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Idea matchmaking site for companies & creatives.
Los Angeles, California
United States
1 Team Member

❝I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.❞ – Thomas Edison

Well, one. Sure, we have learned that Indiegogo is not an ideal medium to raise funding for intangible products like websites (though it is great for tangible gadgets and independent films), but we want to say thank you to all our contributors who believed in this page (your contributions have taken us important steps closer), the press who praised us, the firms who put their names behind us, and the people who are supporting us in other ways. 

99.9% of you want to see our site launch, and this campaign has given us invaluable market research, so we're celebrating that! 

We are now looking into more fundraising options, to bring you the world's marketplace to turn your thoughts into things. Thank you again, and please see our closing update here if you'd like more info.


– The Team

Original pitch:

As supported by:

❝A service that we’ve been hoping for practically our entire lives❞

Prediction: This Is The Next Big Idea

Innovations can now be transformed into reality

❝An 'Ebay for Ideas'❞

A fraction of the world's most innovative companies we will beam your ideas to at launch†


Your Big Idea Can Lead to Big Change – For the World and in Your Pocket. 
Help Us Make that Happen.

Do you have an idea of any kind that you've never been able to get out there due to bureaucracy or prejudice, but that know could make a big difference and big money? If you have, or are a company that embraces innovation, we've got an idea...


❝Hell, there are no rules here - we're trying to accomplish something❞ – Edison

  • Due to funding problems, Charles Babbage died before his invention was completed. That invention was the first computer.
  • For every one we know about, how many more world-changing ideas die away because there isn't a Babbage Jr. or Mrs Babbage to carry on the fight?
  • Global innovation is being slowed by an estimated 2300% because of this.
  • The culprits are prejudice and the Patent system which – founded in 15th century Italy – is an archaic, extortionate roadblock to innovation.
  • The solution to this problem will come through the computer itself...
With your support "bid-ee-uhs" will be a revolutionary, private auction website to crowdsource & detect the billion dollar "Eureka!" moments of everyday Edisons & Mrs Edisons like you and us, when they're still affordable, and 'blind auction' them confidentially to innovative company buyers in every market - no race or gender roadblocks, and no patent required.

And you'll get a lot more than just success in return. Pledge $20 today, get $190 to use at our site. Pledge $35+, get $285! See 'Perks' for more great deals, and pledge now!

Usage examples:

  • You think of a clever company slogan you want to pitch to big ad agencies...
  • You think of or write an innovative movie idea...
  • You come up with an amazing toy or game idea...
  • You write a seriously catchy song...
  • You invent a baby or mom product that solves a big problem...
  • You discover a scientific breakthrough or formula...
  • You create an advanced type of electric car battery...
  • You have a great idea for a mobile app that could make millions...

...but until now you had no idea where to take it? Let our site turn your thoughts into things!

THE SELLER'S PROBLEM: In days of yore when you thought about selling – for example – second hand goods, it meant hoping for the best, using random shop windows and local newspapers, before eBay and Craigslist revolutionized that. Don't you think the laborious way ideas themselves are bought and sold belongs in the past too? $30,000 patents, million-to-one competitions, nerve-wracking TV shows, cold calls, sharks, dragons, unsolicited rejection letters, lawsuits... It's a minefield! Indiegogo is one of the few genuinely fun arenas for innovation out here.

So whether you’re an ad-man or soccer mum, writer or composer, architect or father of three, where do all these amazing ideas go? Sadly, often nowhere. You think about them from time to time, try to get them out there, companies refuse to open their door, the ideas just die away, and mother earth loses out. This slows down global innovation. Don't you think that's crazy?

THE BUYER'S PROBLEM: And if you were a company, would you rather: 

  • Use the best idea from your perceptibly "safe" in-house team & colleagues, or;
  • Play it safe until a great idea makes it big, then buy it, but for millions extra, or;
  • Safely receive the best new idea that day in the world, whilst it's still great value?

We have that solution. Our unique business model and groundbreaking mechanisms solve both conundrums, and rather than drive prices up like a traditional 'auction,' they predict the genetic fingerprint of future game-changers, thus saving the company money while making you a relative small fortune. See "Our big idea" below for more on all that in a moment.

And let's never forget all the women who have world-changing ideas like those of Mary Anderson (windshield wipers) or Stephanie Kwolek (Kevlar), but whose innovations instead died away because they faced gender roadblocks in male-led industries. We want to create one level playing field to turn every human being's thoughts into things, via one friendly interface.

And crucially, the whole process will take place whilst protecting both parties equally through a legally watertight confidentiality agreement, and a few trade secret special twists (they're our special sauce). Furthermore, unlike the public offerings on eBay, ours is a private portal where only the top companies we hand pick will be able to view your idea.

We'll be working with top L.A. copyright and entertainment law firm, Lowe & Associates.

