VIRAL VIDEO for the campaign 'Stop the Privatization of the Greek coast'

Support this duo of filmmakers to make a viral video for the campaign ´Save the Greek Seashore´ and help to stop the privatization of the Greek coast.
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It might seem like an uninspired chapter of a dull script on economic recovery, but the latest move for the solution of Greek crisis is based on the privatization of its beaches and the ability to widely construct on its shores with very few regulations.

In other words, this might be the last summer when the unique and largely unspoiled shores of Greece can be freely enjoyed!

Help us to produce this viral video by contributing and become a producer  in order to raise more awareness and stop this catastrophe .

We are two Greek filmmakers, based in Barcelona with a trajectory in video art, fiction film, creative documentary, advertisement, viral video marketing and corporate video in Greece, Europe and beyond. We use cinematic language to communicate a wide range of messages of social and political context at a growing and expanding audience.

------THE BILL

Right now the Greek government is preparingthe second version of a bill to sell off public beaches to private companies. According to this bill, Greece will be left with cemented, overdeveloped beaches and access will only be allowed to those who can afford it.

In its current form the draft law would allow unrestricted exploitation of what is widely regarded as one of the most unspoiled coastlines on the continent of Europe: simplifying building permits for beachside hotels; allowing businesses to pay fines to legalize buildings deemed illicit and permitting vendors to litter shorelines with umbrellas and sunbeds. Free access to public beaches, a right enshrined in the Greek constitution and mentality, would also be severely limited.

Finally, the rich but vulnerable biodiversity of the coastal areas is at risk with this bill as it could convert protected areas into lots for sale and constitutes a violation of natural resources with serious environmental consequences.


When the bill was proposed there was a first successful movement against it based on petitions and awareness actions that managed to freeze the bill, but not scrap it altogether. Knowing that many governments use the period of summer to pass laws in an unperceivable way, we realized it is our turn to act as conscious citizens. We feel the urge to use our craft to widen and enhance these actions with the means we have at hand. For this reason we plan to create a viral video of compelling content and cutting edge visual strength.


Our idea is to collaborate with sand castle artists in order to create a time-lapse video of 2’ starting from present time and getting to the image of the future to come according to this law implementation, and propose active ways to prevent it. The main reason we need your funding is to be able to pay everyone properly and do this project in the most professional environment possible.


We see the view of the sea and the horizon from a very low angle shot while we are listening a soothing breeze and soft see waves while in the very background some children playing with the water. A time-lapse begins of monstrous urban buildings, growing and crowding out the view to the sea. While the shot is filled with sand skyline, the sound fades to heavy construction and industrial scapes. When the skyline has filled the horizon a crowd of shoeless feet comes into shot demolishing the building and running care freely towards the sea. The sound of the sea and children returns, recuperated. The video finishes off with relevant text and a voice-over (in as many languages as we can).

Let´s join our voices to preserve this word natural heritage for the generations to come.


In Barcelona, where we live, there are sandcastle artists who construct entire miniature castles, cities and dragons. We need to collaborate with them in order to get a professional and impactful result to the video. Also, it is necessary that we do the shooting outside Barcelona in a beach nearby because there is high risk of civil problematics (fines) that stop our creative process. Moreover the sand of Barcelona´s city beach is artificial and not natural sand, making the work of the sand artists really difficult. Thus we will go further away on a beach outside the city. The artists believe that they could do it in one day apart from any unpredictable factors that has to do with sand castles (E.g.: a part of it falls and you have to do it all over again).


