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Bills regulate our work and govern our freedoms. Yet citizens are blind to bills Congress is passing. VoteTocracy fixes this problem with direct bill voting.
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Our Introduction  We are two, now three guys, you’ve never heard of, who have never lobbied or done anything more in Washington DC than tour the Lincoln Memorial. But we have built and launched an eye opening, jargon-stripping, all in one place, so now you’re voting like an insider, web site about Congress.  We call it VoteTocracy

It is centered on a simple idea—citizens armed with easy to use information can vote on bills directly. Here is an example the Indiegogo Community can relate to: a resolution calling for National Recognition of Entrepreneurs.  Follow the link to see how VoteTocracy makes supporting this cool idea easy, almost fun.  HRES.401 - Designation "National Entrepreneurs Day"

We were inspired by the audacious idea that if 10M Americans voted “Yes” Congress must listen. So, we built VoteTocracy to make every bill easy to find, easy to see, easy to read and easy to vote.

We present Congress with a personal smile and a consumer friendly attitude that says, “do not be afraid.” It’s shiny, but underneath the gloss is a serious political information hub aggregating multiple data sources about Congress and its members, all back stopped by big data voting analytics.  Check out a Legisltor Profile to see what we mean: PROFILE of Senator Dianne Feinstein

Our Campaign: We want to raise $250,000 by selling about 6,500 subscriptions. With success, we can continue re-designing Congress into a consumer friendly, highly  accessible place for citizens.

What We Want to Do with the Funds: Funds will go to a few important initiatives:

1.  Empowered Vote Tracking. Making your vote even more powerful means showing Congress you are a registered voter, you voted in the last election, you work in a local industry that needs help. Data like this super powers your vote and makes you impossible to ignore. Funds invested here help us tell Congress just how important your voice really is.

2.  Bill Personalization. For example, tell us you are a plumber, we’ll identify bills that might affect you. Tell us you love horses, we’ll identify bills you want to vote on. Read a news story about Congress and quickly get to the bills that are related to it. In short, funds invested here will help us make Congress personally relevant to you.

3.  A VoteTocracy Mobile Application. Picture our web site, made available on the device of your choice. With it, you’ll be able to vote on bills anywhere. Funds invested here will help us build a mobile application worthy of our site, easy for you. 

4.  Vote Motion. Basically, building better ways to communicate with users. Keeping you in the flow of voting movements, vote trending and news. Funds invested here means we can create tools you need to follow Congress and the VoteTocracy Nation.

The Impact: Bills defend the country, regulate our work, and govern our lives. Voting should decide these outcomes.  Not polls, not surveys, not focus groups. Funding our organization with your subscription means you are supporting our efforts to make Congress directly accountable.  And it will help us bring that accountability into the 2014 election season. 

Check us out: We are much more than a start-up promise. We already are covering bills and profiling Congress. Here are links to sample our coverage.  Test our what Congress by VoteTocracy looks like.

HRES.401 - Designation "National Entrepreneurs Day"

HR.3370 - Homeowner Flood Insurance Affordability Act Of 2013

SRES.370 - A Resolution Supporting Condemning Russian Military Aggression In Ukraine.

PROFILE of Senator Dianne Feinstein

Profile of Representative John Boehner

With your help, we can attract big numbers of votes, change elections and enable citizens to judge voting records on a bill by bill basis and see real differences.  The comparison that follows is VoteTocracy.

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