Vocal Energetics

Judith Kahealani Lynne works with vocal energetics to help Parkinson's patients in meeting their journeys.
Ashland, Oregon
United States
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Vocal Energetics: Judith Lynne and her work in sound healing adapted for Parkinson’s patients


Background of The Project

In 2008, while filming the award-winning documentary “Vibration for Healing, the Sound You Feel” we featured Judith Kahealani Lynne, as she sounded with the dolphins in Kona, Hawaii. She was one of 20 sound healers featured in the documentary. (http://www.cezeproductions.net/featured-film/)

Although she was unaware of it, she was already suffering from Parkinson’s.  In 2010, after a two-year struggle, Judith - a trained musician - started to use her self-developed “vocal energetics” on herself. As she got stronger, she began to work again. Now she hopes to share her work with a larger audience. 


“My exploration of the Parkinson’s world revealed studies showing the benefits of meditation, qigong, tai chi and a voice programs for voice and speech improvement. Quickly I recognized the value of the Vocal Energetics™ program for Parkinson’s as it included elements of each of these items and more. I revamped, mainstreamed and offered workshops. Attendees with PD reported improved balance, improved vocal projection, diction and melody, diminished or ceasing of tremors, and mood elevation. The toning meditation practice was helpful especially for those who find difficulty in quieting the mind, which can be a challenge for a person with PD as worry, agitation, and suffering anxiety about possible futures are typical emotional expressions. The deep peace felt by being in present moment, lowers the pulse and blood pressure, calms all systems of the body and supports mental clarity.” - Judith Lynne


By the spring of 2012, as Judith Lynne was giving workshops at national Parkinson’s Conferences, she was asked to make a DVD of her work available so that participants could take the “work” home and continue all the exercises they were taught. She asked us to produce it. We agreed that this DVD would provide an incredible tool to help people with Parkinson’s in meeting their journey.

The Project

Because Judith shares her time between Portland, Oregon and her spiritual home in Hawaii, it is in these two locations that this video project is being produced.

The first part of this project was the creation of a short toning/meditation video. Graciously funded by the Lyman Fund, it is now posted on a YouTube site http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TMXnEsrWmV8 and a Vimeo site https://vimeo.com/72166178

The second part of the project is the creation of a full-length DVD which will include a documentary about Judith Lynne, her journey and her work. For the PD community, the producers feel that the most important part of the DVD will be the special features. These features will include:

  • a short toning/meditation
  • a long toning/meditation
  • specific vocal exercises
  • exercises to relieve the Parkinson's mask
  • segments of Judith’s workshop presentations, used as reinforcements
  • the role of body movement, etc.

The completed DVD will be made available at nominal cost primarily to workshop participants, so that, through the special features, the PD community will be able to continue their progress in "partnering with Parkinson's."


Financial Goal and Projected Use of Funds

We've set a minimum goal of $28,800 to cover the costs of travel, lodging, production and post-production of all additional material to complete the DVD. In addition, we will supply 1,000 replicated copies of the DVD.


Why you may want to sponsor us

All of us know someone struggling with PD. In recent years, the interest in the use of alternative healing modalities has grown rapidly as People with Parkinson's (PWPs) search for avenues of managing their symptoms and increasing their quality of life. And everyone is hopeful that at some point a cure will be found.

Vocal EnergeticsTM offers an especially unique way to address multiple symptoms of Parkinson's. Not only does it help with the motor symptoms of balance, integrated movement, tremors, posture, swallowing, good breathing and vocal production, it also assists in meeting the non-motor issues of self-confidence, worry, depression, hopelessness, integrated and authentic expression, social inclusion, focused thought, peace of mind, and living in present moment.

Your support for the production of this DVD will help many people who find themselves "suffering" from Parkinson's. They will have a powerful tool to assist them in meeting their symptoms, even possibly to lessen the need for increased doses of pharmaceuticals that over time have difficult side-effects. 

“Parkinson's is a Path of the Warrior. In order to meet the challenge we must draw on all the strength that we can muster from within. It is essential that we gather the resources - physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually -  to meet these conditions, to not be over-powered by them, but to truly "partner with Parkinson's". In that way, Parkinson's calls out the best from within each of us.

Vocal Energetics has been an invaluable tool for me in my journey with PD. I know that it can and will serve others well, too.” - Judith Lynne

This DVD will be extremely useful, educational and most of all – extremely practical. As filmmakers, the Ceze Films team concentrates on projects that document people in their quest for more spiritual, healthful and earth-friendly life styles. In this spirit we want to help Judith Kahealani Lynne make this possible.

How you can help:

  1. Pledge the amount with which you feel comfortable. We are grateful for any amount AND be sure to select one of our great perks!
  2. Forward this Indiegogo page to the friends and family members whom you think may be interested in Judith's work and/or would like to sponsor us.
  3. “Like” our Ceze Films Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ceze-Films/166623926698582?ref=hl
  4. Follow our progress at www.CezeFilms.com
  5. Support Judith Lynne’s work at http://www.partneringwithparkinsons.com/index.html



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    Harmonic Healing session

    1 1/2 - 2 hours - Following a conversation about the issues, Judith uses her voice to scan, stimulate, and balance the frequencies of the client as the waves move through the sound channels of the body. These sessions are shamanic in nature and can be life changing. And, of course a copy of both DVDs

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