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Trying to help out new and upcoming artists with a physical cd release, that is based on freestyle dance music.
Jody Franken
The Hague
5 Team Members

----- Updates -----

- 27-05-2014: Such WOW! 900 euro's!! This is really overwhelming for me, thank you all so much for letting my childhood dream come true! So here is one more update!

CD Cover

Alternative Cover

Here is the mastered cross-fade of the CD

Once again everybody, thank you so much for all your help!

- 26-05-2014: It's been a great journey these past few days since the beginning till now. With less than 10 more hours to go, I am doing one more final push.

The CD artwork:

This CD cover is not complete yet, but it will be in a few days.

Let me please present you the T-Shirt artwork.

Normal version:

Alternative version

There may be a change here or there, as this is not 100% the final version. All T-shirts will come in all sizes.

As the tracklist, due to time shortage, this will be the final tracklist for the cd:
01 - DJ Laugh feat Seakitty & Kymbined - Coup d'Etat
02 - DJ Ronny & Dicky T8R - Circus de Batavia
03 - Triplestar - Dreamhack
04 - Vanaldeia - Lucky 7
05 - Seeds of the Upcoming Infection - Cells are Bad
06 - Younk SBD - Throw Your Hands Up
07 - Coakira - Kinder Queen
08 - matra magic - Contagious
09 - Richiter - Nexus Syndrome
10 - QUIL - Uchiqubi
11 - Square Tune Magician - The Epic Nerd Battle
12 - Daniel Seven - Night Flow
13 - RedOgre - Warp Speed Star Jockey
14 - Shadow Interaction ft Scarlet Penta - The End
Preview here: https://soundcloud.com/neodashzerox/sets/w2ocd001

As a thanks, I am upgrading all indiegogo donators to have their names announced on the cd.

After this indiegogo project ends, there will be no way (yet) to get this CD/T-shirts, unless you'll attend Anime2014 in the Hague (Netherlands). More info at www.animecon.nl

Expect more updates till the last day! And once again, thank you so much for all your help!

-25-05-2014: At the moment of writing, we still have 45 hours to go till the project ends. So here another update with two more artists!

- RedOgre - Warp Speed Star Jockey

- Younk SBD - Throw Your Hands Up

There is still one more track from "JAKAZiD feat Omega Zero", but this is still in progress.

- 23-05-2014: Time flies by really fast! Due to great success, I can announce that we don't do 14 tracks on this CD. A new challenger "QUIL" appeared for the 15th track on "WARP2ONE - Coup d'Etat"

I can also show you the alternative artwork. Although it looks the same, the total color set will be different.

And now what you have been waiting for, the previews!

- DJ Richiter - Nexus Syndrome

- QUIL - Uchiqubi

- Shadow Interaction feat. Scarlet Penta

Remember guys, 4 more days to go. If you want to secure your pre-orders, be on time! Like always, thank you all so much for the support, and see you in 2 days again!

- 18-05-2014: 9 more days to go, and everything is still going according to plan. Here another three artists!

- Daniel Seven - Night Flow

- matra magic - Contagious

- Seeds of the Upcoming Infection - Cells are Bad

- 16-05-2014: Just going into the weekend, I want to share the next three artists for the CD!

- Coakira - Kinder Queen

- DJ Ronny & Dicky T8R - Circus de Batavia

- Vanaldeia - Lucky 7

And ofcourse you can also listen to the last updates

- 14-05-2014: Haven't given you guys an update in more than a week. And with 13 days to go, I can still show you more!

First lets start with the artwork. It's not done yet, but it's slowly coming there. Some of you are getting an alternative artwork. The Alt is about the same as the normal version, but only with another color pallet  and some small addons. And of course the extra title "Limited Alternative Version". If possible, I will personally number them all.

Second is maybe the most important update since the announcement of the artist. Previews of the tracks! Every two or three days I will release more previews. Here the first three, enjoy!

