We Still Like: Gravity, and Beyond

Help our humble but mighty literary zine make more of what you still like!


We Still Like’s 2010 Subscription Drive

We’re tired of hearing that literature is dead. We are so tired, in fact, we started a literary zine called We Still Like. Why would anyone start such an endeavor in this day and age? Simple: We Still Like Books!

We still believe in the power of language and the importance of sincerity. We still believe that literature is as vital as oxygen, that it keeps us human and lets us forge real connections. We are tired of cowering behind a shield of irony and taking ourselves oh-so-seriously because we’re told that’s what writers are supposed to do. Creation and connection shouldn’t have to be so hard. We need your help to save literature.

We still like saying something true, creating sincere work distinct from the tides of commerce. But when language has been cheapened and sentiment discredited, sincerity becomes a radical concept. Speaking in a bright, clear voice becomes an act of revolution.

We still see this as literature’s purpose. It’s been our mantra ever since we published the first issue of We Still Like in a handmade limited edition of 100 — not too fussed over, not too perfect, but printed, stacked, bound, loved and sent out into the tangible world. And the response has been overwhelming. We’ve already sold out of the first issue and begun to cultivate a community passionate about contributing to the cause by hosting readings and distributing We Still Like at local bookshops.

Now that we’ve proven it can be done, we want to keep doing it. We’re poised to release our second issue: We Still Like Gravity, a collection of investigations into all that is weighty and meaningful, all that is too big and too small to take, all that pulls us together and all that makes us light. It features a special screenprinted cover and work by some of our very favorite writers. You can see what we’ve been up to and read selections from We Still Like at http://WeStillLike.blogspot.com/.

We see We Still Like as the bridge between our authors and an audience who is likewise tired of suffering the status quo, who wants more than hollow work overhyped, who wants access to the meaningful creations of hard-working artists who so often go undervalued.

Our donors are the trestles of this bridge. We Still Like has no external funding, but instead relies directly on you for its survival — you finding it interesting, inspiring and, most importantly, valuable enough to keep it alive and growing. Initial sales and donations defrayed some of the printing costs of the first issue. With the help of new readers and your continued support, we are excited to make each successive issue more ambitious and sustainable.

We Still Like Philanthropy! Our current goal covers our operating costs for this issue cycle (see details, right), ensuring you get your hands on the current and next We Still Like. By helping our 2010 subscription drive succeed, you’ll be making sure literature and sincerity live to fight another day. In a world gone digital, we still like books — and we want to keep making them so you can keep reading them.

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