1/2 days of shooting

5 days of post production (image, sound, special effects, color correction)


Director: Despina Ikonomopoulou

Assistant Director: Alessandro Di Renzo

Director of Photography: Philippos Vardakas

Producer: Juan Pablo Loyola

Sand Artists: Ilia, Nino, Jasan

Production Costs:

Transport: 30€

Food: 80€

Shooting Material (Camera, Lenses, Tripod and Grip): 200€

Director: 250€

Assistant Director: 200€

Director of Photography: 200€

Producer: 200€

Sand Artists: 150€

Editor: 300€

Special Effects: 150€

Sound Design: 150€

Extra fees (campaign costs, office costs, paperwork): 200€

Total: 2000€

  • If we do not reach our entire goal , our plan is to reduce main crew members and fees (Assistant Director and post production roles).The main intent is not to affect the fees of the sand artists and the external collaborators. In case we raise more money than our original goal , the rest of the money will become a donation to the organization MOm (The Hellenic Society for the Study and Protection of the Monk seal), a Greek non–governmental environmental organization with the legal status of a Non–profit association.

The Impact

Know  the difference YOUR contribution will make:

  • By contributing you will help us achieve a massive rise of awareness in a global level and help us stop this law to be implemented, thus preserving the Greek shores and enjoy their ‘virginity’.

  • The mobilization of citizens will help to achieve the immediate withdrawal of the Ministry of Finance bill on the shoreline, preventing the destruction of Greek sea coasts

  • By creating this video we will raise global awareness and help to protect the natural beauty of Greece for the next generations.

  • It’s not only about our right to freely use the beach; it’s about the intrinsic value of our natural environment, about the Greek landscape as an integral part of our identity and of a global point of reference of ´natural paradise´.

  • Illegal buildings, litter, and other abuses are sure some of the problems of the Greek sea shore that require strategic thinking and coordinated action. With the proposed legislation, the government purports to bring order to the chaos of current seashore policy. Instead, it invites immediate environmental disaster and undermines the medium-term prospects of the tourism sector itself.

  • Stupidity is probably not too strong a word for this exercise in selling out Greece’s long-term advantage (it’s unique and largely unspoiled coastline) in the service of short-term targets cooked up by European and IMF technocrats whose deficiencies and narrow-mindedness are apparent to anyone who has visited a Greek unemployment office.

  • Vangelis Paravas, president of the Hellenic Society for the Study and Protection of the Monk Seal (MOm) mentioned the still excellent condition of the natural environment in Greece, especially the coastline, where at least 50% of the world population of the critically endangered and threatened with extinction Mediterranean monk seal has found refuge. In other countries, especially in the western Mediterranean coasts, the species has become already extinct, due also to unregulated coastal development and destruction of its terrestrial habitat. Unfortunately the extensive construction activities aiming at the full exploitation and touristic development of the coastal Mediterranean zone has been one of the major factors during the second half of the 20th century, which significantly degraded the natural environment and the shorelines of the westerns Mediterranean basin.

But we have a chance to prevent this monstrosity before it's too late.

Here is a sample of our previous work (international award winning short film) (social advertisement Greek TV) (social advertisement Greek TV) (viral video on budget cuts/ Gr version) (viral video on Greek memorandum/ Gr version) (Spanish advertisement) (French advertisement) (Video Installation in Syntagma Square) video) (corporative video) (Interview for the Icelandic ´revolution´)

  • We have by our side the campaign ´Aigialos´, ´STOP the privatization of the Greek Shore´, the NGOs MOm (The Hellenic Society for the Study and Protection of the Monk seal) a Greek non–governmental environmental organization with the legal status of a Non–profit association.

TWO NEW COLLABORATIONS have teamed with us in the campaign:

- MEDASSET (Mediterranean Association to Save the Sea Turtles), an international nonprofit organization working to protect marine and coastal habitats in the Mediterranean, with sea turtles as their flagship species. MEDASSET has offered to contribute to the perks, more info will be posted soon.

- Milk Audio Greece (award winning audio post production house based in Greece) through Alexandros Sidiropoulos has offered us to make the full sound design and mix of the video. Their collaboration is of huge importance to the quality of the final video. Thank you! Milkaudio becomes therefore Executive Producers with their collaboration!

Other Ways You Can Help

If you can't contribute, doesn't mean you can't help:

  • Get the word out and make some noise about the campaign.

  • Use the Indiegogo share tools!

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