In the dystopic city of Athens people kill themselves in every possible way while suicide is illegal. Futuristic Short Fiction WHACK "For The Right To Die".
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Filmmaker Syni Pappa ( Honey Bed, Miseries Increase) and the newly found Athens based production studio Margot Filmhouse present the short film WHACK.



Whack is a short film that takes place in a dystopic Athenean cityscape of the near future. At the year 2027 suicide, the city's trend of despair for years, becomes illegal. The state defines it as a horrible crime and people who get caught trying to commit and being imprisoned, send for life in breeding camps. 

The camera follows a twenty four hour quest ,from dawn to dawn, around a highly guarded dystopic cityscape. We meet our heroes on their final or what they wished to be their final moments.

The inspiration for this film comes from the the city of Athens, the potent, violent combination of it's First & Third World realities.
It's hardcore everyday living and it's chaotic cityscape.
As suicides have already become a big happening on the city's public space in reality,
the film starts questioning about it and begins a sort of an existential quest, in a place where terror is life itself and people have no other will but to die.



We have already casted the main roles to brilliant actresses and actors.
Our crew & production team is faithfully gathered .
We have chosen locations and we' re planning the shooting of the film in October
Till then:
We have to get location permissions
Have the sets & props & costumes designed & constructed
Book lighting & equipment

The plan is to have WHACK ready by the end of the year.


The film needs a total of 50.000 dollars  to be complete.

We make a futuristic independent short film that will be shot on location in down town Athens and we need to make it look real.  Although the setting won't be in the far but near  future and the cars won't be flying, the social change will be such that the city will be transformed into a place much more vile and terrifying         ( yes there might be more).

Margot Filmhouse as the main producer provides it's offices and facilities for the pre production on the  film as long with it's Post Production studio ( for editing, color grading, compositing and providing the films DCP prints).

We're asking you help us raise 27000 dollars to make WHACK happen.

Your money will be used for:

Paying actors

Paying crew

Cast & Crew Insurance

Equipment Insurance

Art department:

Constructions on outdoor locations,

Set constructions

Props (buy & construct)


Fire experts

Fire - FX


Make up -FX

Cranes & grips


Sound Design

Music Composition- Studio

Press material & indigogo perks

We do not promise to change the world nor the way films are made.
What we do promise is to make ,with your help, a damn nice futuristic existential drama highlighted by lots of sarcasm and sensitivity.


Other Ways You Can Help

We do accept offers in kind too,be a co-producer, associate producer by offering your:

Cranes & Grips, Helicopter, Firearms, Vehicles, Lighting Equipment


Sharing this Campaign is also a big big help  so if you're broke and gear-less you can still be a supporter of Whack.


Support WHACK "For the right to die".


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