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Shaking up the bike world with revolutionary new technology and design. Ultrasafe! Ultrasecure! Ultrafun!
Visiobike Visobike
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visiobike.com               Facebook                 Twitter

"Fashion changes, but style endures."
                                            Coco Chanel

We wanted Visiobike to blend futurism and elegance. So we designed our signature frame that contains and hides the electronics and drivetrain. The motor and battery are artfully integrated under the naked carbon fiber skin. 

We've been developing Visiobike for 2 years, and now it's ready. Biking has evolved! You'll be amazed at the power and sophistication we've integrated into a gorgeous, top quality, user-friendly package. It's still a bike, but a bike that gives you so much more...

And to give you a familiar, intuitive interface to all our technical innovations, we made the Visiobike app, where you control everything.

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic"
                                                                Arthur C. Clarke

To link all Visiobike's e-components with your smartphone, it has a custom layer of hardware and software that interfaces with everything; the electric motor, battery, camera, automatic gear system, and GPS/GSM chip are all connected to Visiobike’s in-house chipset. The Visiobike app controls them and receives data via Bluetooth, and displays all the useful information you need.

We iterated our custom electronics board many times to make it future-proof. Using dual mode Bluetooth 2.3 & 4.0 ensures that Visiobike is compatible with virtually every smartphone, now and in future. What's more, we’ll be continuously updating Visiobike’s firmware, with upgrades transmitted OTA (Over The Air), so expect even better performance as time goes by... 

All this technology, yet your Visiobike experience is as simple as possible! That's smart use of your phone.

“Realize that everything connects to everything else.”
                                                                  Leonardo da Vinci

Your phone shares its intelligence with your Visiobike. Connect via Bluetooth and an amazing synergy happens: after you enter your unlock code, the app and Visiobike work together, giving you functionality that you won’t find anywhere else outside of a new high-end car.

Run the app, and your phone is Visiobike's dashboard! All the controls and useful ride information you need are right there, firmly docked to the handlebars in front of you.

The main screen shows a large, clear speedometer, pedal-assist level selector, battery status, odometer, trip distance, lights control and the lock button.

Swipe left for navigation powered by Google maps or Apple maps. Handy whether you're checking traffic on your commute or out exploring...

Swipe right for our unique Visiocam rearview screen. Yes, Visiobike has a rear-facing camera under the seat - see behind you on your phone screen! No more risking a swerve or wobble to see behind you. No more blindspot: riding feels so much safer when Visiobike’s got your back :)

The GSM/GPS module allows you to keep track of your Visiobike in real time through the app. This is only one of Visiobike's built-in anti theft measures. Great for your peace of mind. Also great if you can't remember where you parked!

All your Visiobike data are saved in the cloud - you can check your ride statistics anytime on your mobile or desktop. And in the settings menu you can adjust and tweak a whole load of options for your Visiobike.

Check out the demo video of the app in the gallery... 

For iOS and Android!                                                                      Don't text and ride!

Any vehicle you ride in traffic should be as safe as possible, right? Not everywhere has bike lanes (yet), and the street can be dangerous, or at least stressful for cyclists. So over and above the bell, we’ve given Visiobike a much praised suite of safety features that you won’t find on any other bike. 

Will your bike still be where you left it when you get back? That worry can ruin your day. Not with Visiobike!

Calling it unstealable might be tempting fate, so we call it ‘virtually unstealable and you’d be stupid to try’. See why:


So Visiobike is linked to your phone even when you are not riding. You have the luxury to completely forget about your parked Visiobike, safe in the knowledge that it's secure, and that you will be notified and can alert the police if anyone tampers with it.

We're so confident in our anti theft measures that we're giving all our customers one year's free theft insurance (EU only for now, sorry). 

"Don't fight forces, use them."
                         R. Buckminster Fuller

Carbon fiber is such a futuristic material, and fantastic to look at. It performs better than steel, looks great, and weighs almost nothing.

Its strength allowed us to build Visiobike in its signature shape, eliminating the seat tube and packing a huge 50 cell battery, while keeping weight down. 