- DJ Laugh feat Seakitty & Kymbined - Coup d'Etat

- Square Tune Magician - The Epic Nerd Battle

- Triplestar - Dreamhack

- 05-05-2014: Normally this would be the last day for the crowd funding project, but there are much more updates to post and more to announce. Because this project was way too short in the first place, I have decided to

extend this project for another three weeks! But this decision doesn't affect the the production time. The release of the CD and party is still at the 14th of June.

If you think you have seen the complete artist roster, you are wrong. "WARP2ONE - Coup d'Etat" welcomes "Kymbined", "Omega Zero", "Scarlet Penta" and "Seakitty" to the roster. Making it complete for now! If you want to know all the artists participating, you can find it all the way down at the absolute bottom.

We have reached the first goal of 600 euro's together, but we are not there yet. This is what we are going to aim next!
- € 600
With this I can pay for the CD pressing and shipment. The quality will be decent, but nothing to spectacular.

- € 750
This will help out with payments towards the mastering of the cd and payment for the artwork + making it print ready.

- €1200
With the extra funding, I can get to pay one or two (semi) headliner for his/her service.
- €1500
To take a step sideways of the project, we will also shoot a video clip of our main track.
- €2000
This is the ultimate goal. When we achieve this number, everybody who worked on this CD will get payed

As you can see, we are not there yet. But we will see how far it comes. We still have our last three weeks, so lets make them count together. If you can help out anyway you can, with donation, sharing the project or any way you can, I would be eternally greatful!

Talk to you guys in a few days again, and thanks for your great work!

- 02-05-2014: HOLY, Guys! We actually made it with 4 more days to go!! This project is now officially a go. I don't check for a day and suddenly we didn't passed one tier, but we passed two tiers (750 mark)! Thank you all so much for your help! But we are not there yet, we still can use your help anyway possible.
All remaining donations will help towards payments to several artists. And once again, all donations will be put into future projects.

Since this project is a go, we are also proud to announce the release party "Deshima Sounds x WARP2ONE: Anime2014 Edition - Coup d'Etat" at Animecon2014. So hope to see you all there!

                                                                          Poster designed by our CD artist "Kip"

For more information about this party, please check out www.animecon.nl or www.deshimasounds,com

- 28-04-2014: 8 days to go and almost there. Really, you guys are awesome! But we're not there yet. So lets give out another update, and a huge one this time. This time lets announce all the artists!

**In bold are new announced artists**

- Coakira  (JPN)
- Daniel Seven  (ITA)
- DJ Laugh  (JPN)
- DJ Ronny  (INA)
- Matra Magic  (GBR)
- RedOgre  (JPN)
- Richiter  (JPN)
- Seeds of the Upcoming Infection  (ESP)
- Shadow Interaction  (NED)
- Square Tune Magician  (FRA) 
- Triplestar  (NED)
- Vanaldeia  (NED)
- Younk SBD™  (INA) 

Once again, thank you so much for your help. This project wouldn't be anywhere without you donators. This project still needs a little push. If you can help out in anyway, we would be really happy. Please share this fundraiser towards your friends! This project must become reality!

- 24-04-2014: With an update time, there's a announcement of artists. The last five artists are a few big names. But we must not forget the fresh new artists that are also equally worth hearing. We are proud to announce "Shadow Interaction", "Triplestar" and "Seeds of the Upcoming Infection". They may be new and they may be fresh, but they strike hard!
Other news, we are almost at our needed funds. Thanks for your support!.
We could always use some more help. You can help on many other ways. Interested? Then please check out the full fundraising page.

- 20-04-2014: Still 16 days to go, and still going strong! Time to release three other artists for this CD this time: "Square Tune Magician", "Daniel Seven" and "Matra Magic". This CD is going to be insane! But we are not there yet. Help is still needed for funding and we are still looking for fresh new artists. Thanks for your support!

