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Our documentary explores the sacredness of water and how the industrialization of the Navajo Nation continues to disrupt our traditional way of life.
Deidra Peaches
Navajo Reservation, Arizona
United States
2 Team Members
Short Summary
 éí ‘iiná até (Water is Life)

My name is Deidra Peaches; I am 23 years old from the Navajo Nation located in Northern Arizona. Jake Hoyungowa, my collaborator, and I have worked tirelessly on a feature documentary entitled "Water Is Life: Tó éí ’iiná até”

Unlike many documentaries, produced by filmmakers indirectly affected by the issue, we as Navajo youth, speak to our audience as people who will forever be affected by the impacts of industrialization and its ramifications on our environment, our government, our health, but most importantly, our way of life.

So, we come to you today, requesting your help and generosity in providing the opportunity for our voices to be heard. Both Jake and I have visited cities around America, observing other peoples connection to their home and environment. Yet, no matter how far we travel, we feel obligated to protect our mother.

We are not just making this film for us, we are making this film so the next generation of Navajo Youth will know our history and preserve the culture our ancestors kept so holy and dear to them.

Jake and I, though we are only 23 years old, through thick and thin, continue to strive to be the change we want to see in the world.

What We Need & What You Get
Currently, we are in the Post-Production process of the documentary, "Water Is Life: Tó éí ‘iiná até.”
Your donation today will help in covering the cost of the following:
·       Music Composition
·       Voice Recording
·       Graphic Design
·       Web Management
·       Travel
·       Printing Material

With your donations the “Perks” are where it’s at!
-       Personalized Posters, Soundtracks, and DVD copies of the film before it hits theaters can be yours!

-       If we do not reach our goal within the time given, all funds will continue to support Post-Production cost.
The Impact
Our documentary explores the sacredness of water and how the industrialization of the Navajo Nation continues to disrupt our traditional way of life. We feel it is important for our audience to visually experience a piece of the Navajo Way Of Life. It is vital to the documentary to include the connection between Navajo Mythology and the importance of the lands that have been desecrated by industrial development.

Many Navajo families do not have access to potable running water and are forced to haul unregulated and untreated water for their daily needs. Many elderly Navajo’s are forced to allow livestock to drink from toxic water sources, thus contributing to numerous health risks among families throughout the Navajo Reservation.

From a youth perspective we’re telling a story of a Navajo Philosophy that is being endangered by an overwhelming change in politics, resource management and modern society. We understand the obligations our ancestors passed onto us and have devoted much of our time to tell this story about our people.

Jake and I have been working on the documentary since Mid-2010. Throughout our travels we have met people who have been exposed to uranium and have since developed cancer. It's heartbreaking for us to witness how close to home this issue has become. We feel so connected with these issues, that we have dedicated nearly all of our time and personal resources to this story.

Both Jake and I have lost grandparents to uranium, to cancer, and we each feel an obligation to use our skills as filmmakers to capture the stories of our people. So that somewhere down the road, when we ourselves are old, we can tell these stories of the importance of the land, and the water that binds us together.

Other Ways You Can Help

You can help by:
•               Sharing our project on social networking sites like: facebook, twitter, tumblr, ect
•               Stay in contact with us at paperrocketproductions.com or “like” us on facebook :D
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62% funded
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$5,000 USD goal
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Campaign Closed
This campaign ended on August 13, 2012
Select a Perk
  • $5USD
    Dziłíjiin - Black Mesa

    A personal email from the filmmakers, thanking you for your support. + A special thanks on our website, Facebook & Twitter!

    1 claimed
  • $15USD
    Dził Dah Neezłínii-Lukachukai

    A personal email, thanking your for your support + a DIGITAL Production picture from the documentary.

    8 claimed
  • $25USD
    Dził Ná’oodiłii - Huerfano Mt

    All of the above + Thank you credit in the film.

    16 claimed
  • $50USD
    Naatsis’áán - Navajo Mountain

    All of the above + an exclusive, "Water is Life" T-SHIRT.

    18 out of 100 claimed
  • $100USD
    Sis Naajiní - Blanca Peak

    All of the above + a POSTER of the film.

    11 out of 20 claimed
  • $200USD
    Tsoodził - Mount Taylor

    All of the above + UNRELEASED compilations of the filmmakers previous work. That includes 10 mini-Doc with bonus feature content.

    1 out of 20 claimed
  • $500USD
    Dook’o’oosłííd - S.F. Peaks

    ALL OF THE ABOVE+ Personalize HANDWRITTEN letter from the filmmakers.

    0 out of 20 claimed
  • $2,000USD
    Dibé Nitsaa - La Plata Mts


    0 out of 1 claimed
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