An agoraphobic young man witnesses signs of a mysterious virus and must uncover the truth before he's consumed by his own paranoia.
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The Story

Ian Braddick, a pack-rat agoraphobe, must figure out the mysteries of a virus that has captured the attention of the nation. But despite his efforts and warnings about the infection contaminating the country's food source, Amy, his caretaker and sister, continues to ignore the dire situation at hand. Amy eventually submits to the flu and Ian is forced to expel her from the apartment after volcanic arguments that erupt after she inssesantly torments his mind. 

Left alone to the four walls of his apartment, Ian cuts himself off from technology and food, hoping to survive the ominous effects of the flu. Starvation consumes Ian and faced with death he's forced to confront his biggest fear: escape from the apartment in hopes of finding food untouched by the flu. Jerryrigging a sensory deprevation helmet to counter his agoraphobia, Ian prepares his escape as Amy broods close by, leading to a final confrontation that exposes the willpower of a self-righteous young man and the true nature of the virus that has consumed the world around him.

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Ian Braddick- The Entries 

April 16th, 2013

Someone out there, listen. Help. Please. I'm alone in my apartment, there's no one left to turn to. Something is out there. Something is coming. I'm scared out of my mind. My sister, my friends... they're all... I don't know what to do.

Something is infecting people: a flu, a virus, something we've never encountered before. I don't know. I don't know how it spreads. Is it through food? Technology? I can't trust anything anymore. Just myself. Just myself

But I know I need to figure out what's happening. Soon. If I don't...

I think I'm losing my mind.

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I've taken down a list of my supplies to survive in my apartment; here's what I still need if I'm to figure out what's going on:

  • Camera: $2,750.00
  • Stands & Electrical Equip.: $2,000.00
  • Production Design: $3,000.00
  • SFX Makeup: $1,500.00
  • Sound: $1,000.00
  • Food: $2,500.00
  • Insurance: $1,500.00
  • Nutritionist: $200.00
  • Expendables/Miscellaneous: $3,000.00

Slow Burn


Times are tough and money might not be something that you're willing to part with, I understand. There are other ways you can help the cause:

  • Spread the virus. Letting others know about the project is probably the most valuable contribution of all. A person informed is a person saved.
  • Make contact. If you're intrigued, don't hesitate to reach out. I encourage feedback, and if you think you can lend your talents/abilities to the making of this project itself, I will be forever indebted to you.
  • Network. I'm doing my own bit of spreading to other sites: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. By tomorrow there won't be a single channel left untouched.


All of this is a lot to ask, I know, but I need your help. I can't do this all alone from confinement. If the truth is to be unearthed, we've gotta stick together because this is a task too great for one man alone.This project has the potential to save us, or at the very least to reveal the error of our ways.

Man by his nature learns from his mistakes, adapting the reality that has been presented before him. Your contribution is worth more than hard currency; it is the key to unlocking an unforsaken dream.

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Pharmacists & Patients



  • T Zhang (Writer/Director/Co-Producer)

Originally from the Bay Area in California, Mr. Zhang is a Junior at the Kanbar Institute of Film and Television at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts. Ever since his first horror POV film shot during high school T Zhang has been addicted to film-making, honing his skills in writing, directing, and producing. His films have garnered numerous awards and appearances in local San Jose theaters as well as on cable television. His short "Believe in Me" has aired on the KCSM local channel, and "Nomad" swept the awards at the 3 Day Film Challenge where it received Best Director, Best Cinematography, Best Soundtrack, Best film, and Audience Award. In the past T Zhang's films have been sponsored by Red Bull, Merlion, and Emerging Artists Productions. His music videos "I'm Not Driving" and "The Eloise Suite" have premiered on and The Village Voice respectively. T has also co-directed and produced music videos for The Phony Ppl & Dyme A Duzin', one of which, "Idely" has a collective viewing of over 250,000 views on Youtube. A prolific writer, Viral is his seventh feature written. 


