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Why VIEVU Exists 
Steve Ward 
CEO & Founder

I started VIEVU because cops need a way to record their daily activities for accountability, transparency, and protection from false complaints. The cops already had dash cams, but those only recorded about 5% of police activity that happened in front of the patrol car. What they really needed was a wearable camera that captured 100% of their daily activities. 

I am a 15 year veteran of the Seattle Police Department with 6 years on the SWAT team, and after that a Vice President of Marketing and International Sales for Taser International. From these experiences, I gained the knowledge to build a camera that would protect them. 

Six years later, VIEVU has cameras being used by over 3000 police agencies in 15 countries. We are the de-facto market leader in marketshare for the law enforcement market. We estimate that VIEVU has an 80% share of the law enforcement body worn video market. 

Our six years have led us to learn something important - there are others out there that need the same technology of body worn cameras in their jobs and daily activities. Others also have the need to show their daily work, protect themselves from false complaints, and protect their businesses from liability.

In our 6 years, we have had school bus drivers, private security companies, insurance adjusters, plumbers, and a multitude of other professionals buy our cameras. You might be asking yourself “why?” It’s simple - imagine you own or work for a service company that sends employees into houses/businesses to work. You get complaints every day from customers who accuse you of not doing the work you committed to, scraping the hardwood floors, stealing the watch on the counter - you get the idea. Imagine if you had a camera where you could prove you did the right thing. You would save thousands of dollars yearly in nuisance complaints. 

We have had HR representatives tell us they don’t have a meeting with an employee without one of our cameras. Whether it is a hiring, a firing, or just a simple employee performance evaluation. It is the video that protects them from a false complaint later. And besides, everyone behaves better when they are on video - it’s psychologically proven. 

Cops have proven already that when video evidence exists, the complainers drop their complaint 50% of the time immediately upon being told there is video from their incident. In the 50% that get investigated, the officers are exonerated from wrongdoing 93% of the time. 

Amazing, isn’t it? Most people do the right thing all day, everyday. At VIEVU, we give them the ability to prove it to the world! 

VIEVU - We prove your truth!


What is VIEVU²? 
(pronounced VēVū Squared – it’s a square camera after all) 

It is a feature-rich, small form factor wearable video camera. 

It is hands free, ruggedized, and waterproof. Best of all, it streams and stores real time video to your iPhone (no need for a cable), Android, or to a WIFI network. Once they are on your phone, you can edit, add filters, and upload to Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Or you can simply email, text, or just store them in your DropBox folder. There is no need to transfer videos later. No desktop computer required!

  • HD video (720p) 90 minutes record time 
  • 16 GB flash storage 
  • Waterproof high dynamic range microphone 
  • 95 degree lens 
  • 802.11g/n built in wifi for live streaming
  • Military grade anodized aluminum housing 
  • Tactical black 

App Features

The VIEVU App pairs VIEVU² to your phone, streams live video, stores video directly on your phone for easy upload to YouTube/Twitter/Facebook/Dropbox/Email/Text, and acts as a viewfinder for your VIEVU². It also has built-in video editing features to trim the video, add titles, add filters, and upload it to your favorite place. 

Easy to Use, Built Tough, Not your Child’s Toy Camera! 

We build cameras to meet the toughest demands and we’ve proven that through years of developing cameras for the police and military markets. The VIEVU² was designed with the same philosophy - It is built for adventure and fast use. 

 VIEVU² has our “one switch” design for quick activation (even while wearing gloves). 

The lens cover functions as a power switch and video activation switch. One simple movement reveals the camera lens, turns the unit on, and begins recording. This fast action allows you to catch events when they happen (instead of fumbling with cases and multiple buttons.) 

Simple 4 color LED indicator - always know the status of your camera. Spring steel attachment clip easily attaches to your body, helmet mount, or anywhere else you can imagine. 

A Compact Low-Profile Form Factor 

One of the unique aspects of the VIEVU² is everything is self-contained in a flat housing that doesn’t require a bulky protective case to be waterproof or survive a bump. 

The VIEVU² is remarkably small and lightweight. It is intended to lay flat, which means it can be worn on your belt, lapel, pocket, or other places bulkier cameras simply don’t fit. If you need it on your head, we also have a head/helmet mount that is made from industrial grade spring steel. 

 We believe in durability using steel, aluminum, screws, and rubber. No plastic here! 

Some of the people behind VIEVU 

Steve Ward – CEO & Founder 
Prior to creating VIEVU, Steve was the Vice President of Marketing and International Sales for Taser International. 

Steve spent the first 13 years of his working career with the Seattle Police Department, including 6 years on the SWAT team. During his police career, Steve testified before the WA State Legislature, authored numerous studies and articles on non-lethal weapons policies and practices, and completed a review on non-lethal weapons policy for the National Institute of Justice. 

Steve Lovell – President 
Steve grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area before joining the United States Marines Corps. After his military service, he was hired by the Oakland Police Department in California. He retired with the rank of Sergeant after approximately 20 years of experience. 

During his law enforcement career, his duties included patrol officer, motor officer, SWAT team member, patrol supervisor, criminal investigator, and an academy instructor. 

After leaving law enforcement, Steve was hired by Integrian, an in-car video manufacturer, as a Channel Manager to Motorola, General Dynamics, and Dell computer. He later became the Director of Sales when the company was acquired and managed the National Sales Team. Additional positions included Strategic Sales at Decatur Electronics and Raytheon Channel Manager for ICOP Digital. 

Where does the funding go? 

Our team has gone through multiple prototypes and has finalized all of the hardware components of the camera. In addition to the other cameras we’ve made in our history at VIEVU, we have multiple variations of working prototypes sitting in our office. 

Our Indiegogo funds will be spent: 

  • ramping up our manufacturing capabilities to produce the maximum quantity at the best price. 
  • enhancing our firmware to produce the best possible video compression and software services in the camera when they ship.
  • finalizing our Android and iPhone VIEVU app. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: What smart phones will the VIEVU² App work with? 

A: The app will be released on stable Android 4.0 and iOS version 5.0. While the App adds functionality to the camera, it is not required to use with the camera. 

Q: Will the App work with other iPhone or Android features? 

A: You can charge you phone, listen to music, and adjust volume when using the VIEVU² App. 

Q: What colors are available? 

A: Our first production run will highlight our law enforcement heritage. The run will be in tactical spec ops black. 

Q: How far does the VIEVU² wireless transmit? 

A: It uses the same WIFI technology in your other devices and has similar capabilities. 

Q: Can I share this page? 

A: PLEASE DO!!! We would love for you to share our Indiegogo campaign, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and YouTube. 

Some pictures to illustrate the VIEVU² 

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