Remember, companies already engage in blind 'auctions' every day – from film script bidding wars to inventors shopping round their ideas for the best deal. We securely tidy that process up for the good of all, without it even seeming like an auction, because companies must innovate better and cheaper to win big, and the key to that is your big idea.

Innovative companies .. understand innovation never happens in a vacuum .. are not afraid to break with the norm and push past conventional wisdom that causes people to think in a box. Rebecca Bagley, Forbes

A man may die, nations may rise and fall, but an idea lives on. – JFK
Just like crowdfunders get ideas cheap by supporting them early, so can companies. And your mind is amazing! We know that you have that world-changing idea within you, that you'd rather not start your own company to sell. Especially when there's already a perfectly good company out there that could buy it. Nobody needs that much company.

...but now, corporate America is reaching out to the independent inventor .. You’ve got successful kid inventors .. grandmothers and everybody in between. – United Inventors Association

The patent system is broken The Verge, Daily Tech, & many more

Transceive ideas privately with buyers in the world's new secure inno-bubble.

The patent system is largely unchanged since it began in 15th century Italy. The Internet is amazing. Why haven't the two been effectively linked yet? Recent studies show the average cost of the 5% of infringements that don't settle out of court is actually $1 million per case.

Yes, the copyright systems are decrepit and being abused. But out of the flames of the old, imagine what our world will be like if world-class organizations could tap safely into the innovation stream of all the world's ideas through a global 'one-stop-shop'. With your pledge we'll no longer have to imagine

The small-time inventor appears to be making something of a comeback .. A surprising number of those pursuing better mousetraps .. are still garage and bedroom tinkerers. – Mike Brunker, NBC

So this is the private idea crowdsourcing portal being built for the people. That's why we're coming to Indiegogo. We have to raise funds to complete the website, app, and our team, so it can partly be built by the people. Our founders know from experience that having to answer to big bucks investors often leads to a stifled, boxed in product, and we're all about thinking outside the box. We hope you agree.

Great companies need great ideas.
People with great ideas need great companies.
Who are open and innovative enough to listen.

Help us disrupt antiquated systems of stuffy rubber stamps and certificates you put in a frame, following practices from the 15th century. It's really starting to show (–Electronic Frontier Foundation). Because when that flood of new stuff appears via our site, it will quickly feel like we're living in the 22nd century.


THE SOLUTION: You could think of this also as a sort of 'online dating' that happily marries innovators to companies. If Cupid can use a helping hand, why can't Genius?

The site and app will be a secure, private, bid-and-auction marketplace for you to get that idea in your head, sold, simply and quickly. Keep reading to find out how.

It's not clear that we really need patents in most industries ... It's a problem.
– Federal Judge Richard A. Posner (Reuters)

We agree, Judge. Where there’s a problem, there can be a solution. Welcome to our big idea!

Companies' fear of being sued if they let you show them your "Eureka!" moment is an outdated, false economy that loses them an innovative edge, and therefore money. And if they're losing money, so are you. So our big idea includes a groundbreaking umbrella of review and detection mechanisms that will clear the long-standing, fossilizing hurdles – and ours are patent pending for what it's worth, so yours don’t have to be. 'It just works.' More on that in a second...

Furthermore companies already work with old-school brokers every day, as do innovators with agents. With us as the secure hi-tech broker and agent in one, the need for such early red tape and bureaucracy that officials like Judge Posner criticizes, falls elegantly away. Goodbye old friend.

We do this using a special, patent pending (rather ironically) combination of NDAs, defensive publication, tracked company clicks, and trade secret law. Click here for a Wikipedia "Patent" article that discusses just some of that in more depth. 

We realized that, by trading your idea in our watertight bubble – with only companies who have signed our unique confidentiality contract – we could remove the need for an 'up-front' patent that would protect you from nothing yet choke your purse-strings, and instead let the resourceful company obtain the idea safely first, and the expensive patent second, if at all. And the same goes for other forms of copyright.

Just like digital was the future of photography, we believe crowdsourcing is the future of innovation. We want big companies and your big ideas to be part of that future, rather than a 'Polaroid' of the world that fails to innovate, and like a photo, fades away...


We will finally give your big idea wings, while you're still in your PJs. Here's where the magic happens!:

  1. Upload your big idea!
    As much or as little of it to the private, secure area of our site. (See FAQ for categories.)

  2. Pick its sector!
    And pay an all-in-one fee, from just $10 - $95 depending on the sector.
    (Though we'd love to do it for nothing, we believe the industry expert opinions you'll receive, plus taking days of pitching work off your hands, has value.)

  3. Stay safe
    By agreeing to our special and unique Terms & Conditions that - with a few clever and novel twists - protect both parties equally.

