We're Opening a Venue!

We're opening a restaurant and bar on the bike path that will have entertainment, video games and more and we could use your help!

I've been booking shows and DJ nights for more than half my life.  It's something I love to do both as an organizer and fan of the events.  The thing is I've consistently had to fight against the tide to make these things happen and be fun and successful. After events I was always left saying "If I owned a place it would be so different."  Well, after almost 20 years of saying that I'm teaming up with a good friend and business partner to make that happen.

This fall, my friend and I are partnering up to open a bar in Hadley, MA.  We're going to have great food, awesome beer and cocktails, killer programming and entertainment, a nice big patio, a digital projector, great dj nights, 18+ nights, and a whole lot more.  What more could there be, you ask? 

Well...How about a room full of vintage arcade games

If any of you are like me, you travel to Funspot once or twice a year, blow all your money, and set the clock to countdown to your next trip.  Maybe you've also crossed the valley--up and down, far and wide--and are looking for something a little different to do with your leisure time.  Our bar will bring you high quality band, DJ nights, and, with your support, games like Dig Dug, Tetris and other classics like Arkanoid, Joust, Centipede and Galaga--all right here in the Valley.

Conveniently located DIRECTLY on the bike path, our venue is very close and central for all the adjoining towns whether on foot (it's actually not a long walk!), bike, car, roller blades, or scooter.  Heck, you can even fly into the airport and head on over!

Let's make this happen and help create a more interesting, nuanced, and eclectic valley!  We'll be rewarding all our backers with awesome prizes, parties, and a great place to go--everyone wins!

We currently have a location, a lease, are paying rent, and are making our way through all the appropriate bureaucratic channels to get our venue open.  We've got lawyers, architects, plumbers and just about anyone else you can imagine working with us to get this place ready for business.  We're just looking for a little help to make this dream come true!  Your support, both financially and through getting the word out will make all the difference!

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