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An artist who worked on Avatar follows his dream to create an animated film. Working nearly singlehandedly for 4 years - it's now time to finish it.
Kory Martin Juul
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Road Town
Virgin Islands, British
1 Team Member

UPDATE: Q'orianka Kilcher Joins Cast

The actress best known for her role as "Pocahontas" in Terrence Malick's "A New World," joins the cast of White Tiger Legend as a voice for the Crane Lady!  We are very excited to have her, not only for her globally recognized talent, but her life experience with indigenous cultures, as well as her Wushu martial arts training, is a perfect fit for our project!

Funding UPDATE!

One of the key things that has made this project so successful is taking one step at a time.   Let's raise enough to sort out the modelling first.  Then we'll tackle the sound!  and continue growing until we're done!  Never give up!!!

White Tiger Legend is an epic, feature-length, animated Martial Arts film set in Ancient China!  The universal story reveals the deepest teachings of the martial arts - leading viewers to "The Answer to All Things!" 

"This is Kung Fu on a whole new level!"
- Grandmaster Robert Parham, 5-time World
Kickboxing Champion, Masters Hall of Fame


We've already achieved amazing feats on this project, on a shoestring budget.
  • 100 page script and novel completed!
  • 30 Voice over roles Cast and Dialog Recorded!
  • Facial Performances captured with Phasespace Facial Capture!
  • 20 weekends of Body Capture Completed at Phasespace!
  • 9 Fight Scenes Choreographed and Completed!
  • Entire film previsualized and edited into a tight 1hr and 40 minutes!
  • 30 day background shoot in China, Tibet, and New Zealand Complete!
Working almost singlehandedly for 4 years, Kory Martin Juul has animated the hour and 40 minute film up to this point.  The low quality edit is gripping and even moving people to tears.  It's now time to bring on the manpower to finish this, and knock some socks off!  To do this, we need your help!


  • $50k - 30+ Character models and 54 environments created.
  • $80k - Rigging of characters completed
  • $100k - 2 years of Respower Superfarm Rendering
  • $280k - Sound Design, Composing & Orchestra
  • $858k - 2200 visual effects shots finished by LegionVFX team.
Let's Hit $50k and take the next step on this project!  Charge!

The final high quality film will match anything out in theaters today.


All Perks are available for digital download.  There is no shipping or address required.  With a valid email we can send you a download link once your item is ready.  You can watch the film on any mobile device or computer the day it hits theaters.  You can also burn it to DVD or BluRay if you have a recorder.

Take a Journey with Zi, beyond Reality...

Beyond Space -

Beyond Time -

Beyond the Inner Workings of your Mind.

Are You Ready for the Answer to All Things?

The story begins in ancient China at the Shaolin monastery, birthplace of Kung Fu.  On this fateful day a talented but impetuous young monk named Zi eagerly watches the annual tournament.  Warriors from far away kingdoms have gathered to win the "Medallion of the Seeker," and embark on a perilous journey to "The Source," the Answer to all Things.  The seeker who arrives at "The Source" becomes untouchable.

Yuan, the finest warrior in Shaolin and Zi's older brother, has been given the honor of representing Shaolin at the tournament.  But before things get underway, the Red Dragon, adversary of Shaolin, attacks and destroys the monastery.  Young Zi is the sole survivor.

With his home reduced to ashes, and his Shaolin family with it, young Zi takes on this Great Journey in order to right this terrible wrong.  Along the path he must face five challenges: Power, Grace, Courage, Wisdom and "The Source."  Armed only his courageous little heart and new grasshopper friend, can Zi reach "The Source" and discover the Answer to all Things?


Director - Kory Martin Juul
Here is a short sample of Visual Effects work completed by our Director for various blockbusters from years 2000 to 2008.  How many have you seen?

Concept Artist - Mikhail Kathkärrt
Mikhail is a raw talent from Savannah College of Art & Design.  His characters have the perfect balance of awesome, familiarity, and heart that our project demands.   http://www.mikecathcart.com

Character Modeling Supervisor - Victor Hugo Queiroz
Victor Hugo takes these amazing concept pieces and turns them into 3d.  He's got a fantastic eye for detail and combining stylization with realism.  He's perfect for our project, and loves Kung Fu!  http://www.victorugo.com

Character Rigging Supervisor - Tim Coleman
The final step of the character process is the skeleton, muscular, cloth, and hair systems.  Tim Coleman has unfolded Optimus Prime at ILM for "Transformers," and Supervised "Hotel Transylvania" characters at Sony.  So, we're in good hands!  http://www.timcoleman3d.com/

Sound Design & Final Audio Mix - Urban Audio Post
The invisible trade of designing every single sound for this imaginary world rests in the hands of this husband and wife team.  Together they'll ensure the voices sound like they are in a hallway, forest, or next to a roaring river.  They'll add thunderous crowds, juicy punches, and whipping kicks - all in 5.1 surround.

Composer - Alain Mayrand

No film is complete without an incredible score, and we've got the next John Williams on our project.  Alain Mayrand recently orchestrated on "Elysium" and "Ender's Game."  He composed Jackie Chan's animated film "The Legend of Silk Boy."  Get ready to get rocked.  http://www.alainmayrand.com
Get that 5.1 DTS Surround Sound Soundtrack Perk!

