War On Diabetes

The emphasis in Diabetic care has been to assist those with Type 2 Diabetes manage their disease, but we are in a WAR that must be won.
Phil Ruggiero
Anaheim, California
United States
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Hello, I'm...

…Mike, 27 years old, Father, and have Type 2 Diabetes.

…Melissa, 32 years old.  Wife, Mother, Career Professional and have Type 2 Diabetes.

…Uncle Bob, 57 years old.  Own a small business and have Type 2 Diabetes with complications.

…Joshua, 13 years old.  Student and have Type 2 Diabetes.

…Sarah, 14 years old.  Student, Joshua’s friend and have Prediabetes

…Mary, 47 years old.  Mother and career woman and have Prediabetes.

…Diabetes and I am the 7th Leading Cause of Death and growing.

Do you see someone you know in that list?  Based on the numbers you know several people of various ages with Diabetes.  And it’s statistically impossible for you not to know a lot of folks with Prediabetes because one in four have it, whether they know it or not.  That’s 78,000,000 people with Prediabetes in the United States.  Can you believe that?  25,000,000 others have Diabetes, but almost 8,000,000 don’t know it.  This cannot go on.  Diabetes is the biggest health risk facing the United States, and the World today. 

Did you know that HIV/Aids has caused about 600,000 deaths since 1981?  That’s terrible.  But, Diabetes will cause that many deaths in 2.5 years.  In just 2.5 years. 

Hello, I'm Phil Ruggiero and have Type 2 Diabetes.  I started a blog, solutionsfort2diabetes.com, to provide information and encouragement to those with Type 2 Diabetes.  But, the more I found out, the angrier I became because Diabetes is taking a terrible toll on the country and the world.  Forget the money lost; it's the lost lives and lost time with loved ones that did not have to happen.  I got angry because the research has shown since 2007 that Diabetes kills over 230,000 people every year and it's growing!  And yet it's buried on a fact sheet.

Diabetes is a public menace and must be beat.

It's time for WAR!

Declaration of War

Whereas Diabetes is a chronic disease in the United States that caused the death of 231,404 in 2007; that 18.8 million people are diagnosed with the disease, 7 million people with undiagnosed Diabetes, and 78 million people with Prediabetes;

And, whereas the total cost for Diabetes in the United States was estimated to be $218 Billion in 2007;

And, whereas in many cases Type 2 Diabetes can be controlled and managed once diagnosed;

And, whereas those who have Prediabetes do not have to get Diabetes - the condition can be reversed;

I am declaring war on Diabetes.  A take no prisoners approach to eradicating Diabetes in the US and the World.  To remove it from the list of 'chronic' diseases through education, encouragement, finding and scaling the best programs, and detecting and treating Prediabetes early.  To accomplish this I will use any tool that works to elevate public awareness and to treat the entire person so they thrive in their lives.

War On Diabetes Strategy

Every war needs a strategy, the War On Diabetes will:

  1. Increase awareness of Diabetes and Prediabetes through placement of news articles on the Internet and through traditional media.
  2. Promote the early detection of Prediabetes by making testing readily available by bringing the testing to where people are.
  3. Educate the public on how choices they are making now effect them later.
  4. Expose Diabetes for what it is - a deadly disease that can be controlled.
  5. Find the best available programs and scale them for a region, a country and the world.
  6. Create a place where those with Diabetes can find another with the disease.  It's a very lonely disease.

The war will not be won over-night, or in a year or two.  It's a generational war that must be fought and won.  Enlist in the War today.

Planning for War

The first step in the War is to become a recognized non-profit, which is why I am raising money.  Once that is accomplished, more funds and in-kind donations can be sought and accepted.  First, though, is getting recognized by the IRS and State.  The need breaks down this way:





Legal Fees






This is the first step in the War, and it needs you.  

Is there a member of your family with Diabetes?  Do you have a friend with Diabetes?  Do you have Diabetes?  Help me begin to fight the war for the sake of our children and grand-children.  Without sounding overly dramatic, it's a War of our furtue.  

Unite with us Against Diabetes.

Other Ways You Can Help

We know many of you will want to help, and the War needs you.  Some of the ways you can help are:

Are you an attorney and want to offer your services pro-bono?

Are you knowledgable about marketing and publicity?

Are you a CPA and want to help us set-up the correct accounting methods?

Have you beat Prediabetes, and there are a number of you, and want to tell your story for the webiste?

And, you can help by not getting Diabetes What do you need to do? Two simple things: Exercise and Diet.  Exercise just 30 minutes a day and maintain a lower carb diet.  If you are overweight, lose a few pounds.  A loss of ten - 10 - pounds greatly reduces your chances of getting Diabetes.  Will you do that?  By not becoming a Diabetes statistic you are making a huge donation to the WAR and to your life.

Thank you for everything you will do.  


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