A documentary about the medical use of cannabis in the treatment of children with cancer
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WEED THE PEOPLE takes an unflinching look at the underground world of cannabis medicine, where patients become experts on their own conditions and spend thousands of dollars on federally illegal medicines.  

Nowhere is this phenomenon more compelling than in the treatment of children, who are ignorant of the stigma of medical marijuana and whose parents will stop at nothing to help them.  

Weed The People looks beyond the propaganda and politics on both sides of the issue to reveal the legitimate science behind cannabis medicine and the compelling stories of ordinary people whose lives are inescapably caught up in the controversy.

We are so proud of them!

In July 2013 new parents Tracy and Josh Ryan received the devastating news that their 7-month-old baby Sophie had an inoperable brain tumor. The doctors prescribed chemotherapy as the only course of treatment, but could not guarantee it would work. Tracy Ryan felt intuitively that western medicine alone would not be enough to save her daughter. After intensive research, the Ryans began Sophie on a regimen of medicinal cannabis oils, hoping for a miracle.  

Look what happened to her tumor in just 8 months

Sophie has an optic pathway giloma brain tumor which traditionally results in minimal to no shrinkage with chemo alone, and the tumors never go away. What you are seeing are identical brain slices of Sophie's tumor. The scan on the left is from 10/2013 and the scan on the right is from 6/2014! Sophie is taking high doses of both THC and CBD, along with Chemo and both her tumor and cyst are almost gone!!!

When Chico's mum Angela first brought cannabis oil into his hospital room and started administering it through his G-tube, the doctors thought it was a waste of time and advised her to "throw that stuff away."  But after seeing Chico's remarkable progress in beating a rare and aggressive cancer, his oncologists are now committed to doing a clinical trial with cannabis oil at the hospital.  Our film will follow this trial and Chico's plan to lobby the Obama administration to re-schedule cannabis so that more trials can begin.

Mara founded Aunt Zelda’s Oil after experiencing firsthand the medicinal benefits of cannabis. Now there is so much demand for her cannabis oils that she often cannot find enough CBD strains to supply all her diverse patients.  Among other challenges, she cannot legally ship her medicines anywhere so must find creative ways to get them to desperate patients. The film follows Mara as she tries to provide the highest quality medicine to patients of all ages.

With your help we plan to: 

-Document groundbreaking clinical trials that are happening all over the world and some in our own backyard, along with a pharmaceutical company who is close to getting their cannabis medicines approved by the FDA.  

-Take a look at the history of marijuana prohibition and shed light on how a medicinal plant became criminalized and what it will take to reverse course.  

-Reveal true stories of patients who were literally sent home to die and then experienced complete remission after treatment with cannabis.  

-Follow several subjects who are breaking the law or becoming medical refugees in order to access this plant.

Ricki Lake is a producer.  Why do you need my money?  Why isn’t she spending her own money?

Ricki has been the sole backer of this film, spending over $75K on production costs as well as covering travel and medical expenses for some of the film’s subjects. Unfortunately, Ricki’s talk show days are well behind her now. Mangu.tv has come on board to help produce WTP and create a more diversified and community-driven approach.

How did Ricki’s Reefer Madness begin?

“As a parent of Two Teenage Boys I have always been wary of marijuana and considered it to be a drug with high potential for abuse, just like alcohol or pharmaceuticals.  Yet two years ago my husband’s search for alternative therapies to help his beloved grandfather opened my eyes to the healing potential of this plant. As I became more informed about the medicinal benefits of cannabis, I was outraged by the fact that our country is actually holding up clinical research because of outdated policies.  Any one of us, or our loved ones, could one day benefit form this research, so we need to fight for it”

...and that is how this film came to be! 

How could a movie like WTP really make a difference?

This movie could be the game changer that pushes medical marijuana into the mainstream.  Once the public sees the true power of cannabis to fight cancer and other diseases, the demand for reclassification and clinical trials will reach a tipping point.  We saw this happen with our last film The Business of Being Born as midwifery continues to enjoy a resurgence.

In what stage of production is the movie? 

The movie began shooting a year ago, and the filming itself is about 30% completed.  There are additional amazing stories we want to include to film.  But in order to do that we need to secure the funding to complete the film.  That’s why we are are here.

When will the movie be released?

We hope to have a finished cut of the film by next spring, so the release will likely happen in late 2015 or early 2016.

What EXACTLY will my money be used for?

Your money will go to pay the film crew to continue to document these incredible stories and for the film editing, music, graphics and post production needed to finish the film.  

Here’s a look at the budget to broken down into categories.

Don't see an answer to a question you have? 

ASK US here and we WILL answer you.

How you can still help:

PLEASE SHARE SHARE SHARE OUR SITE LINK! It is with EVERY single share that we ripple out the awareness of this project! Please share and share often, including a brief but personal message asking your friends to visit the link.  http://weedpeoplemovie.com

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