Where is My Family

Where is My Family is a facial recognition websource which acts as a service to match/identify those alive, dead or missing with family after a major disaster.
Tim Boersma
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After a major disaster like, Super Typhoon Haiyan, Hurricane Sandy, the Japan Tsunami and the Haiti Earthquake, its total chaos!  People, places and landmarks are gone. 

Not only are the lives of the people in the disaster area affected, but so are the distant family members who have begun to   freak out   when they realize the mega disaster just hit an area where   their  family lives!

Thousands get displaced.  Hundreds to thousands end up in aid stations, hospitals and tent cities.  These are the fortunate ones.

For the casualties of the disaster, there are often mass graves when the death rate is too high for public services to handle so many at one time.  These burial operations are performed quickly and typically without identifying all the victims. 

Did anybody see if that was my dad or mom? 
You may never have closure.

For the people in the disaster area, they are all split up, some in this shelter others in another, some in aid stations or hospitals and some just missing.  So to find other family in the midst of turmoil, all we have to offer are makeshift bulletin boards!

Come on!  Is this the best we can do in 2013?

The post disaster answer to quickly identifying victims, alive or dead,  is in use by millions of people around the world on Daily Basis. 

Its on Facebook, Google's Picasa etc. 


In the disaster areas, Laptop information kiosks can take pictures and unite families in other disaster recovery areas. 

People in California can find loved ones in Tacloban City, Philippines.  Its all very doable with very little investment.

We plan two phases for our project.

Phase One includes the purchase of equipment and software needed for development of, and testing of, apps to integrate all the technology.  As well as to develop the manuals and other goodies so everyone knows how to use it...

This includes everything from the most basic cell phone camera, (if there is anyone left on the planet who doesn't know how to use a cell phone camera) to crowd cameras as used at airports.

Phase two is to buy the camera and work station equipment for distribution to emergency response organizations, who don't already have suitable equipment.  Some do have the technology

Phase One, which is This campaign, is only $42k dollars.  That's chump change for what we are getting in return.  Re-purposed technology, that can be available when our families turn comes along.  And it literally could be our family next.  None of us are immune.

To illustrate that, Here is a cool True Story I heard years ago, I think it was on NPR radio.  Imagine how easily this could apply any one of us.


There was an ambulance crew who missed their exit on route to an emergency call,  so they would have to take the next exit, but as it turns out the freeway was blocked by with construction equipment and a tore up patch of cement.  As it was urgent, they pleaded for the construction crew to do something to help.

So one guy jumps on a bulldozer and makes a path down through the grass for the ambulance to access the lower parallel road.  Now here is the freaky part.  As it turns out, that ambulance ended up going to the guys house who made the path.  It was his kid they saved, all because he didn't standby and do nothing

In a way, his getting involved saved his own sons life.

Its the same with this project, for just a little effort you could be helping your family Before a disaster strikes. By making a small contribution, your contributing to the success of this much needed resource.  You can and do make a difference.

Thanks for your support, we love you for it.


p.s. - our old stuffy business like campaign page, the one with all the details, is now in the gallery as a file!  Just read with a cup of coffee or an energy drink.  :)

p.s.s. - And we should never have to have mass graves without a record of who was buried. Not in 2013.

Its just too easy to take pictures and load them into the database for identification.  We can do better, and in the future with this re-purposed technology we will do better....with your help!

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