Water Well

We are a small group of children that want to help people in poor countries that dont have any clean drinking water.

                         Water to the People


People across the globe die every day, because they don't have any clean water to drink. We believe that water should be in the hands of the communities and not owned by big corporations and sold back to the local people in plastic bottles.

We are a group of children between 11 and 14 living in Berlin. We visit the ESBZ, a school where a lot of what we do we learn through projects, through cooperation, rather than a teacher at the front of the class, telling us what we need to know.

Just now the theme is "Water". The projects can deal with any aspect of water. But we in our group decided to dedicate our time to help bring water to some of the poorest people in the world and raise the money to build a well in a place were people have no clean water.

Our well will be build with the help of a charity that helps communities in Brazil. They are called Projekte für arme Menschen e.V. (Projects for poor people).


Depending on the ground where the well is build we will need between 800 and 1500 $. So we are aiming for 1500 $, if the well costs less, the rest will go to other projects in the same community.

Please help us achieve our goal. If you don't have a lot, make it one dollar or tell your friends about our campaign. (benjamin.dikmans@gmail.com)


                     Thank you for your support.

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