  4. Sit back, get fingerprinted & rated!
    Included in the small fee, our hand-picked panel of Industry Experts in each sector queue then analyze and rate your submission based on a number of factors (some of which stay behind-the-scenes). Our mechanisms then generate a likelihood score (out of 5 stars or 100%) as to whether your idea has the genetic fingerprint of later success on its early seed. Magic! This rating alone gives you invaluable feedback + market research as to your idea's viability.

  5. Sent!
    We queue then privately send your idea directly to the inboxes of only those company's buyers, in that same category, who fit with receiving that success-star rating of idea or higher. Crucially company buyers only ever receive 1 such email per day, max. (They love this.)

  6. SOLD!
    Those companies can then exchange as much more info/prototypes with you as needed – if any – and place their one 'best offer' to hopefully secure the rights to your big idea and their next. The 'blind auction' means nobody knows what each company has bid except you. Then just like in real world deals, the best offer wins. Simples.
It's that simple. Speculate to accumulate, #AuctionYourEurekas, then cash out, all without having to pick up the phone. And the companies win big too, with a broader spectrum of 5-star ideas at their e-doorstep, just once a day.

'Microsoft and Google started a bidding war over my software idea, and Apple came in late and won!' – Possible future user & I.T. Student

This is our big idea. Please PLEDGE and SHARE now, so we can help you sell yours. Because the clock is ticking before someone else comes up with your idea and profits from it instead (we know, we've been there). If you start, others will follow, so show the world what an innovator you are.

Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world. – Albert Einstein

But it shouldn't have to be. Help us change that.



The value proposition promotes a rare but genuine
win-win-win situation for all parties:

Summary of how each party benefits:


  • Get access to the next big thing at a cut cost price to them (still a small fortune to the creator)
  • Retain their innovative competitive edge over their competition


  • Get to market their brainwave without the expense of antiquated legal protections
  • Get to cash out on their big idea without the stress of having to start their own company 
    (because the above company is already a company!)

It's also a perfect complement to Indiegogo or other crowdfunding platforms. You could for example use Indiegogo to raise money to build a really great prototype, or even patent your idea (not that you need to with us), or hire a ghostwriter, or get your song professionally recorded, or have your fashion designed... you name it. Then, after your campaign closes, you can move the results onto our site for expert rating and to be opened up to secure bidding.

'They walked with me and my 5-star screenplay every step of the way until I was offered 7-figures by 20th Century Fox' – Possible future screenwriter
Either way, we know this will revolutionize the world of innovation, just as eBay revolutionized the antiques market, and sites including Indiegogo have revolutionized the market for raising capital. That's why you're here.


We did our due diligence in buckets. (Not literally, that would be weird.) Our market base is established, and growing. And so are the companies who thrive on and rely on a constant stream of innovative ideas to survive and compete effectively.

We wake up inventing (breakfast bacon chips – Patent No. 6,699,520) and go to bed inventing (arm pillow – Patent No. 6,691,353).❞ – Mike Brunker, NBC

It is an interesting challenge to fully estimate the innovation market size and its growth patterns. As a general guideline, however, we can use data from the US “Kauffman Index of Entrepreneurial Activity” to show qualitative trends of growth. The amount of new entrepreneurs has been steadily increasing since 2001 in the US when entrepreneurs created about 4.7 million new business. In 2011—the most recent year for which the US Kauffman Index has data—entrepreneurs created about 6.8 million businesses that year. An increase of 43%! We see that the growth is similar in other markets such as the UK.

This is an extraordinarily inventive age. – Arthur Molella, Smithsonian Institution

It's also an extraordinarily open age for innovative companies. Entrepreneurism is alive and well around the world, and with the recession and the unfortunate job cuts, more so than ever. We want to help. And due to the rapidly expanding market there is no reason why it will not grow to become the next big Internet friendly giant, to rival those such as eBay. (And the patent and copyright houses.) But...


1) Please hit the social media buttons under the video ⇡

2) Share this page now in all your favorite places:


3) Follow and Like us via the social media and website buttons below our blurb ⇣

And maybe your friends will thank you with a finder's fee when they sell their big idea.


It's nice to e-meet you too! For more info about all of us, please click on the team member links below (desktop) or in the "About" tab (mobile). See you there partner.

We're building our product because we got tired of having to knock on doors that wouldn't open to get my invention / song / scientific breakthrough / film script, to companies that we knew would've thrived on them... if they'd been open enough.

If you've read this far, your mind is probably like ours and never stops. Let's harness that energy. It is as unique as your ideas. And we firmly believe it’s the ultimate one-stop-shop home for them. If you're intrigued and would love to use the site... so would we! Simply, I'm excited to bring this portal to the world, because it's a product that I want to use. So please pledge now so our team can build your brain's new summer home (and maybe your real one). 

– The Team


†Mentioned companies are not participants in/sponsors of Indiegogo's fundraising campaign.

Interested in joining our Innovation Partners? Just click 'Comments' above and leave us a private message.

© Copyright 2014. All rights reserved. Patents ironically pending. Registered Trademarks.


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