We Need Dead Bodies!

Pirate Wars in Valendor are a reality and with wars, you have casualties. Would you like to be a casualty in our war?


Sky Pirates of Valendor is a steampunk comic book series written by Everett Soares and illustrated by Brian Brinlee. Published under the flag of Jolly Rogue Studios since 2007, we are embarking on our third volume and a war is brewing. 

In July of 2012, we ran an IndieGoGo campaign and it was very successful. However, unlike many campaigns, our lowest tier went unfunded except for a few brave souls. We CANNOT have a war without casualties.

What We Need & What You Get

Our needs are simple here...we need folks willing to appear in a comic book and have their character killed. The best part is you get to choose which one of our crew offs you and how!

In return for your sacrifice, you will receive a copy of the issue you appear in and your demise occurs, signed by the creator Everett Soares.

Further, we will have a page of recognition in each issue to give credit to all of our guest characters. If you have a website or Facebook page you'd like to promote, we will feature it on this page.

To check out Sky Pirates of Valendor, feel free to visit our website, where you will find our books for sale. Or you can download them at DriveThruComics.


Update as of 7/28/2013

Ladies & Gentleman! Lend me your ears!

22 very brave and generous souls just received in their email boxes a download link to Volume 1 & 2 of Sky Pirates of Valendor! This act was precipitated by the momentous occasion of....oh hell....WE MADE OUR GOAL! For the first time ever, we ran a successful crowdfunding campaign thanks to the generosity of others!

But we are not done yet! We have 17 days and 3 cover spots left to fill as well as the epic battle cover of Volume 3 trade! 

Let it be known right now - if all 6 issue covers sell, each contributor will receive a Valendor prize package consisting of a 6-oz. flask with our jolly roger engraved upon it, a shot cup and a dog tag all stored within one of awesome and popular tote bags! Remember - only three more to go!

Thank you to EVERYONE for your patience, generosity and support!


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