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A documentary exploring the traditional hybrid musical culture of Son Jarocho as it evolves into the 21st century.
Tristan Copland
2 Team Members


Voyage of Sound...


The Voyage of Sound is an independant documentary film project that aims to artfully capture the ever-expanding fabric of sound across the globe. Through a series of documentary films on a diverse range of musical cultures, we explore why music changes, how it changes, and in what ways the people respond to this. From diaspora communities evoking their homeland, to the eclectic collaborations formed transculturally, to the musical forms of political resistance and the fight to preserve traditional cultures - we listen to their stories.


Thread one...

Antes como Antes, Ahora como Ahora: la música del son jarocho

(Before like Before, Today like Today: The Music of Son Jarocho)


What it is...

Son Jarocho is a unique hybrid genre of song and dance which emerged out the melting-pot of the Spanish colony in Veracruz, Mexico and which began to distinguish itself as its own unique culture during the 19th century. The combination of Spanish, Indigenous and African influences has created a colourful and vibrant musical culture which has evoled over many years through some of its hallmark features of improvisation, appropriation and fusion. During the first half of twentieth century many musicians from Veracruz left for Mexico City in search of better economic opportunities and this resulted in a commerical boom for the genre, bringing about alterations in musical structure and instruments. However, the capriciousness of the entertainment industry soon resulted in a profound decline of the genre. It was not until the 80's that Son Jarocho emerged at the hands of various musical ensembles and individuals who sought about cultivating the genre and reviving the musical ways of the land and its people - what is called the el movimiento jaranero. In this revival, Mono Blanco have been pivotal, however others groups to have emerged through the movement include, amongst others, Son de Madera and Los Cojolites. The work completed by these groups and individuals has resulted in a period of growth like never before, creating a tension between the ways of the old and the ways of the new. Antes como Antes, Ahora como Ahora (Before like before, Today like today) explores the Son Jarocho culture redefining itself at the crossroads of globalization.


What we have done...

Through our own resources, we have travelled twice to Mexico and Los Angeles to record material for the film. As you can see from the preview, we have already captured a wonderful array of people and imagery. In doing so, we have come to form close ties with many people within the Son Jarocho community. We feel a profound obligation towards the culture and its people; out of respect, we want to represent their culture as thoroughly as we can - as our project statement says, we listen to their stories. And so, we are seeking your help to fully capture this vibrant moment in history!


The final pieces to the puzzle...

With your help, our final trip will provide the final elements of this majestic puzzle that is Son Jarocho today:

Rural Son Jarocho - It is vital that we incorporate the rural element of Son Jarocho into our film. Afterall, this is where its origins reside. As Don Fallo says in the interview, it is the people of the countryside who really play Son Jarocho the traditional way.

The Fandango - The fandango is the at the heart of Son Jarocho. Traditionally, it is regular gathering in communities, villages and towns where music is played, dancing is performed and verses are spoken. In doing so, their culture is reflected upon, engaged and thus sustained. It is vitally important that we explore this element of the culture and plans are in place to attend various fandangos on our trip.

El movimiento jaranero - Closely related to these elements above is the movement which has been the most influential of its kind in Son Jarocho. As mentioned, groups such as Mono Blanco, Son de Madera and Los Cojolites have been pivotal in cultivation of the genre out of the midst of relative obscurity during the 80's. We have already schedule plans to speak all three groups during our visit.

Zapateado - The dancing element of the genre is very important, and unfortnunately in our last two trips we were not able to explore this aspect thoroughly. And so, along with the aforementioned elements above, we will be arranging various interviews with the people involved in the dancing aspect of the genre.

It is important to note that all of these three elements are correlative. They all come hand in hand. And so, we are very confident that we can capture this aspects within our proposed timeframe.


The Money:

As you can see, we are seeking funding of $10,000. This amount will cover our final trip to Mexico. Also part of the costs of post - production. Any amount will help.


Be part of the project!

With your contribution - whether it be 1$ or $1000 - we will consider you as a special member of the Voyage of Sound project. As such, we will keep you constantly updated of our progress during our time in Mexico and right through to post-production and beyond.


Other Ways You Can Help

And there are other ways to help us!

  • Like & Share on Facebook!
  • Email people!
  • Tell your friends, family and anyone else!

Everything little bit will help us complete our vision.


Who we are...

Blake Copland - Director of Photography - Director - Editor

Blake is an experienced cross-cultural film-maker who has worked extensivley in the surfing and boardsport industries while also completing independant documentary projects from, Sumatran coffee and the political issues surrounding the Maasai in Kenya. However, Blakes present focus resides in traditional musical cultures and throughout the years he has been capturing various musical traditions throughout the world - one of which is Son Jarocho. www.voyageofsound.com - http://vimeo.com/blakecopland

Tristan Copland  - Writer - Producer

Tristan is currently completing his Masters in International Research in line with the Voyage of Sound project. Utilising his background in sociology and cultural studies, Tristan is currently developing extensive treatments for a proposed series relating to the Voyage of Sound Project. Tristan has also studied in Mexico, a time from which his passion for Son Jarocho music emerged. www.voyageofsound.com

Klaya Lowry - Art Design - Animator - Research

Klaya has a backgroud in Visual Arts - bringing her expertise and conceptual eye to the project - through animation, graphics, painting, drawing, alternative photography, whilst also looking after her and Blake's beautiful children, Yindi and Joaquin. www.voyageofsound.com

Enrique Fabela - Videographer - Field Producer

Filmmaker, photographer, promoter and event producer. Enrique was born in Puebla, Pachuca Mexico. His life revolves around music, and the arts. www.enriquefabela.com

Special Thanks: Andonea Dickson, for her research and preliminary help in development of the film, and Rafael Figueroa Hernandez and Cesar Castro for their advice and insight!


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