- 16-04-2014: If you are wondering which artists are going to be on the cd, let me introduce you the first two: "JAKAZiD" and "DJ Laugh".
We are halfway there, but we still need a lot of help with funds and artists. If you want to try out for the cd, then please send your demo to warp2oneinfo@gmail.com . The deadline is set till the first week of may

WARP2ONE, the past- present - and future

What is "WARP2ONE" you might ask (you pronounce it as warpzone). For me it stands for freedom. But this meaning is also for everybody else that share my state of view.
Before explaining what it is, let me take you to the very basic of what this means.

- The Past
It is a fact, most people are in the box thinkers. That's not bad thing, but the problem is that everything is the safe same thing. If you go to clubs or buy cd's, it's usually the same music styles or sounds like it. If you go to a house party, you can expect Electro House, Latin House, Club House or other kind of House styles, but you rarely hear other music styles in between such as Trance. Or if you go to a Hardcore party, you will hardly expect Dubstep or Trap. Why is that? Because people expect the same thing, staying in their personal bubble we call "comfort zone".
Also if most people apply a demo for a record label, the record labels prefer to go for the safe "copycat" artists.
As for most this is fine, I was once among these people. But as the years went through, I slowly despised the fact that everything sounds the same. That is when I had my gig in Japan, back in summer 2008. Going to play in another country, I thought everything would be the same as where I live. Never I have been so wrong in my life. Although they had two area's in that little club, the whole day I got treated with different music styles by different artists. House, Donk, Rave, Hardcore, this was something unheard for me and I really loved the variety the party had to offer. All the music styles were in perfect harmony and people went all out to everything.

Back in the Netherlands, I started organizing a similar event together with a friend of mine, and we created Deshima Sounds. We wanted to create a party organization that was focused on the Japanese music (releases, artist or remixes). We tried to create the same vibe, and with the following years we finally achieved what I was looking for. A party with different music styles in harmony.

Although I already had Deshima Sounds, I was still kind of limited. Starting from 2010, I met a good friend of mine, which also shared the same thought as me. Me with Deshima Sounds and he with his scene. So we decided to start something new, combining two worlds into a new. Deshima Sounds because of his happy vibe, and CSR (Canadian Speedcore Resistance) because of their harder styles. Lets try something new and set up a new party "WARP2ONE", which you pronounce warpzone. As most of us played Super Mario Bros in the past, you know that you can warp through worlds with a warpzone.
Because we started this new concept, we wanted to have a freestyle event, that every artist could do whatever he or she wants. We wanted to combine different music styles into one party, not the same usual thing what people are used to. Hence also the motto "WARPing various music styles in2 ONE event". Since then, WARP2ONE was born as a freestyle concept.

- The Present
Nowadays, I love almost any kind of dance music, and I also notice this when I mix during events. I never stay in one style, I need variety in my mixes. After doing three parties, one anime convention in Denmark and two online event, it's time for something new. With great inspiration towards the Japanese, with this I want to set up a new CD label with the WARP2ONE banner. As WARP2ONE stands for freedom and freestyle, I want to create a CD filled with difference dance music styles. It doesn't matter what kind of music style it is. I also know that there are many unknown artists out there that get overshadowed by (semi) pro artists because the quality is not good enough or that is not in their intrest. Or (semi) pro artists that never get to do something new because they must do the same thing people expect from them. With this project I also want to help and inspire upcoming or (semi) pro artists that want to do something new and/or get a CD release out of it.
This cd will be called "WARP2ONE - Coup d'Etat"

- The Future
If this project goes well, I want to invest everything back into future CD releases and doing more freestyle parties. But most important of all is to help upcoming artists to expand their experience and help them to explore the different styles of music.
Other than this are still wild dreams, but I will not mention past this point. My mind is set till here for now.

WARP2ONE - Coup d'Etat

Why the name "Coup d'Etat"? Coup d'etat is the french meaning for overthrowing a government from power. Lets say this government we're talking about is the in-the-box thinking record labels that controls what's good and what's bad, and who to take and who not. We want to break from our personal bubble and show the world that there is more than the things we know.

- The CD
The CD will have different styles on it. House, Dubstep, Trap, Trance, Hardstyle, Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, Drum& Bass, EDM... Whatever, we don't care what, as long it is dance music. The plan is to get (semi) pro and new/upcoming artists into this CD. The estimated track listing will be 14 tracks. This will be a limited amount of 150 pieces 120 for sale and 30 for the artists and for promotional purposes.
Also depending how many backers we get, an extra limited edition CD to 30 pieces. So a total of 180 cd's

- What if it get's sold out?
The CD is and will stay limited. If it gets sold out, it stays sold out. No newer copies will be made. This way the CD will maintain it's limited value, and will be a collectable item for collectors. All future CD's will get the same treatment.

- The artwork by Kip
The artwork will be done by one of our Deshima Sounds artists "Kip". She also helped me out with a flyer for my Denmark gig. Here she made a concept of the CD cover. As she support us, we support her!

- Supported and mastering by Notebook Records
This project gets supported by a great artist and a friend of mine, RoughSketch from "Notebook records". In Japan, this artist is one of the biggest names in a particular genre. Also in europe he is known for his Hardcore sound. But other than hardcore, this artist also works under his synonym "Uno", and releases tracks for the even more populat "IOSYS". This artist offers his service in helping out with a track on the CD and will also provide the mastering for the end product.

- The influence of DiamonicBeat
The CD will get a 'WARP2ONE" tag (or W2O for short) with it's releases, but it will fall as a sub label under my future label/company DiamonicBeat. As for now there are some plans, but this is at a much later stage.

The funding damage and your loot

As the goal could be limitless, I have decided to do the absolute minimum to get this project running. I want to start this project with 150 physical CD's. 120 normal pieces for sale and 30 pieces for artists and for promotional destinations. The actual costs to print out 150 CD's and shipment comes to around 500 euro.
But the mark is set on 600? How is that? A simple explanation: with the tiers, we also offer T-Shirts for the real fans. The only problem with this, is that with every shirt, I get only 5 euro out of it instead of the full price.

- The needed funding
As I say with the absolute minimum, it's really absolute. There is no payments to anybody. Depending on what the funds are, the more funds we have, the more we can pay and the better quality we can get. Let me break it down:

- € 600
With this I can pay for the CD pressing and shipment. The quality will be decent, but nothing to spectacular.

- € 750
This will help out with payments towards the mastering of the cd and payment for the artwork + making it print ready.

- €1200
With the extra funding, I can get to pay one or two (semi) headliner for his/her service.

- €1500
To take a step sideways of the project, we will also shoot a video clip of our main track.

- €2000
This is the ultimate goal. When we achieve this number, everybody who worked on this CD will get payed

- The tiers of your donation
There are in total of 15 tiers, all with different rewards ranging from 1 euro till 150 euro, and 320 euro for retailers. It ranges from simple thanks for your support to complete fan packs. All the details of the loot, you can find it here to the right.
Although there are fixed prices, we would be really happy if more would be donated. It will be used for quality improvements and eventually payments to all the artists. All physical item purchases has shipment costs included.

- If the goal will not be reached?
This is not an option. The project will continue, but with delay. And the chances for a second release will also be postponed until all costs are covered. The version of the CD release will be the one with the absolute minimum version

- If the goal is reached beyond the given needs?
Getting 2000 euro is a really high limit, and I don't think I will reach this anyway. But if we really exceed the 2000 euro, every other profit will be an extra investment for the next CD, Web hosting covering costs & design or promotion. Non of it goes into my pocket because it does not belong to me. It belongs to everybody that helps with the CD, and the quality for the consumers.

- The power of your donations?
Whatever happens, this project will continue. But you as benefactor can speed up the productions.

The release of this great project

With a new label and new CD release, deserves a great release party.

- The release date
If the funding is a success, I'm planning to set the release date at 14 June 2014 during Deshima Sounds at Animecon 2014 in the Hague, the Netherlands (Europe).