"The less effort, the faster and more powerful you will be."
                                                                                       Bruce Lee

Visiobike is what's called a 'pedelec', meaning it has a hybrid drivetrain: the motor assists YOU by multiplying your pedal power. We wanted to keep the rider in the equation - after all, that's what cycling is all about, right?

The difference with Visiobike is... more power! Feel it throughout your ride: the acceleration is dramatic, cruising is fast, and you really can practically ignore hills and headwinds. The motor support is always available - you simply choose how much you want or need. Our electronics monitor cadence, torque and speed to match you and supplement your effort. Visiobike senses how you want to ride and smoothly adds its power in harmony with you. What you put into cycling, Visiobike gives you back with interest.

How does it feel? Simply awesome!

We've noticed that our riders tend to grin a lot, that's the effect: on Visiobike, you feel like a superhuman riding a regular bike.

Both of our motor options will surprise and delight you for sure.

Choose the 250 Watt motor, and effortlessly get up to 25km/h (16 mph). It takes the grunt out of winds and hills and leaves you exhilarated and sweat free wherever you arrive.

The 500 Watt motor goes up to 45 km/h (28 mph). With that much power, Visiobike is a serious beast and even more fun! In the EU, insurance, licence and number plate are required to operate 500 Watt ebikes. We strongly advise you to ride it with great care!

Bringing you breakthrough gear technology:

GEARS 2.0 - NuVinci N360 is a continuously variable gearbox that offers smooth, seamless shifting with no steps through an infinite number of effective gear ratios from low to high within its wide 360% ratio range. It is virtually maintenance free and shifts even at a stop and under high pedal force which makes it the best possible option for electric bicycles!

GEARS 3.0 - NuVinci Harmony adds a small servo motor (the black box in the right pic) that shifts gears automatically every 10 milliseconds. It's controlled by Visiobike's electronics which monitor how you pedal, what's your speed, are you going uphill or downhill to determine the best possible gear ratio at every moment. The end result is velvet smoothness and a hassle free and fun ride!

We made this happen thanks to the great relationship with Fallbrook Technologies, inventors of NuVinci. Here's what they say:  

„We have made the Harmony source code available to the Visiobike development team, and we are happy to see that Visiobike is the first electric bicycle which no longer needs a shifter.“

It's great when such synergy results in such an amazing experience :)

"I don't think there's any thrill that can go through the human heart like that felt by the inventor as he sees some creation of the brain unfolding to success."
                                                                                                   Nikola Tesla

For our first prototype we used sika, a great prototyping material used in the automotive industry, but it’s only good for a few frames. When Visiobike Mk1 came out of that block of sika you can imagine how excited we were!

The prototype showed us where and how we needed to revise the design. Turned out we were pretty close first time round. We tweaked some cosmetic aspects and constructed a whole new dropout.

After a two months of heavy ride-testing, we went back to drawing board.

Confident with the redesign, we were ready to go the hard, expensive route, and make an aluminium mold. The quality of products made from carbon fiber is directly related to the quality and precision of the mold, and aluminium molds are the best. 

To make it, we took a 350kg (around 770 pounds) chunk of aluminium, and a REALLY big CNC machine, and carved out a perfect negative of Visiobike’s form. We polished it beyond perfection and put it to the test. 

The result: immaculate, eye-catching carbon fiber frames!

"The future is already here - it's just not very evenly distributed"
                                                                                        William Gibson

Every time you choose cycling over driving you’re reducing congestion, noise and pollution in your local environment, and you're staying fit. Choosing Visiobike over a car gives you the best of both worlds: wind in your hair and power to go further, faster. You're buying into the future of urban transport. 

In the future, the car is no longer king of our cities. We will reclaim the pavement for the people and cities will be humane and pleasant again.

(source: Foster + Partners)

Projects like Skycycle, by Foster + Partners in London (above) are how we wish to see city infrastructure evolving. This process has already started. You only have to look at Holland or Denmark to get a sense of the future of urban personal transport.

We are all part of the trend, but with Visiobike you're ahead of the curve.

