WaterSeal Technology

WaterSeal’s revolutionary nano-technology protects your smart phone from accidental water damage. No bulky case. No loss of functionality.

Protect your Phone from Water Damage

Spilled a drink on your phone? Dropped it in the tub or even the toilet? No problem. WaterSeal’s revolutionary nano-technology process protects your phone and keeps it safe from accidental water damage- all without a case!

We all know someone that has lost a Smartphone due to water damage, from a drop in the tub or toilet, or even talking in the rain. Replacing your smartphone is expensive, time-consuming and frustrating; the loss of your phone’s use is one of the biggest inconveniences. 

WaterSeal Technology was started when Craig Dunn's beloved iPhone accidentally plummeted to the bottom of a  hot tub- triggering the notion that we should be able to protect against this.  WaterSeal is very much a true start-up company; bootstrap funded by two Calgarians, Craig Dunn and Mike Wellwood, who after a ton of research and development work, created a unique process that fully protects your smartphone from accidental water damage. This process is unique in the industry as we treat the inside of the phone, where the electronics are; growing a microscopically thin layer of translucent, waterproof material, right onto the inside of the smartphone. The result: No bulky case & no loss of functionality. We guarantee that water protection for the life of your phone. 

Why WaterSeal? See for yourself...

Our biggest challenge to date has been making sure we could do what we say we can do,  fully protect your smartphone from the accidental water damage that happen in daily life. Our early stage product was a straightforward technical solution to treatment but it offered very limited protection.  We had to go back to the drawing board and build a better treatment methodology and while MANY smartphones were gravely harmed in the perfecting of WaterSeal’s service, we’ve done it. All WaterSealed phones can survive a short submersion unharmed (we call it the toilet test: 30 seconds at 30 centimeters!).

Want proof? Ask Ernie...

WaterSeal has done extensive R&D and  has currently established a successful methodology for treating some of the best smartphones on the market, including iPhone 4, 4S & 5, and Samsung Galaxy and Discover and Blackberry Bold. We are continuing to add new phones (including the Q10 & Z10 Blackberries) to the list as our R&D and “Torture Testing“ continue. 

We need your help! 

The feedback to the initial product has been AMAZING, and we already have stories from our existing customers about how WaterSeal saved their phone from their adventures.  Our phones have survived fly-fishing adventures, swims with a goldfish, beer pint accidents, and even a swim in the Bow River in Calgary.  However, we want to be able to make WaterSeal Technology available across Canada, so that all Canadians can fearlessly take their smartphones on all their adventures. 

We started this campaign to help fund our R&D program, to be able to add more devices to the list of smartphones we can protect and to help us to be able to provide our service nationally.  We hope to be able to build out our "Ship to" model for customers outside Calgary, and then to license our technology to cities across Canada and USA. We want to improve the turnaround time for getting customers' phones back to them so that they are only without their phones for hours and not days. 

The first $5,000 in funds raised is going towards the integration of our shipping program and website integration to ensure that your phones are shipped safely and timely.  Any further funding will allow us to develop our licensing program and continue R&D on new models of phones. Every dollar counts and will allow us to add more devices to the mix (we are currently looking at Tablets and Point of Sale Devices). 

Your Smartphone is your Best Friend: Protect It!

A few interesting facts about smartphone damage: (by SquareTrade research)

  • Americans have spent $7.2 Billion on damaged Android phones & $5.9 billion spent on damaged iPhones.
  • As Americans integrate their phones into an increasing number of daily routines and habits, accidental damage is 10-13x more common than loss and theft.
  • Half of American parents say kids have damaged a mobile phone, laptop or tablet and 33% of kid-caused accidents involved food or drink.
  • 30% of iPhone owners have experienced accidental damage in last year & 18% of those were immersed in liquid and 9% of those were a liquid spill.
  • Half of iPhone users under 35 have had an accident.
  • 9% of iPhone owners have dropped their phone in the toilet & 5% in the washing machine.

The Team to take it to the Finish Line: 

The co-founders Mike Wellwood and Craig Dunn are both serial entrepreneurs with a history of innovative start-ups in technology, energy and finance. We are very happy to be able to work together on this incredible project. We have also built an incredible support team of some of the brightest folks in finance, marketing and technology and they have helped us get to where we are today. We have been very lucky that many on our team strongly believed in the potential of WaterSeal Technology. We are very excited to bring this service to market and appreciate any community support to make that happen. 

Photo Courtesy of Calgary Herald: WaterSeal Technology - Startup of the Week, September 2013. WaterSeal News

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