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Producing a comic that integrates superheroes and Voluntaryism. Action, adventure, and an awesome story!

The Voluntaryist Comic Project

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STORY: “Voluntaryist” is about a superhero who finds himself pitted against the government as the government tries to enslave humanity once and for all.  He is a young man with extraordinary powers created through a chance encounter with cosmic radiation. His personal mission is to rescue his parents from government agents, but that objective is often frustrated with the likes of giant monsters, super-villains, and even the U.S. armed forces.

The purpose of this comic is to give a sense of what is going on in America and, in addition, to offer the reader inspiration that something can be done to stop the coming dystopian future. It also promotes voluntaryist values in the narrative. (If you don’t know what that is, simply google the “Non-aggression principle.”)

CREATOR: The idea for the comic was created by Voluntaryist fanatic and costumer Jaime Sherman, whose passion for liberty is only matched by his passion for dressing in spandex super-suits. He began the long process of creating the series while trudging through his legal studies in school.

GOAL:  Jaime's goal is to produce the first copy of the comic series on a .pdf to share with you, and, eventually, the world. 

We will produce as much of the comic as we can get funded for.

What We Need & What You Get

We need to raise about $4000 to get this comic fully going. The expenses are largely for the cost of hiring an artist to produce the comic and the expenses associated with putting the comic into digital format. 

You can support us by making a contribution on the right-hand side by Credit Card/Debit Card or Paypal.

In addition, you can redeem perks for your support such as:

  • $8 – A personal “thank-you” by having your name read among others in this category in a youtube video.

  • $15 – The comic in .pdf format.
  • $25 – Voluntaryist sticker + comic in .pdf format.

  • $35 – 10 minutes to chat with Jaime via Skype + comic in .pdf format.

  • $50 – Limited Edition Re-Print of Voluntaryist Character drawing by J.C. Grande, signed and numbered by Jaime Sherman.
  • $100 30-minute Skype chat with Jaime  + signed and printed comic + .pdf comic + personal thank-you card.
  • $250 Banner-Ad Sponsor on the Back Page– get an advertisement (PG rated) in the back page of the comic book. (Limited to 6 Sponsors for the page).

  • $500 - Have you ever wanted to be in a comic? Make an appearance in the comic book as a character (for this issue only) and receive a printed version of the comic, a .pdf, a 30-minute Skype chat, and a personal "thank-you" card from Jaime Sherman. You can pick whether you want to be friend, foe, or background character! Make sure you provide your correct mailing address and e-mail to receive this.

IF we do not reach our goal (but we will thanks to you!), we will produce as many pages of the comic as we can afford and still send those out to the people who donated to receive the comic in .pdf format/printed format.


The comic will be produced primarily after the campaign is over, so the comic will be sent to you a few months after the 45 days are up.

However, we will give you teasers, sketches, and tidbits on our Website, http://volcomic.com so you can learn more about the backstory in anticipation of the comic's release.

YOUR Impact

While the comic is a fun relief from reality, our hope is that the comic is something beyond its entertainment value. We would like the comic to get into the hands of people who are unfamiliar with Voluntaryism and the current state of affairs. We want to wake people up to Voluntaryism and truly-free living using the comic medium because it communicates without being pretentious.


We will be releasing the comic for you to download for free (whatever we can find that will allow us to post it for free)…but those who paid to get the comic e-mailed or printed will receive it FIRST and will receive the comic about a month AHEAD of everyone else.

SO, with that in mind, don’t be shy about donating at the $5 or $8 levels because EVERY dollar counts to making the comic come into existence. That we need you to be our hero for!

Other Ways You Can Help

Even if you don't have pocket change to spare, you can still help us get the message out by sharing our campaign and sharing our videos on YouTube.

Use the indiegogo.com share tools to let others know and visit our pages here:




ALSO! Please make sure you give us your proper address for whatever perk you redeem. If you have any questions, please direct them to Sire V (Jaime) at mr.voluntary@gmail.com


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