We Could Be Astronauts Debut Album Release

Raising money for the production and replication of our debut album. Pledgers choose from a range of formats and ltd edition versions.

"We Could All Be Astronauts...except for you Billy..."

We are We Could Be Astronauts, a 5 piece rock band from York. We have been working on our debut album for almost 2 years and it is now on the verge of being completed. The purpose of this campaign is to fund the mastering and duplication of our album so we can finally release it.

This album has been waiting in the wings for too long and we want our fans to be able to hold a copy in their hands, play the CD until it melts and enjoy every minute of it. Nothing is more important to us than that.

"Something For Something Better..."

We have exhausted all of our own funds paying for the recording and mixing process of the album. We need your help to raise a minimum of £1500 ($2330) to do this thing right. Anything extra goes straight into making sure our album launch show is the biggest spectacle ever beheld by human eyes.

Our main priority is the album.

£1186 of the money raised goes towards mastering 500 copies of the album along with full colour CD replication, full colour 4 page digipack, shrinkwrapping of the finished album and digital distribution over itunes and amazon. 

£100 of the money raised goes towards getting the limited edition launch show posters printed.

The rest goes towards the launch show, hiring out an awesome venue, PA, lights etc. as well as transaction fees and the inevitable percentage that the  indiegogo site has to take.

The perks include copies of the album, badges, posters and tickets to our album release extavaganza in York on Friday the 12th of October.

"Astronauts Report It Feels Good..."

We believe that music is a combination of talent, passion and incredibly hard work. Bands that are just discovered straight away never last long and are quickly forgotten. A band that works for their music and gives each performance all the energy they have is never forgotten.

We have been working our way out of the depths of musical obscurity and are finally starting to break through (Check out the video of us playing the BBC Introducing stage at this years T in the Park).

This album will aid us in getting even further in our dream of mastery of the universe.  

"I Spent All My Money On Spacepants..."

If you have the passion but lack the funds then their is still something you can do. 

We ask everyone to just get the word out about us and help us increase our fanbase.

So if you can't donate please check us out on Facebook, follow us on Twitter or check out our website. We would be eternally greatful.


Thank you for you support, we'll see you at the bar.


Much love


We Could Be Astronauts

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