VWBPE Conference 2013

Calling all virtual world educators! Share your innovations and best practices at VWBPE 2013 July 24-27. We encourage presentations across all virtual worlds



Ever taken a class online? What about in World of Warcraft? Or Eve Online? Second Life? These are just some of the examples of new ways in which educators are using virtual worlds for teaching and educating their classes in new an exciting ways.

And the Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education Conference is where they all come in order to get new ideas of reaching out and connecting with others that have a similar passion for discoving what these technologies have to offer. 

Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education is a global grass-roots community event focusing on education in immersive virtual environments. This open conference is organized by educators, for educators, to provide an opportunity to showcase the learning that takes place in this community of practice. All educators are encouraged to present, attend and take part in this discussion of collaborative deeper learning and co-presence in virtual worlds and games.

This confernece is FREE to all attendees

Who attends VWBPE?

Over 2000 attendees representing 90 countries participate in 150-200 online presentations including theoretical research, application of best practices, virtual world tours, hands-on workshops, discussion panels, machinima presentations, and poster exhibits.

What We Need

While the conference itself is free to all attendees, the conference does cost. Our ability to provide program varies from year to year depending on the amount of sponsorship and contributions we receive. Funding received also is used to record, catalogue, and archive presentations in an open source format that is available to all educators without restriction. 

We are asking the community to help donate or sponsor up to a maximum of $16,500 which would be more than sufficient for server rentals, machinima, broadcasting, accessibility for persons with disabilities, incidental expenses, and ongoing hosting expenses for the archives.

What You Get

A Sponsorship package can be found at this link here

Small dollar donations would receive honourable mention on our website along and at the venue sites. All sponsors will receive a copy of the conference proceedings (Journal of Virtual Studies) after the conference has concluded including their information as a sponsor. For larger donations please refer to the sponsor package.

What the Educational Community Gets

Post conference we have a number of archives which are available for educators to make reference to in order to support new ideas for the classroom and for institutions to help evalutate the potential use of these platforms for their curriculums

Past archives include:

Conference Proceedings

Video Archives

Slideshare Presentations

VWBPE Awards

Other ways you can help

Pass the word to any educators you might know who would be interested in learning about what the best of the best in virtual immersive education is all about.

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Register to the Conference at Eventbrite

If you have experience with CloudParty, Second Life, or Opensim and would like to volunteer we will have ongoing calls for volunteers leading up to the conference including the need for builders, peer reviewers, moderators, hosts, mentors, and greeters. Check our website for the latest information about the conference.


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