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  • $5USD

    Nothing seems to be too amiss. You're relatively happy, relatively sane, relatively well off... PERKS: "special thanks" in the credits

    Estimated delivery: January 2014

    1 claimed

  • $10USD

    Something doesn't seem right. Have things been going missing? You hear a shuffle upstairs, your television popped on when you were out of the room, a shadow flickered in the corner of your eye... something is certainly off kilter. PERKS: The previous perk and a digital copy of the soundtrack

    Estimated delivery: January 2014

    2 claimed

  • $25USD

    Your friends are starting to notice. A murmur is whispered when you walk into the room. "Hey, is he ok? He started raving about seeing things last time he came over..." You're not in hot water yet, but it's time to fish or cut bait. Find yourself a good therapist before it's too late. PERKS: Everything above and the official theatrical release poster

    Estimated delivery: January 2014

    0 claimed

  • $50USD

    Disorientation. Nausea. You've become a creature of the night. You can't be sure people are telling you the truth. You can't be sure people aren't saying things behind your back. You can't be sure of much. You're falling into the darkness, it might be too late. PERKS: Everything above plus a DVD copy of the final film.

    Estimated delivery: January 2014

    10 claimed

  • $100USD

    Who can you trust? Your friends are fading away as you dissolve further into your own mind. You see it more clearly now, the thing that is coming for you. Is it a person? Is it multiple things? Are they people? WHAT are they? You don't want to let yourself go like this, but how can you not see them when they're literally standing right in front of you? PERKS: Everything above plus a signed copy of the script

    Estimated delivery: January 2014

    4 claimed

  • $500USD

    Nothing is real. Nowhere is safe. You can't hide, they'll find you. You can't sleep, they'll watch you. You can't run, they'll catch you. Something is here. That sound, was that a knock? Did the door just creak open? The stairs. Was that a footstep? Shit. Shit. It's too late. You've lost the will to even fight. It's over. You can't even struggle. PERKS: Everything above, signed prop from the film.

    Estimated delivery: January 2014

    1 out of 15 claimed

  • $1,000USD

    Someone listen. Someone help. They're out there. The creatures. Whatever this is. It's got you. It's got you. It's too late. You're staring the demon in the face and it's smiling. It's smiling. The blood. You can taste it. You can smell it. Was that... what was that? I see you! Hey! Stop! Get away from me! NO! PERKS: Everything above, special visit on set, dinner with director, executive producer, top-billed cast, and an Associate Producer credit

    Estimated delivery: January 2014

    0 out of 5 claimed

  • $5,000USD
    Passionately Insane

    You're as insanely passionate about the project as us. But what's life without some intense passion right? Welcome to the club. It's time to talk. PERKS: Everything above, VIP invite to the screening, and a Co-Producer credit

    Estimated delivery: January 2014

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