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The 1st multi-religious, multinational, multiracial, cross-gender, social universal,incredibly global, absolutely fair, unisex and very sexy charity campaign.
Petra Roslerova
Video / Web
1 Team Member

Watch World not Words

The world is not always a nice place to watch. So much daily information about conflict for money and natural resources, violence and hatred because of differences in religion or culture, devastating the planet, political corruption and public frustration,..  Why are these ugly things even happening? Why are misunderstandings and dangerous situations  not solved sooner, before it escalating into big trouble? Do we just watch or do we really understand the real meaning?
Yes, a Big question.. 

But folks, cheer up! Because this is the goal of this following charity campaign! Eliminate unworthy words in the information chaos and look at the real World! And make together a better Reality! 

But first, we need to help those who need it  most. Who is always watching us like a careful mother, and who deserves some informational rest. He is lost in his own data he is collecting for all of us and it is up to us, if he can cure himself. 
Yes, we need to help the busy Big Brother!

Politicians have promised to hear our voices and watch out for our secret wishes. But we didn’t expect that they mean to employ Big Brother to monitor our private messages, calls and other forms of electronic communication. Every single day, collection systems at the NSA intercept and store 1.7 billion types of communications. But let’s not make compliments just to America for looking after people’s private dictionaries. To monitor every “ugly word” is a part of the voluntary hospitality of any government. Big Brother is watching us everywhere. 

Guys, could you even imagine the hard work of Big Brother?! Every time you use an ugly word, he has to monitor it and save it forever in the system! Holy Brother! This is a terrible job. And very frustrating at the same time, because while checking on so many private “ugly” data, Big Brother is missing really important ones! 

So let’s make the controlling work for Big Brother easier! He will have more time to focus on dangerous stuff like terrorism, drug trafficking, weapons trading, corruption, the devastation of the Planet - and that would cause way better security for all of society!

Let’s not bother Big Brother with the small things! For now let’s pick up long term “Big Brother-trouble” with marijuana. It is very probably less dangerous then alcohol. But instead  of using alcohol, by smoking a joint you don’t pay any taxes. And yes, not paying money is illegal, so speaking about cannabis is illegal too. But honestly, is your weekend conversation worth Brother’s watching? No. But If you write an email or say into the phone an ugly word like “joint, cannabis, marijuana, pot, etc..”, you activate the controlling system and deliver a lot of useless work for our Big Bro! Please guys, save Big Brother’s time! And save our money too, as those useless scans are being payed from our taxes! So: Don’t say an ugly word, don’t write an ugly word - just say it with a beautiful picture!!! 

It ‘s just happened, during traveling around Europe, I made a couple of memorable photos of my memorable friends. Yes, they smoke sometimes that “ugly word”, they grow “ugly word” and they also make from “that ugly word” a cream against excema
(-best cream ever, forget corticoids and use natural extract from “that ugly word” on your irritation.) I would not consider my friends to be criminals - they work, they pay taxes and all bloody insurances, they look after their children, they are great women. But they kindly agreed to commit double crime for the charity campaign of Aid for Big Brother (“double crime”, because they are posing with “that ugly word” + they are nude, which is being considered unacceptable not only on social networks like Facebook, etc)

They are not professional models, but they are really professional friends.
The Big Sisters...

We hope, that these expressive photos will be shared among people - and that way we can eliminate using “those ugly words” in communication about weekend parties, because the photos are expressing pretty much everything. So we all together will help Big Brother to finally focus on the real danger!

How YOU & the Big Sisters can help our busy Big Brother? 
Let’s build together an E-cards web site! How E-cards work? 
Same way as a postcards, but via the Internet. Easy, funny, practical, safe, for free and without alarm to the controlling system ,-)

  1. With my kindly team, we would create a web site, where 12 wordless photos of the Big Sisters will be available for free in a gallery. 
  2. You will chose a photo and the E-card application will use the chosen photo as a template for their email message (layout responsible also for the phones).
  3. You add your own text - already without any of “that ugly word”, because photos of the Big Sisters are already saying about weekends plans a lot. 
  4. Put the email adress of your friend - and send it! 
    All E-cards are free of charge ,-)

Budget to save Big Brother from Big communication troubles:

  1. building the web and application (programming, hosting, domain,...) - 1.700$

  2. maintenance - 350$

  3. E- cards and protection against spamming - 450$

  4. Covering the costs of photo-shooting (well, the photos I made for free as well as my Big 

    Sisters didn’t ask anything for posing. The broken objective is my fault, I should not taste the “ugly word” during the work in their gardens. But if I have money to buy new lens, I promise to put 10 more Sisters in the gallery!) - 900$

  5. Graphic work on free calendar on the web site - 400$ 

    = 3.800$

If we collect more then 4.000e - new photos “Aid for Big Brother” campaign will be done for 

next year!

What you deserve for Big Brother charity: (besides the e-cards) you will get :

  • great Big Sisters calendar 2014 in pdf format on the web. Just download it and print it - perfect gift for X-mass! :) 

  • your own banner on the web site

  • postcards ready to make the work of postmans more happy!

  • Big Sister’s T-shirt 

  • memory-practicing game PAIRS 

  • and lot of fun! ,-)

Thank you and enjoy the World! ,-)


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raised in 1 month
1% funded
No time left
$3,800 USD goal
Flexible Funding This campaign has ended and will receive all funds raised.
Campaign Closed
This campaign ended on October 8, 2013
Select a Perk
  • $10USD
    THANK YOU on the web site

    There is no little help for Big Brother, everything appreciated!:) All your names (if you wish,-) will be in "thank you" section.

    0 claimed
  • $25USD
    postcards+game Pairs

    You will receive 3 postcards of Big Sisters in pdf + pdf format of memory practicing cards with Big Sisters "Pairs". Print it, cut it in peaces and play wherever you want.

    1 claimed
  • $45USD

    You will receive the same present as a 25e supporter and! According your choice, you will receive photo in high resolution for large format poster.

    0 claimed
  • $95USD
    45e gift+your own message

    You will receive the same present as a 45e supporter and! You have your own logo? Do you want to dedicate the postcard to somebody? Or write your message (up to 7 words) to the Word? Write it and you will receive Poster + Postcards + memory practicing game with it!

    0 claimed
  • $190USD

    You will receive pdf version of Calendar with YOUR OWN message (up to 15 words) and logo! Great personal gift to your Big friends!

    0 claimed
  • $270USD
    YOUR logo Calendar+Tshirt!

    Send us your own logo, text or anything you would like on free space below the photos - and you will receive pdf version of Big Sister's + talkative T-shirt "Big Sister is watching you"

    0 claimed
  • $450USD
    your BANNER on the web+Tshirt

    Is your personality, business or both supporting the Big Sisters attitude? We will put your own advertising banner on the web site!!! Your ads will be on random rotation according how many supporters will go for it! :)

    0 claimed
  • $550USD
    12photos for your business use

    copy rights for your business use. Do you want to have Sisters on your web site? Print it under your business name? Yes, you can! :)

    0 claimed
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