- The release party "Deshima Sounds - Anime2014 Edition"
With the release of the CD, I want to celebrate it during one of our own parties during Animecon at Deshima Sounds. We will party hard as you are used with us (that is if you ever partied at a Deshima Sounds event). Also expect tracks from the CD!

- The sales
The kickoff sales will start somewhere during Deshima Sounds.
For the benefactors, and depending on how many there are, your merchandise will be sent out between 12 to 19 June.

I can't donate, but I want to help!

I am fully aware that not everybody is able to help out with donations. Every men and women have their right not to donate because they have other causes to support, having a financial problem or you are just not interested. But if there is another way you can help out, it will also do for me!

- Spread the word
The more people know about it, the more popular the product gets. Share it to all your friends, family members, acquaintances, co-workers or your social media contacts. This project can use all the help it can get

- I'm an artist and I want to help out with a release on CD!
I am always looking for new, upcoming semi or pro artists that wants to help out with my project and get a release on the CD. The styles I'm looking for varies from House to the harder styles of Hardcore. Since the CD project is mainly freestyle, I will not be accepting the same kind of music three other artists have. If you want  to try for a release, you'll need to do the following requirements:

- Send your demo either in 320kbps or wav. If your track gets selected for the release, you need to send the wav version at the end anyways.

- Your (the full) track must be exclusive and not uploaded on any public sites such as soundcloud, mixcloud, itunes, spotify or on any forum.

- The track can be sent directly to my email or with a cloud service, such as mega, fileserve, dropbox.

- If you send me a mail, please properly introduce yourself and give me your motivation why you want to come on the release. Unmotivated mails and links to Soundcloud like sites will be discarded by default.

- The tracks must be original made, no remixes.

- I will only accept dance music. It can be anything between House, Dubstep, Trap, Trance, Drum&Bass, (UK)Hardcore, Rave, Hardcore or Speedcore. Aslong it's sounds great, everything will be accepted. Just noise-like tracks will be discarded by default. Remember, it's a label for everyone.

If you agree with the requirements, then you can send your demo's to warp2oneinfo@gmail.com . Your tracks will be judged by AhoSome, DJ Kentai and Neodash Zerox, three people with a freestyle mind.

- I'm an artist and I want to help out another way!
If you can't help out with providing a track, then maybe you know somebody who can. Another way you as artist can help, is share this project towards your followers or people you know. Or maybe you know another upcoming artist that might want to help with a release.

Anykind of help, helps!

If you can help in any kind of way, it also works for me! The sooner you all can help me out, the sooner this project will be completed. Every update we have, will be shown at the WARP2ONE facebook page, and in the near future on the website.

I would like to thank you all for your time, and thanks for your help.

With awesome greetings,

Jody Franken

WARPing various music styles in2 ONE project. Welcome to our project; "WARP2ONE - Coup d'Etat".

Confirmed Artists:
- Coakira  (JPN)
- Daniel Seven  (ITA)
- Dicky T8R (INA)
- DJ Laugh  (JPN)
- DJ Ronny  (INA)
- Kymbined (NED)
- Matra Magic  (GBR)
- Omega Zero (CAN)
- RedOgre  (JPN)
- Richiter  (JPN)
- Scarlet Penta (NED)
- Seakitty (NED)
- Seeds of the Upcoming Infection  (ESP)
- Shadow Interaction  (NED)
- Square Tune Magician  (FRA)
- Triplestar  (NED)
- Vanaldeia  (NED)
- Younk SBD  (INA)

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  • €1EUR
    Everlasting graditude

    Every euro helps towards my goal. It's those little things that we need to honor most.

    0 claimed
  • €5EUR
    Thank you credit on website

    Just like the first perk, the little ones help out alot. With this perk, I would like to express my graditude on the future WARP2ONE website. If we don't have a website yet, then on our Facebook page.

    3 claimed
  • €9EUR
    Selected Digi Download

    Although not a full cd, the benefactors for this perk will recieve half the CD as Selected Digital Download (SDD).

