodworks productions www.methodworksproduction.com/


Make Up and Styling:

Yash create me

Yash Ozbaris - Create Me Workshop - www.facebook.com/createme.work


Artwork Photography

Cristina Rossi

Cristina Rossi  http://www.cristinarossi.co.uk


Official club Remixes:

Matt waterhouse

Matt Waterhouse Represents - http://www.mattwaterhouserepresents.com/


Promo and PR


Promo Lift - http://www.promolift.com/



This Campaign is such a valuable gift you will be giving to someone in need because not everyone gets support during difficult situations. I have so many amazing organisations who will support this video and make it viral once it is finished but without money there is no way to make this happen. Your contribution will give me a platform to present the song to young people, into schools, offices, radio, nightclubs, gyms, shopping malls and of course your home.

If this campaign does NOT bring in the required money I need, that WON'T stop me! I will continue seeking other avenues of support to make this campaign a reality and a success for the many souls out there!





DIVERSITY ROLE MODELS - UK                                            DONT BULLY - Australia

BULLYING IS NOT OK - Global                                                                   EMPRA- UK

INCLUSION FOR ALL - UK                                              ANTI-BULLYING COALITION 

ANTI BULLYING ALLIANCE                                                        BULLY EFFECT - USA

STAND FOR THE SILENT - USA                         RISE AGAINST BULLYING - Canada

COMMUNITY BRAVE - Australia                                    STAND UP SPEAK OUT - UK

EQUALITY GLOBAL - Dallas                                                                GLIMPY - France

DAVID WINTERS - Actor Writer Director (West Side Story & East Side Story)

IDAHO France, Australia, Indonesia, London                                        ACON Australia

STONEWALL SOCIETY - USA                                                    RAYNBOW - Lebanon

LGBT MEDIA MONITOR - Lebanon                                                       GLAAD - U.S.A

TREVOR - U.S.A                                                                                       GRIN - Global

TES - London                                                                                          ILGA - Brussels

ELLIE BARNES - London                                                                      PAPYRUS - UK

FREEDOM REQUIRES WINGS - France                                PINK STAR NEWS - UK

PINK PANTHER - Denver USA                                                      IILGLAW - Australia

ALBERT KENNEDY TRUST - UK                                                 and many many more



money 2

Not everyone can afford to donate money and that's ok. I know you still want to support and aid the cause and the campaign - and you STILL CAN!

You can still help: 

* Word of mouth is the best form of promotion so please tell everyone you know about my new song and video and tell them to follow me




* You can donate your time by sharing this Indiegogo Campaign link so it reaches your friends and contacts. The more noise we make the more funds we can raise to help save more souls.


If you have read this far I already am in debt to you for the time you have spent with me. You have obviously seen something in this crowdfunding campaign and I appreciate your energies. Please help me to support and aid other people!





Keep Calm

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    I AM Supportive

    Every honest cent counts so Thank you my beautiful Friend! I will send you a personalized THANKU HUGS message on Facebook and Twitter. I will tag you & mention your name so all my other beautiful friends will see how YOU contributed to healing a soul in the world. And how special you are to me. Stay up to date with me! www.facebook.com/littlerayisaac www.twitter.com/rayisaac www.rayisaac.com Hugs RAY

    8 claimed
    Estimated delivery: November 2013
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    I AM Thankful

    I will send you: * Digital copy of WHO I AM inc. the remixes two weeks before the official release. * Autographed Postcard photo. * My love and positive wishes energetically and in my prayers * A thankyou credit in the WHO I AM video Hugs RAY

    7 claimed
    Estimated delivery: November 2013
  • $15USD
    I AM by your side

    I will send you: * Ray Isaac Sticker * Ray Isaac Keyring * Digital copy of WHO I AM inc. the remixes two weeks before the official release. * Autographed Postcard photo. * My love and positive wishes energetically and in my prayers * A thankyou credit in the WHO I AM video Hugs RAY

    1 out of 400 claimed
    Estimated delivery: November 2013
  • $25USD
    I AM Powerful

    I will send you a: * Limited Edition Autographed CD which includes a DJ Megamix, New songs & Unreleased demos. * Ray Isaac Stickers * Autographed Postcard Photo * My love and positive wishes energetically and in my prayers * ThankU Credits in the video for WHO I AM * Digital Copy of WHO I AM plus all the remixes 2 weeks before the official release * Digital Copy of WHO I AM - Music Video * Personalised ThankU message on social media * Invitation to Video Launch

    12 claimed
    Estimated delivery: November 2013
  • $40USD
    I AM Unlimited

    (All the above perks plus) I will send you a: * Limited Edition Hard Case Autographed CD Album. With exclusive booklet featuring artwork and photography by Elvis Difazio (www.elvisdifazio.fr), All the remixes of ‘U want or U Don’t’ and song Lyrics in the CD booklet.

    2 out of 70 claimed
    Estimated delivery: November 2013
  • $50USD
    I AM Tee-rrific

    (All the above perks plus) I will send you a: * Limited Edition RAY ISAAC T-Shirt specially designed for Indiegogo crowd funders by ‘Blaze Design’ FEMALE Sizes Small – Only 6 left in stock Medium – Only 10 left in stock Large – Only 4 left in stock MALE Sizes Small – Only 6 left in stock Medium – Only 2 in stock Large – Only 3 in stock Please specify Size & Gender when donating

    8 out of 18 claimed
    Estimated delivery: November 2013
  • $100USD
    I AM Inspired

    (All the above perks plus) I will send you: * Digital copy of my first ever demo 'Goodbye Innocence' that I wrote when I was 15. I wrote it for my cousin who died from cancer. She was only 20 years old. It was the week I was awakened & became spiritually aware of my purpose through music. It was my first ever live performance! * 1 hour Skype chat. We can share stories & I will sing a song that I'm working on!

    4 claimed
    Estimated delivery: November 2013
  • $250USD
    I AM Blessed

    (All the above perks plus) I will: * Sing a cover song of your choice, dedicate it to you and upload it on youtube Hugs RAY

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    Estimated delivery: November 2013
  • $500USD
    I AM Fulfilled

    (All the above perks plus) I will send you: * Limited Edition Autographed 12” Vinyl record of the song I released through Ministry of Sound. It includes remixes and an instrumental * Hand written copy of the chords to my songs and lyrics

    1 out of 6 claimed
    Estimated delivery: November 2013
  • $1,000USD
    I AM Omnipresent

    (All the above perks plus) I will take you on: *A Lunch with Ray Isaac in the UK or in Australia. When i come to your city, I will book a date to come take you out. * Co-producer credit on WHO I AM Video

    0 out of 7 claimed
    Estimated delivery: February 2014
  • $3,500USD
    I AM Omnipotent

    (All the above perks plus) I will: * Write a song just for YOU & record it at Select Studios located inside the famous Chocolate Factory building. * You get to pick the theme, the lyrical content and I will feature you in the song. You can be a singer, a backing vocalist or a writer. You can even use your voice to make sounds, percussion or instruments in the song. You will be credited as featured artist and Associate producer of the song.

    0 out of 2 claimed
    Estimated delivery: February 2014
  • $7,000USD
    I AM that I AM (Divine Perk)

    (All the above perks plus) I will: * Fly you over to wherever I am in the world, take you out for a couple of days. We can do some sightseeing, eating, drinking, watch a movie or go dancing! (Inc. Economy Flight & Budget Hotel). * I will credit you as the executive producer of WHO I AM the song & music video. Hugs RAY

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    Estimated delivery: February 2014
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