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Delaney's campaign is for her new play, "Waiting for AAA" to be performed this month at Studio 501 in lower Manhattan. All women. All students. Funny. Original.
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 Tickets here: http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/370864


My name is Delaney Yeager. I'm a senior theater major at Pace University in NYC with a double minor in creative writing and fine art. Besides studying and writing, I intern for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart as well as AllThingsComedy.com. I've always known that I wanted to be a writer for TV, film, and stage.


I wrote Waiting for AAA after working on Samuel Beckett's Waiting for Godot, knowing I would never be able to play or cast women in any of Godot's roles. I started toying with the idea of an all-female adaptation of Godot when it soon turned into an idea that wouldn't leave me alone. What started as an idea I just jotted down in an unorganized notebook is now a 73-page play with it's own story, characters, and shape.


This campaign is extremely important to me as Waiting for AAA, is the first full-length play I've ever written (or directed, for that matter) and my team and I need all the support we can get so this play can be the best it can be. 




Since the wonderful, student-run Studio 501 is a non-profit theater company, it is up to myself and the rest of the AAA ladies to fund the show, ourselves. We are asking for around $700 as I had the brilliant idea* of making a car the most necessary set piece in the show. We are currently in the creative process of figuring out how we will pull this off... we've realized it's not going to be the cheapest thing in the world.


It isn't only the car that is throwing us into a financial bind. Your generous contributions will help us in every department; props, costumes, lights, printing fees, etc.


It is not only us and our audiences who get to reap the benefits of your donations... you will, too! Please see our "Perks" to the right and find out what you can get in return for what you have given us.


If we do not reach our goal, the show will go on. It just will go on looking a little less baller than it would had we reached our goal.







I wrote and submitted this play to Pace University's Studio 501 not only because I wanted the experience of seeing it on it's feet, but because I was hoping it would hit home with many of Pace's students. I have already found, by sharing the piece with my cast members, my crew, and my closest friends, that I was correct.


I wrote this piece as a 22-year-old woman just a few months from graduating. It's an exciting though bizarre and frightening place to be. I know that the themes and subjects illustrated in Waiting for AAA are ones to which just about every one of us who will be walking in our caps and gowns this summer will relate.


The play is also the only comedy among Studio 501's line-up this season, which I think is important! Everyone needs a good laugh - especially at the end of the semester.


Perhaps most importantly, Waiting for AAA gives a large handful of women the opportunity to show their theater program just how talented they are. Between the cast and crew, there are eleven very gifted, very bright women behind WFAAA, all of whom play major roles in making this a wonderful process (and a sure-to-be wonderful end product).





Thank you so much for reading more about this campaign. Please check out the rest of the page, including the short moc-umentary we made of our rehearsal process. If you're feelin' generous, drop us a couple dollah bills! If you're just as broke as we all are, then just send us good vibes and help us get the word out. ANY kind of support is appreciated.




Thank you all so much.


Keep creating and keep the karma going!




Much love,


Delaney Yeager, Lizzy Bryce Caplan, Annalise Wedemeyer, Victoria Ratermanis, Elizabeth Galalis, Briana Harmon, Jaime Schwarz, Brooke Van Hensbergen, Kelsey Lake, Drew Paramore, David Armanino, & Studio 501.





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