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Dallas Page posted an announcement 5 months ago

UPDATE:  Scott Hall - & Jake The Snake Documentary DVD

We have been receiving requests for people looking for the Scott Hall and Jake Roberts DVD and for having credits on the DVD for being a supporter.

This DVD is a documentary following both Jake the Snake and Scott Hall's progress and growth/recovery.  Filming is still taking place, as we are still following this process with both men.

For that reason, we do not have an estimated release date.
The estimated release date was June 2014. However, 
this is just an estimate as their recoveries are still unfolding.

Please understand that documentary film production takes time and be assured that you will not be forgotten on this perk once it has been completed. 

We appreciate you!

Dallas Page posted an announcement 5 months ago

Thanks so much for your support and continued patience - we are still working on fulfilling all perks!

Dallas Page posted an announcement 6 months ago

Wrestling fans! You'll be happy to know that your perks are literally being packed up as I write this. We apologize for the lack up updates and the delays in getting some of those out to you. ALL perks will be out the door within the next two weeks. 

Dallas Page posted an announcement 9 months ago

Perk Update!  We were able to help Scott with a good portion of his signed autograph perks, and he has the lists for any outstanding phone calls and Skype calls.  

Because we have handed off the responsibility for fulfilling these perks to Scott himself (but remain in support of him for mailing them), if you have questions about your perk you may want to reach out to Scott directly at @ScottHallNWO on Twitter.

If your perk is a "combo" of different items, you may receive your perk slightly later than those who donated for a single item.  This is just due to the order in which Scott has been able to finish them.

Please be patient as he still has a lot left to do!  He's doing better every day thanks to the support of all his fans.  Thanks again!

Dallas Page posted an announcement 10 months ago

Hey guys — just wanted to let you know that we’re working on all the perks so please be patient. Because of the overwhelming support getting everything autographed, addressed, and mailed out is no small task!

Scott has the lists for all the phone calls and skype calls and he’s working on them the best he can. Keep in mind if you never sent us your skype name he will not be able to fulfill the perk for you!

Thanks again for your continued patience.