What They Say

Evil lies within. How long will it stay there?

3/9/11: Through private outside investors we have met our minimum budget goals. Now we are looking for additional funding to improve upon our project: Allow for better special effects budget, a decent wardrobe budget, better equipment rentals including renting the Red1 camera for a few slow motion scenes, festival/marketing/promotion budgeting, among other expenses and improvements. Please help take our film to the next level!

Early private screening of "alternate ending" teaser trailer available to investors. Contact:


Official teaser trailer to premiere on Feb 11th with the world premiere of "Raymond Did it".


They thought she had the perfect life; wealthy and privileged, an honor student with her whole life mapped out. What they didn’t know was what lied inside of her; pain and anguish; tearing at her until there was nothing left. Lost and alone, the young women (Heather Dorff), finds solace in the form of a glistening blade, splitting her skin deeply. Her self-indulgent mother and obnoxious sister (Kelsey Zukowski), are completely oblivious to her inner-turmoil. She has long since become numb to the world around her, getting that sensual release, as the razor cuts deeper, watching the blood drip, is all that matters. As soon as the last drop falls, the calm is stripped away from her with it. How far will she go to silence the hunger that now consumes her? Will she be able to regain control of her life, body, and sanity?

Evil lies within. How long will it stay there?

Based on the short story “What They Say” written by Heather Dorff

Screenplay by Kelsey Zukowski and Heather Dorff

Directed by Justin R. Romine of Fathead films

Original Music score by: Michael X. Christian

Produced by Serenity Pictures, Keith Romine of Fathead Films, and Willy Adkins of Spook Show Entertainment.

In association with Spook Show Entertainment, Serenity Pictures, and Blue in Black Entertainment,


Heather Dorff - Lead -http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3940718/
Kelsey Zukowski - Supporting - http://www.imdb.com/find?s=all&q=kelsey+zuo...
Tina Renee as the 'ex-best friend'
Kitsie Duncan will be playing the role of the 'Mother'
Bess Austin will be playing the role of 'Mrs. Anderson'

Dave Juehring will be playing the role of the 'Father'
Tyler Klunick will be playing the role of the 'ex-boyfriend'
Tessa Newman will be playing a younger version of the lead character
Charlize Anita Bowers will be playing the younger version of the 'sister' role
Jolene Aldus will be playing the role of the 'Beauty Queen'
Jilly Meyer will be playing the role of 'Sophie'
Bernadette Lords will be playing the role of 'Brooke'
Brittney Refakes will be playing the role of 'Emma'
Colleen McDermott will be playing the role of 'Amber'

Interested in being part of the crew? Check out our website!

Our Story

My name is Heather Dorff and I am a Chicago actress, writer, and artist in general. I have a passion for acting in film and recently have immersed myself in the Chicago Indie film scene. During the filming of my first major indie, in which I had a lead role, I met a group of extremely talented local artists. From producers, photographers, actors, makeup artists, and down to the sound guy: I realized I had met a comprehensive and unique team of individuals capable of producing quality films through hard work, determination, talent, creativity, and sheer brilliance. This lead me to start thinking about the possibility of producing my own film which in turn reminded me of a dark short story I had written years earlier. The concept for What They Say the film was born and I immediately started promoting it, creating it's web presence, getting the script form of the story written, and starting to build my cast and crew. Everyone involved in this project are those I have directly worked with or references from people I trust whose work speaks for itself. This is going to be a long and hard road but everyone involved with What They Say is passionate about every aspect of it and we as a team will continue to push it forward to see that it turns out even better than we could of ever hoped.

The Impact

This film isn't your everyday dark drama. It's story is unique, not overdone, borderline artistic, and def not for everyone. For those who would like to watch a film that opens a window into the core of a tortured human soul, into the very elements that make us tick, into the age old question of: Are we inherently good.. or evil, a film that will make you cringe at what we as humans are capable of, a film that leaves you questioning who you are and how you look at the world.. then this is going to be the film for you. A dark drama bordering a psychological thriller this story is bound to shake you to the very core. This film has to happen. The story is to great and unique to waste or become another homemade youtube video.

What We Need & What You Get

We are looking to raise at least 2000 from indiegogo and hopefully additional funds through other outlets for "What They Say". Our ideal budget goal as of 3/28/11 is 4000, butmof course, raising addition funds is always welcome. We have a number of private investors already contributing to the film but we will need and could use more. Like with any film: the more we raise the more that can go to higher grade special effects makeup, editing, equipment, paying those involved, food on set for cast/crew, costumes, and distribution. We also have set in place to rent the Red One camera for 1 day of slow motion shooting for a particular surreal and very important scene. The Red camera alone is a 600 dollar fee! The Red has the ability to record a higher quality slow motion fps than most standard HD cameras have to offer. Every penny raised will be to the betterment and added quality of this project. I truly believe in the concept and believe with the right help "What They Say" can go very far.

Other Ways You Can Help

Promote, promote, promote! We are still looking for crew. Talk to your friends, post our links: http://www.whattheysayfilm.com and http://www.facebook.com/whattheysay if you know someone looking to get involved with a Chicago project: let them know about ours! If you have a film website, page, or a film that is premiering soon and could use a fresh new indie film trailer let us know! If you feature our film on your site we will feature yours on ours! Don't forget about indiegogo's share tools!

Word of mouth is a powerful tool. Support the indie film community and Chicago film community!

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