Wake Up In It - The Music Video

Help us raise awareness about preventing teen dating violence.

The Purpose of our Project

Based in Atlanta, GA, BG MEDIA is a small, independent online video company always looking for projects with a special social signifiance.

When singer and author Christi Paul asked us to produce a music video for her song, Wake Up In It, we knew we wanted to work with her. Written by Rachel Thibodeau, Jason Sever, and Christi Paul, Christi recorded the song at Blackbird Studio in Nashville in 2012.

This song is about rediscovering strength and confidence after experiencing the devastating impact of emotional abuse in a relationship. It is a problem Christi experienced personally in her first marriage and one she talks about poignantly in her book, Love Isn't Supposed to Hurt, released in the spring of 2012.

Today, one in three teens and young adults experience some form of dating violence.

February is Teen Dating Violence Prevention and Awaress Month

February is Teen Dating Violence (DV) Prevention and Awareness Month - an effort to raise awareness about abuse in teen and 20-something relationships and promote programs that prevent it. Now in its third year, Teen DV Month is celebrated by leaders in government, student bodies, schools, youth service providers, community-based organizations, and parents.

The repercussions of teen dating violence are impossible to ignore – they hurt not just the young people victimized but also their families, friends, schools, and communities.

Join our effort to prevent teen dating violence by helping us finish this video. We want to raise enough money to donate to a national organization working on this important issue.

Why we want you help and what you'll receive

Your financial support will help us complete our music video and help organizations like Break the Cycle continue their work to raise awareness about this important issue.

We can not do this without you. Any amount you can contribute will be greatly appreciated and will help us share this important message worldwide. 

If you can’t give right now, please pass the information about this campaign to your family members, friends, or anyone you think might be interested.

Together we can make a difference for young people!

If you decide to make a small donation, check out the incentives we’ve created to thank you. We're very excited about this project, and we believe that together we can help promote healthy relationships for our young people.

We'll keep you updated on how we're doing every step of the way. If you have a question, please email me at aberry@bgmediaonline.net.

On behalf of everyone on our team, THANK YOU!


Andrea Berry
Executive Producer





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