What Mandela Started

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The Sibanye Story

Sibanye is the result of two people from South Africa dreaming together.  Randy could neither read nor write but dreamed of becoming a chef.  His friend Nathan had always wanted a place for people from the country’s divided communities to come together.



Together, in 2008, Randy (then 19) and Nathan (then 21) built Sibanye, which means “together we are one”.  From a humble base in a shack of corrugated iron and ceiling boards in a township near Cape Town a team was built to create and serve delicious traditional South African food. 





Since its beginning Sibanye has served over 15,000 meals to local and international guests who come to visit this most unique restaurant: people who can’t afford it eat for free (subsidised instead by willing international guests). 



Tragically, at the age of 22, Randy passed away in June 2011, leaving an unfillable gap in the Sibanye Team. 



Faced with the decision of whether to stop or carry on Nathan, Terra and Nosamkelo decided they would relentlessly push on. Together the team wants to take Sibanye to a whole new level, making it a lasting and fitting legacy to Randy’s dream.



What difference will your help make to Sibanye?

From the Sibanye Team:

We need your help to establish Sibanye as a unifying force that will create the much needed change for this community.  Our expansion from a 25 seater restaurant to a 60 seater restaurant will provide employment to 3 additional community members.  The upgrade of our restaurant will coincide with the launch of Sibanye’s first trailer franchise in Cape Town:

    • We will invest in a mobile unit (a trailer) so that we can serve MORE MEALS to MORE PEOPLE
    • We will RE-FIT and UPGRADE the original restaurant
    • We will RE-VAMP our brand and our marketing
    • When we’re ready we will RE-LAUNCH our revitalised venture 

What’s in it for you?

By investing in us you will be helping to keep our dream alive.  Most importantly you will be making a direct difference to the lives of people living in South Africa.  Also, look to the right to understand how the level of your contribution is incentivised!  Become a part of our Sibanye family – become an official Legend!

The Impact

You will be able to monitor the progress of the project as it unfolds through blog postings that you can follow via the Sibanye website and facebook page, to see the impact for yourself.

Tell the world about Sibanye!

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