    0 claimed
  • €18EUR
    Coup d'Etat CD

    The full CD will be sent to you. The price may be a bit on the high side, but this is including worldwide shipping costs

    13 claimed
    Estimated delivery: June 2014
  • €32EUR
    Coup d'Etat T-Shirt + SDD

    For you T-shirt lovers out there. If you donate on this perk, you will receive a T-shirt with the CD artwork, including shipment. And because of the high pricing, it would be fair to throw in the Selected Digital Download. *For this perk, only 5 euro goes into the project. The rest are T-shirt costs*

    0 claimed
    Estimated delivery: June 2014
  • €35EUR
    Alternative CD artwork

    Some people have discriminating tastes, because they want something really limited. For those will receive the CD, but also with an alternative artwork by Kip. Also these benefactors will receive their name credited in the booklet as special thanks.

    2 out of 20 claimed
    Estimated delivery: June 2014
  • €44EUR
    T-Shirt + CD combo pack

    Some people would like to have a t-shirt and a CD. With this perk you can own both for a softer price.

    4 claimed
    Estimated delivery: June 2014
  • €50EUR
    Alternative t-shirt artwork

    Benefactors for this perk will receive a T-Shirt with the alternative CD artwork printed on it. While normal T-shirts will be pressed on request, these shirts will not be pressed again, making it really limited. And just to make it a bit fair, you will also receive the SDD.

    1 out of 10 claimed
    Estimated delivery: June 2014
  • €60EUR
    Alternative combo pack

    With this perk, you will get the alternative artwork CD and the alternative artwork t-shirt. You will also be credited in the CD booklet.

    1 out of 5 claimed
    Estimated delivery: June 2014
  • €70EUR
    Combo + Vocal pack

    Not only you will get a CD and T-Shirt, you can also provide vocal samples for one of the tracks. You will be contacted with further details. Please do note that we have the right to refuse the given vocals if it does not fit the needed quality. But you will have the right to correct it with our guidance.

    1 out of 3 claimed
    Estimated delivery: June 2014
  • €80EUR
    Combo + VIP radio treatment

    With this pack you not only get a CD & T-Shirt combo, you will also get an exclusive VIP Radio Treatment at "This is Terror LIVE". To make this deal even more sweet, I'll treat you to a Chinese dinner before the show. If you are not able to come, then I'll just call you up live on the show. *Your travel expenses will not be payed for.*

    1 claimed
    Estimated delivery: June 2014
  • €100EUR
    Ultimate Fan Voice Pack

    Why settle for just a sample, if you also could be a vocal artist for a track. You will also appear in the tracklisting. On top of that, you will also receive a CD and t-shirt. Please do note that we have the right to refuse the given vocals if it does not fit the needed quality. But you will have the right to correct it with our guidance.

    0 out of 1 claimed
    Estimated delivery: June 2014
  • €130EUR
    Altermate Fan Voice Pack

    Why settle for just a sample, if you also could be a vocal artist for a track. You will also appear in the track listing. On top of that, you will also receive the alternative artwork CD and t-shirt. Please do note that we have the right to refuse the given vocals if it does not fit the needed quality. But you will have the right to correct it with our guidance.

    0 out of 1 claimed
    Estimated delivery: June 2014
  • €150EUR
    Ultimate WARP2ONE Pack

    As the perk says it, this is the ultimate pack. With this pack you will not only receive the alternative artwork CD, you will also receive the the normal and alternative artwork t-shirts. On top of that, you will also get a VIP radio treatment and a Chinese dinner before the show. *Your travel expenses will not be payed for.*

    1 out of 4 claimed
    Estimated delivery: June 2014
  • €330EUR
    Retailers 20 CD Pack

    Specially for retailers, there is also a 20 CD pack for you to sell. Maybe you have a event, or a store, or want to give to friends as a gift. Anything is possible. Shipment fee is also included.

    0 out of 5 claimed
    Estimated delivery: June 2014
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