In a dystopian universe, Joel boards a train with the intention of committing an act of terrorism in response to the recent totalitarian government shift.

The Film

In a world where the government has become overulled by Monolith, a totalitarian state has emerged, and with it, a fall in civil rights has taken precedent. 

Joel boards a train with the intent on comitting an act of terror in response to the police state. While on board, he meets Grace and Jacob - a mother and son who have fled their home in hope of starting a new life. As they travel, Joel bonds with them, and he must decide their fate, and soon, as there is a ticking time bomb at his feet. 

Volition is a psychological thriller that focuses on themes of isolation and judgement. It is inspired by various films, such as V for Vendetta, Children of Men and WALL-E.

Volition w
as written in January 2012, and has been in development ever since. Brandon and Andrew work well together as a team, and ever since creating the jaw dropping short, S.W.A.T. they are prepared to face the ambition that is Volition. 

The Crew

Brandon Benoit - Writer/Director

  • Sound Designer, The Comeback Kid (2012) Short Fiction
  • Sound Designer, Sunny Day Essays (2012), Short Fiction
  • Sound Designer, Hard (2012), Short Fiction
  • Director, Steps from Civilization (2011), Short Documentary
  • Director, The Survivor (2011), Short Documentary
  • Co-Director/Producer/Editor, S.W.A.T. (2011), Short Fiction
  • http://vimeo.com/westernsensibilities


Andrew Scott - Writer/Producer

  • Editor/VFX, The Comeback Kid (2012), Short Fiction - Best Editing, Maximum Exposure 2012
  • Editor/VFX, Sunny Day Essays (2012), Short Fiction
  • Director, Adopted (2011), Short Documentary
  • Director, Jazz (2011), Short Documentary
  • Director, Reflections (2011), Short Documentary
  • Co-Director/Producer/Editor, S.W.A.T. (2011), Short Fiction
  • Norman Jewison Filmmaker Award, (2012)
  • http://www.youtube.com/user/andrewscottimages 


 Marco K. Baldonado - Production Manager

  • Director, The Comeback Kid (2012), Short Fiction - Best Picture, Maximum Exposure 2012, HSBC Award for Screenwriting 
  • Director/Editor, In One Piece (2011), Short Documentary - Music Artist: Nate Rich
  • Director/Editor, Bonita Applebum Jr (2011), Music Video - Music Artist: Haf n’ Haf
  • Filmmaker, Rosa (2010), Short Documentary - Films in Bloom - Critics’ Choice Award
  • Filmmaker, D.Brain & Mr.Text (2009), Music Video - Sony Ericsson “My Life’s Soundtrack” - Sony BMG Platinum music award
  • http://vimeo.com/user5756686


Nick Haight - Director of Photography

  • Director of Photography, Sunny Day Essays (2012) - Short Fiction
  • Director of Photography, Point Blank (2012) - Music Video
  • Director of Photography, Remeber me Cancariss (2011) - Short Documentary
  • Director of Photography, No cover, No coatcheck (2011) - Short Documentary
  • Director of Photography, Mark Peckmezian (2011) - Short Documentary
  • Director, Em-Jay (2011) - Short Documentary


Alexis Cuthbert - Production Design

  • Art Director, After What (2012) - Short Fiction
  • Production Design, Hard (2012) - Short Fiction 
  • Cinematography, REM (2012) - Short Documentary
  • Producer, Kenneth Parks (2010) - Short Documentary
  • Director, Drummers in Exile (2010) - Short Documentary


Kailee Clayton - Art Director

  • Art Director, The Yellow Wallpaper (2012) - Short Fiction
  • Production Design, Gumboots (2012) - Short Fiction
  • Production Design, Paper Hearts (2012) - Short Fiction
  • Art Director, Where were You (2012) - Short Fiction
  • Production Design, Point Blank (2012) - Music Video
  • Director, Feral Cats (2011) - Short Documentary
  • Producer, No cover, no coatcheck (2011) - Short Documentary
  • Set Decorator Commercial Credits include: Yellow Pages, Infant Tylenol, OLG, Futureshop, Wiser’s spiced rum, Telus, McCafe, IBAC, etc.


John Mamikon - Co-Editor/VFX

  • VFX, The Yellow Wallpaper (2012) - Short Fiction
  • VFX, The Sentry (2012) - Short Fiction
  • VFX, Amalgamations (2012) - Short Fiction
  • VFX, Flammable (2012) - Short Fiction
  • Director of Photography, The Screaming Tunnel (2011) - Short Fiction
  • Director, The Brass Teapot (2009) - Short Fiction
  • http://www.youtube.com/user/jmamikon 


What We Need & What You Get

We need your help! We are seeking $3500.00 to help us in securing our main location - The Train. We will be filming in Waterloo, Ontario, and will also require to transport our crew, gear, and talent to and from Toronto for a week. Additionally, your donations will help subsidize the costs of our equipment rentals, and our food - the crew must eat! Volition will also feature some groundbreaking Visual Effects, and your funds will help us to build our Miniature Train set - yes, that's right. We will be doing Special Effects the good old fashioned way - With Models!

We appreciate any and every donation we receive. Each donation will come with a special perk - A small item that you will receive at the end of production. the larger your donation, the larger the perk we can provide. If we do not reach our goal, we will still receive your donation, so do not fear - it will not be going to waste!

Our project is valuable to you and to the world - Remember that you are giving us the opportunity to go out with a bang, and produce a film of high enough quality to enter into prestigeous festivals around the world, including TIFF, Sundance and Cannes. Your donation is what will help us get there. After this year, we will be entering the professional world of Filmmaking, and if we can raise our goal and make this film the best possible film we can make, you will be helping us to impress those in the industry who are looking for young up-and-coming talent. 

We go to Camera on January 10th, 2013. Yes, it will be a cold and long week in Canada, but your donations will keep the crew warm and fed so we can make this great movie.



Other Ways You Can Help

Please help us by passing on this campaign to as many people you know. Every little bit of interest helps. We will be updating our campaign as we go, so don't forget to be checking in every once and a while!

If you would like to make a donation that is not through this website, please contact Andrew directly at andrew.scott@ryerson.ca



Alright, so now that we've got this going, let's go make an awesome movie.

Team on This Campaign: