Wailin' Wolves Record Project

The Wailin' Wolves Band has decided to record a CD & to raise the money for studio time, production costs, duplication, and distribution of our final project.

The Wailin' Wolves have been a band since 2009 performing in Tallahassee, Fl & South Ga area at many of the major venues and festivals. We have grown as a band tremendously and through lineup changes Wailin' Bert Calderon and Slim Shaw From have remained dedicated to our mission of performing and sharing our harmonica/ guitar led music with as many people as we can. Bert has been performing since the age of 15 and brings a wealth of experience and expertise musically and in management. Shaw is an acoomplished harp player and soulful vocalist that has shared the stage with many renowned blues artists. Together they lead the band to create excellent music in a professional manner.

The Wailin' Wolves Band is dedicated to keeping live music alive. We have decided to put together a professional CD with our original songs and we are trying to raise the money for studio time, production costs, mastering, duplication, and distribution of our final project. Upon looking into what it will take, we feel that this is the minimum amount it will take to create a quality, marketable product that we and our fans can enjoy for years to come.

Production of the CD, at a minimum, will be $2,500 in studio time, engineering and mastering. We need to duplicate and package at least 300 cd's at an approximate cost of $800. We would like to print at least 100 T shirts to begin with at a cost of $600. Plus we need advertising and promotion money and enough to have a great CD release party to celebrate the event and get a great buzz going.

We have begun to attain excellent statistics on our web sites with many new goals to be reached. We recently topped 5,000 facebook likes, 6,0000 twitter followers, nearly 33,000 reverbnation fans, 22,000 my space fans, and 1400 you tube subscribers. We have been #1 in Tallahassee/ Thomasville in blues genre on Reverbnation for nearly 2 years and in the top 10 nationally and globally, hitting as high as #2 at one point in the last 2 months.

All these measures of growth and many requests for a professional CD have induced us to start this fund raising project with rewards to our supporters.

To show our appreciation to our supporters we have developed a tier program of rewards and recognition. Your input and assistance in helping us attain our goal will be greatly appreciated.

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