Chris Lopez

  • Christopher James Lopez (Producer)

Christopher James Lopez was born in Santiago, Dominican Republic and grew up in Queens, NY. He attended the New York Institute of Technology where he received a Bachelors Degree in English. After working as an actor he decided he wanted to try his hand at writing for the screen. In collaboration with his creative partner Davi Santos they wrote “The Cure.” In December of 2011, with no prior film experience, Christopher brought the film to life as producer and director, with he and Davi starring in it. In June of 2012, Christopher and Davi  went into production on their second film (as co-creators sharing directing and writing duties) - an expansive 40-minute psychological drama - that brought together filmmakers from all over the world to participate in its creation, titled “Densely Hollow.” Christopher is now working on his feature film project, “The Final Act” (L'Acte Final) an English/French language film which was written by Christopher and his creative partner, Davi Santos. Christopher will direct.


  • Nick Walker (Director of Photography/Co-Producer)

A native of the Colorado Rockies, Nick Walker grew up with a healthy appreciation of all things beautiful. An avid photographer, he followed his passion for crafting unique images and stories to New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, where he studies cinematography and directing. He has had the opportunity to shoot numerous music videos, short films and documentary projects both through NYU and independently in a variety of formats around the world. His work has been screened at the 32nd and 33rd Annual Starz Denver International Film Festivals and he has filmed promotional content for the national charitable organization Minds Matter. He hopes to continue his pursuit of visual excellence well into the future.


Han Zhang 84894

  • Han Zhang (Financial Advisor/Accountant)

Han Zhang currently studies finance at New York University Leonard N. Stern School of Business. Since youth, he's had a craving interest for the film industry. Coming from a background of strong quantitative and qualitative analytical skills with several leadership experiences, Han suits the role of Financial Advisor & Accountant like no other. During summer 2012, he worked as a producer on a documentary for the highest rated show in China: The Voice of China. That following fall Han led his team into the final round of Morgan Stanley Asia Pacific Case Competition. His team also won 2nd place in the New York University PwC Apprentice Challenge. This coming summer he will be interning at PwC in the Advisory Transaction Service Department. 



  • Ryan Thibeault (VFX Supervisor/Special Effects Make-Up Artist)

Ryan loved to play with clay as a child, making claymation films to entertain himself. Today he does the same except with Nuke, Adobe After Effects, & Maya. An avid believer in world domination, Ryan's here to take over with his 3D magic. 



  • Josh Green (Ian Braddick)

Recognized as the Monopoly Voice, this Maryland born and bred actor has performed in both theater and film for many years. A small collection of his work includes "Secondary Education" by Jon Truei and Love Lab directed by G.T UpChurch.  At the end of this month he will also premier in Vampires, a play directed by Johanna McKeon. In his spare time he enjoys performing play readings at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C.

Make Contact

Serious about investing? We've got a business prospectus. Interested in joining the crew? We've got the space. Want to give us a shout out? We shout back.

Don't hesitate to email us:

Thank you for reading and godspeed!

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    Something doesn't seem right. Have things been going missing? You hear a shuffle upstairs, your television popped on when you were out of the room, a shadow flickered in the corner of your eye... something is certainly off kilter. PERKS: The previous perk and a digital copy of the soundtrack

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    Who can you trust? Your friends are fading away as you dissolve further into your own mind. You see it more clearly now, the thing that is coming for you. Is it a person? Is it multiple things? Are they people? WHAT are they? You don't want to let yourself go like this, but how can you not see them when they're literally standing right in front of you? PERKS: Everything above plus a signed copy of the script

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    Nothing is real. Nowhere is safe. You can't hide, they'll find you. You can't sleep, they'll watch you. You can't run, they'll catch you. Something is here. That sound, was that a knock? Did the door just creak open? The stairs. Was that a footstep? Shit. Shit. It's too late. You've lost the will to even fight. It's over. You can't even struggle. PERKS: Everything above, signed prop from the film.

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    Someone listen. Someone help. They're out there. The creatures. Whatever this is. It's got you. It's got you. It's too late. You're staring the demon in the face and it's smiling. It's smiling. The blood. You can taste it. You can smell it. Was that... what was that? I see you! Hey! Stop! Get away from me! NO! PERKS: Everything above, special visit on set, dinner with director, executive producer, top-billed cast, and an Associate Producer credit

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    Passionately Insane

    You're as insanely passionate about the project as us. But what's life without some intense passion right? Welcome to the club. It's time to talk. PERKS: Everything above, VIP invite to the screening, and a Co-Producer credit

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