As with every hardware product, there are potential problems on the way from concept to finished, delivered product. We have overcome many of these already and have plans to mitigate unexpected contingencies. Development is complete. The money we need to raise is to certify Visiobike, place bulk orders for parts,  and finalise the assembly process.  Shipping scheduled to start for the first 20 Visiobikes is by the end of August. All other Visiobikes will be delivered in order in which they are pledged for.

So far, we have developed fantastic relationships with our partners and top quality component manufacturers. Everything is ready for Visiobike to go through the certification process, and for us to place bulk orders. All we're missing to go to production is a little bit of your help!

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  • €5EUR
    Fellow Visionary

    You really want to help us get Visiobike on the road! Thank you! Get a link to download a selection of our favorite pics of VB in glorious hi-res.

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  • €15EUR
    Your name on special Visiobike

    We will make a special Visiobike with your names on the frame. We'll proudly take it anywhere we go and cherish it as the time goes by! It will be a treasured memento of your generous support.

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  • €25EUR
    3D printed Visiobike mini

    Get a 3D printed Visiobike mini made with our own 3D printer :) Worldwide shipping included!

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  • €35EUR
    Visiobike team t-shirt

    You can proudly wear Visiobike design on your chest! Our t-shirt features our signature shape on the front and theVisiobike logo on the back. See a picture of the t-shirt in the gallery.

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  • €50EUR
    The Visiobike saddle

    Get comfortable! We've noticed that everyone loves the Visiobike saddle, so you can get it here, and feel the difference for yourself. Worldwide shipping included!

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  • €3,900EUR
    Visiobike Carbono

    The most sophisticated ebike in the world! Special Indiegogo price (600€ less than retail price). VAT and EU/North America shipping included! *** For 500W & 45km/h version please add 500€ ***

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  • €3,900EUR
    Visiobike Carbono FIRST 20

    Own one the first 20 Visiobikes ever made! The most sophisticated ebike in the world! Special Indiegogo price (600€ less than retail price). VAT and EU/North America shipping included! *** For 500W & 45km/h version please add 500€ ***

    1 out of 20 claimed
    Estimated delivery: August 2014
  • €4,100EUR
    Visiobike Carbono + BeltDrive

    The most sophisticated ebike in the world! Special Indiegogo price (600€ less than retail price). + BeltDrive - we'll equip your Visiobike with cool belt drive that is maintenance free, completely clean and quieter than standard chain! VAT and EU/North America shipping included! *** For 500W & 45km/h version please add 500€ ***

    0 claimed
  • €4,150EUR
    Visiobike Carbono + VisioCam

    The most sophisticated ebike in the world! Special Indiegogo price (600€ less than retail price). + VisioCam - rear facing camera under the seat send image of what's happening behind you to your smartphone screen in front of you! No more risking a swerve or wobble, no more blind-spot! VAT and EU/North America shipping included! *** For 500W & 45km/h version please add 500€ ***

    0 claimed
  • €4,200EUR
    Visiobike Carbono + AutoGears

    The most sophisticated ebike in the world! Special Indiegogo price (600€ less than retail price). + AutoGears - fully automatic gear system controlled by Visiobike electronic which ensures that you're always in the right gear! No fuss, extreme fun! VAT and EU/North America shipping included! *** For 500W & 45km/h version please add 500€ ***

    0 claimed
  • €4,350EUR
    Visiobike Carbono + Belt + Cam

    The most sophisticated ebike in the world! Special Indiegogo price (600€ less than retail price). + BeltDrive + VisioCam VAT and EU/North America shipping included! *** For 500W & 45km/h version please add 500€ ***

    0 claimed
  • €4,450EUR
    Visiobike Carbono + Auto + Cam

    The most sophisticated ebike in the world! Special Indiegogo price (600€ less than retail price). + AutoGears + VisioCam VAT and EU/North America shipping included! NB: For 500W & 45km/h version please add 500€

    1 claimed
  • €20,000EUR
    The complete package

    - 2 full spec Visiobikes - 7 days perfect vacation in a beautiful seaside house on Croatian coast - Guided Visiobike factory tour with our CEO - 2 return plane tickets and transport within Croatia - Fantastic local food and drink Available in September 2014. or anytime in 2015.

    0 out of 3 claimed
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