Lucy's recurring nightmares tear her perception of reality apart. How will she deal with the sinister forces that threaten her?
Chelsey Hett
Minneapolis, Minnesota
United States
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VILLAINS is a psychological horror/drama

Lucy is dealing with recurring nightmares that eventually tear the perception of her world apart. With vivid symbolism and imagery, the movie progresses through Lucy’s nightmares as she begins to discover the deeper meaning of the frightful experiences. Now she must come face to face with what is real and what is not.

Heart, Mind, Body, & Soul

Thank you for visiting our crowd-funding site. VILLAINS is a very ambitious film project that is willing to look deeply into a very unexplored theme. With so many projects asking for your support, I want to clearly explain why VILLAINS is one worth your personal investment.


The thrust of this movie deals with one major idea that plagues every one of us. Every single person has been both a victim and culprit of what is happening. While it affects us, and communicates who we are to others, it is rarely looked at with the weight it truly carries. We will look deep into the heart of our lead character Lucy, and hopefully discover more about ourselves in the process.


The idea is something I became fascinated with well over a year ago. I didn’t know how to communite this theme at first, until I began to explore dreams, symbolism, and the subconscious. Every tiny detail in the script and movie means something.  So much thought has been put into the props, costumes, lighting, framing, acting style, etc. in order to make sure that every frame has a purpose.

The stylized visuals are all meant to evoke the fear and conflict that Lucy experiences to our viewer.


We will be pushed beyond our physical limits to make this film. We have 8 locations to film in 6 days of production. While the entire crew will bleed, sweat, and miss out on sleep, no one will be sacrificing more than our lead actress Sasha Gibbs. The role of Lucy is incredibly demanding. She will be cold (outside in Minnesota winter), frightened, strong, and vulnerable on a daily basis. She is supremely talented, but we need to make sure she has a safe haven for when she is not on the camera.


VILLAINS is not just another “fun” movie being made by students. It is a personal journey. It is a theme that has affected me personally.

Everyone will be able to identify with Lucy, for better or worse. This will be a film you will want to show others. It will be a film worth talking about after it ends.

Thank you for your time.

Jesse Dvorak, director 

Bios from the Filmmakers

Jesse Dvorak (Director)

Over the past year, Jesse has been heavily invested in creating his own films and helping out on many other productions. Each film is treated with acute attention to detail and passion to tell great stories with beauty, mystery, depth, and humanity.
Recently, Jesse's film "Bathsheba's Window" was selected to be shown in the Twin Cities Film Fest 2012 Nominee for the student Excellence Award: Film Production.

Blake Boulka (First Director of Photography)

Graduating student of the Perpich Center for Arts Education in 2009 after winning a Scholastic Art Award for his work on a public service announcement, Blake Boulka has since moved on to Minneapolis where he continues to invest himself in furthering his study and implementing his passion in the art of film. While a student under the Cinema Division at MCTC, Blake has been presented the 2012 Excellence in Cinema Production Award and scholarship for his short film Lucy. Blake continues his work on a wide variety of collaborative film projects, as well as his own.

Joe Valenzuela (Second Director of Photography)

Joe currently studies cinematography, a path he began walking when he received his first camera on his seventh birthday. After years of still photography he began to expand into adding sound and eventually movement into his work.  He blends his interests in science, movement, and language to sculpt images that help tell the story that needs to be told. Joe has worked on several short films and two features. He is currently shooting a documentary and is in pre-production for another.

Scott Fimon (Producer)

After studying painting at St. Cloud State University and the University of Akita in Japan, Scott turned to filmmaking due to his lifelong love for the works of Kryzstof Kieslowski, Luis Brunuel and Andrei Tarkovsky. He's studied Film Production and Screenwriting at MCTC where he was writing and directing his own short films. He's now back at MCTC working on two feature length screenplays while producing 5 short films within this school year.

Chelsey Hett (Producer)

With all the opportunities received from a well-rounded education and hands-on experiences in the Cinema Program at Minneapolis Community & Technical College, Chelsey has been able to build blossoming reel of credentials including her roles as a Producer, Associate Producer, Production Assistant, Art Director, Hair & Makeup Artist and Wardrobe Coordinator on multiple short films within 2 semesters. With all sincerity, she hopes to experience as much as the industry has to offer in future endeavors!


Budgeting Plan (6 production shoot days)

  • $300  Professional Actors
  • $450  Renting Equipment
  • $700  Art Direction (makeup, wardrobe, set decoration, props)
  • $600  Crafte Services for full Cast & Crew (8-10 hour days)
  • $450  Location Rental Fees
  • $350  Transporting Equipment + Horse & Trailer
  • $200  Film Festival Fees
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    Personal "thank you" in the credits.

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    Lucid Dreamer

    A thank you in the credits + a DVD or Blu-Ray copy of the film which includes special features!

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    The White Horse

    All the above + mini movie poster designed by Brian Burton + concept art by Ashley McLaughlin.

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  • $75USD

    All the above + a full dream analysis from Jesse or Katrina (the writers) of any recurring dream or theme you may have (accuracy not guaranteed)!

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  • $250USD

    All the above + an Associate Producer Credit and an invitation to the Villains Wrap Party or grab drinks with Jesse Dvorak (director), Sasha Gibbs (lead actress), and others from the crew.

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    Estimated delivery: May 2013
  • $500USD
    Dream Catcher

    All of the above, plus an Executive Producer credit, which will be registered on IMdB + one of the symbolic props from the movie.

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    Estimated delivery: May 2013
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