Hu Zi, Quan Yin - Deidre L. Morton-Surfield
Diedre L Morton-Surfield voice of Hu ZiDiedre is a natural.  She voiced the young boy, A Nue, in the Award winning short "The Birthday Gift" as well as Ozzie in "The Wonderful Adventures of Ozzie the Sea Otter."

Deidre surprised everyone when she shifted her voice and auditioned for the young male lead, Zi.  Deidre's vocal abilities, combined with her ability to tread innocently through deep emotion ground, made her the standout choice for the lead character.

Red Dragon, Ferryman – Richard Farrell
Richard Farrell voice of the Red DragonRichard has gripped theatrical audiences throughout the country including Shakespeare Santa Cruz, the San Francisco Opera, Seattle Repertory Theater, Cleveland Playhouse, The Alliance Theatre Company, GEVA Theatre Company, Arizona Theatre Company and off-Broadway with The Pearl Theatre Company. Richard was a company member with the Alabama Shakespeare Festival for five seasons where he was an associate artists and a company member of The Oregon Shakespeare Festival for twelve seasons.

Richard commands your attention. He brings an air of dignity to an otherwise merciless villain, and years of wise earthly experience to our Ferryman.  Richard smiles, says "Ok," and then unleashes all holy hell.

Bok Choi, Black Panther, Monkey Master – Erik Braa
Erik Braa voices Bok Choi, Black Panther, and Monkey MasterErik Braa not only says funny things, he says things funny – and that's better than gold, baby – it's pure fried gold.  Erik's most famous voice to date is Draven, from League of Legends.  But we aim to change that!   He was brought up under the wing of Terry McGovern (American Graffiti, Ms Doubtfire, Ducktales) and is represented by the STARS Agency.  http://www.erockvo.com/

Erik's vocal range and imagination allowed him to play a lighthearted grasshopper Bok Choi, and turn around seconds later to voice the haunting face of death – the Black Panther.  Erik is hilariously awesome.

Hu Yuan – Michael Navarra
Michael Navarra voices Hu YuanMichael is powerful and intelligent.”- T.H. McColluh, Los Angeles Times. His film work includes lead roles in several independent films including “Us” and “Red Ice,” television movies “Finding the One,” the Discovery series “I (Almost) Got Away with It” and Nippon TV's series “Duo Creative.” He's represented by JE Talent San Francisco.  http://www.michaelnavarra.com/

Robert Hurwitt of the San Francisco Chronicle wrote, “The beautifully delineated performances of Navarra... invest the action with enough drama to keep one's attention riveted to the stage.” Michael gives our older brother, Hu Yuan, an equally dynamic performance - combining intense urgency, with a strong comforting side.

Crane Lady - Donna Turner
Jesse Owen Tarver in Facial SetupGrandmaster Sun Xiang - Johnnie Rodriguez
General Zhao - Stewart Lyle
Grandmother - Sherrill Lawrence
Village Headman - Byron Lambie
Big Buddha - Thomas Cokenias
Older Zi - John Hale
Young Disciple - Jesse Owen Tarver
Chef, Hermit Monk, Guard #2 - Ryan Lance
- Brandon Long
Gin Cho - Allen Seth Bauman
Rosy Cheeked Girl - Darcy Kennedy
Doctor - Alyosha Maggin
Soldier #1 - Pete Saulnier
Soldier #2 - Robert Parham
Guard #1 - Kory Martin Juul

Motion Capture Artists - Kory Martin Juul, Donna Turner
Motion Capture Stunt Performers - Alice Kung, Jesse Owen Tarver

Zhenwei Wang, Kory Martin Juul, Alice Kung & the Beijing Wushu Team

Director's Credits

  White Tiger Legend (2016) Speed Racer (2008)
  The Sandbox (Short) (2005) Pirates of the Caribbean 3 (2007)
  Aquarius (2000) Spiderman 3 (2007)
    King Kong (2005) *
  Visual Effects  Star Wars Episode III (2005)
  The Hobbit (2012) I, Robot (2004) *
  Rise of the Planet of the Apes (2011) * The Day After Tomorrow (2004)
  The Other Guys (2010) The Return of the King (2003) *
  Avatar (2009) * The Matrix Revolutions (2003) *
  Ninja Assassin (2009) The Matrix Reloaded (2003) *
  Carriers (2009) The Animatrix (2003) *
  Star Trek (2009) Final Fantasy (2001) *
    * Groundbreaking use of Motion Capture



Making a feature length film is no joke.  The good news is we've already shot, edited, and tested the film in private circles.  So that eliminates a lot of worry right there.  People, kids included, have watched the film at low quality.  Even though the character's faces didn't move, and the animation was rudimentary - they were captivated.  Some even cried.  The film is not only awesome, it's an experience like none other. 

A crew of artists are in place to ensure the final film meets our expectations.

The only obstacle holding us back is funding.  We can't finish without your help.  So let's smash this funding bar!  Woooooooo!



Phasespace Motion Capture Suit with Bok Choi

Other Ways You Can Help

If you're unable to donate $1 - you can still help by spreading the word!

Email your friends / Tweet / Comment / Like / Share / Blog!
Check this out!  One man is animating an entire Pixar-style film, designed to end global conflict!  Watch this!  http://igg.me/at/whiteTiger

Continue the Journey with Us -


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    IMDB - Special Thanks

    Get your name attached to the film with this Special Thanks credit. It will confirm you as a significant contributor on the Internet's largest film database - for all time! Massive bragging rights! Also includes the Combo Pack! An email will be sent to you with a download link shortly after purchase.

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