Village Clean Energy Programme

FLIFLY is supporting plastic bag biogas, flashlight solar, hand light and table light solar for 50 poor farmers in Keansvay District, Kandal Province.


Short Summary

With the period 5 months, FLIFLY supports plastic bag biogas, flashlight solar, hand light and table light solar for 50 poor farmers who are members of Credit Unions and Sustainable Agriculture Communities that are under promotion under FLIFLY. They are living in Keansvay district, Kandal Province, Cambodia.

What We Need & What You Get

There are 50 poor farmers have good cookers and light for their families, saving money reduce using chemical fertilizers, good environment around their houses, generate more income through using organic fertilizer for their vegetable and have time for running other business. They have good health and happiness as well as involve to launch climate change.


The Impact

50 poor farmers who are members of credit unions and sustainable communities that are under promotion by FLIFLY. They cannot use electricity by low income per-monthly under 100 US$. This campaign will help them for reduce their expenses and have time to making other business for increasing their income for supporting their families. It is the part for launch climate change to launch poverty of farmers and  contribute to the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (Goal 7: Ensure Environmental Sustainability).


Other Ways You Can Help

We are the most appropriate for transfer your fund to our bank account at below:

Account No.: 2900-20-248511-1-1

Account Name: FLIFLY

ACLEDA Bank Plc.

# 28, Mao Tse Tung Blvd., Sangkat Beung Trabek,

Khan Chamcarmon, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

 Telephone number  855-23- 994 444

Facsimile number  855-23- 364 914

E-mail:    inquiry@acledabank.com.kh , mk.pr@acledabank.com,kh


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