Videogame Tarot

You love gaming and want to know what your next session has in store for you? Videogame Tarot will help you take a pixelated look into the future!


You are riding through the dark night. Rain is falling down like an endless stream. Your clothes are soaking wet. Still you won't stop. You know your goal, and you won't stop and give up ...

... and then you reach your destination. An old cabin in the dark woods. It is half rotten and definitely not in best shape. Still you leave your horse behind and go in. Inside, a fire is burning and a person is awaiting you on his – or her? - desk. The person, you can't even tell if it is human, is looking deep into your eyes. And then it begins to talk ...

"Welcome, young wanderer. I have been waiting for you a long long time. And I know why you are here. Why you did overcome any obstacles in your way to get to me. Because you long for power. The power to see into the future. The power to see traps before they are laid out, to see the weakness of nearly invincible enemies ... the power, to get a new highscore tonight! I am right, am I? I knew it. And I can help you. With my Videogame Tarot!"


Videogame Tarot

Yes, a Videogame Tarot! We combine the fun in laying your future on the table with the power to see what your next gaming-session has in store for you. No more "You will find your true love next week" or "Take care or you will lose a big amount of money soon".

No, Videogame Tarot, going to be released this August, gives you full control of your gaming future with hints like "Better don't play a Beat'em'Up tonight. You will get destroyed badly!" or "Better not take powerups in your match tonight – they will only distract you".

Yes, this Tarot is centered around your gaming life!

And there's more about it: The full Videogame Tarot will feature cards with pixelated heroes of your beloved gaming era! Master Chief, Kratos, Yuna and many more will get some retro love by our artists! The full set contains all 22 major Arcana cards and the 56 minor cards (that makes 78!) needed for your Tarot-Session - and two alternative Retro-Cards (now it is 80!). And with stretch goals fulfilled, there will be even more cards for your delight!

Additionally we created a gaming mat you can put the cards on - and every "button" on that mat has different meanings. With four different "buttons" and 78 cards there are plenty fortunes you can draw. Plenty? Uncountable!

And last but not least there is the booklet. A round-about 100 page-rulebook that will give you all the details about the meaning of the 22 major and the 56 minor cards. And a little background knowledge about the history of each and every hero. So you get a book about gaming history!

Example Fortune

The game matOkay, that is pretty theoretical up to now. Let's make a small preview of the Videogame Tarot on the special cross-mat. Ah, two cards are already revealed. There is Yuna on the up-button telling you what to do so that things go right. The high priestess stands for the decisions to make. They might not be easy, yet they are a task that has to be done to get to the highscore. Yuna wants you to think about your choices wisely before you act. Take the step down or up in the dungeon: Press the start button and listen to your inner voice. And believe me, fellow gamer: You won't regret your choice!

But then there's also things you'd better avoid – the "down-button". This time it is Kasumi, the Strength. You know: Using your power will lead to victory. But only if you use it well. If you think you are too strong your death will be inevitable. So you better not underestimate your enemy. If you do, don't say we didn't warn you!


Videogame Tarot


Videogame Tarot

Pixel-League is a new company founded by Skeld (Sebastian) and Lighane (Lisa). Our dream is to create awesome pixel-art in games and more. We just want them to be funded and to be a joy to look at. Sebastian is an editor and artist who has been writing for several newspapers and a big german videogame-magazine. He loves videogames since he was a kid and he is a card-enthusiast. Lisa is a (pixel-)artist who has been working on several big projects so far. Don't ask us what pigs and noodles have in common – but she did draw it! Videogame Tarot is our first project and we know when people get their hands on it, they will just love it. It is kick-ass!


Videogame Tarot

To help two people achieve their dream of becoming a pixel-powered company. We have tons and tons of ideas up in our heads – games, card games, videos, apps and more. And we start with a new approach on Tarot: with videogame-related cards.

Your donations go towards high quality printing and boxing. The higher our funds rise, the better the cards will become. We can even swap the paper-boxes for metal ones! Each card is printed on thick 300GSM paper and sized like real tarot cards at 70 x 120 mm. And there is even more to get like shirts, pillows, additional cards and so on. For more information, check our Rewards and Stretch Goals.

And last but not least: You won't risk a thing. We will only ship our Videogame Tarot in August after reaching our goal of 5000 €. If not, all money will be refunded and you will not lose a cent, penny or whatever currence you are buying things with.


Videogame Tarot

10.000 € - A look behind the scenes: You get an exclusive look at our working process and way more art than you could ever wish for with our exclusive artbook. It will be a PDF and be given to all people who donated 7 € and more.

15.000 € - Lucky cards: 78+2 are not enough cards? Our pixel-works aren't enough retro-love? Then you will love this Stretch Goal. With this you unlock five additional cards. They will be five of the major 22 Arcana reworked as mini-sprites! If you love games like Final Fantasy VI you will enjoy these cards!

25.000 € - Achieve to unlock

50.000 € - Achieve to unlock

70.000 € - Achieve to unlock

100.000 € - Fortune app: Your cell phone will become your ultimate fortune-telling-device. After finishing the Videogame Tarot we will be working on a smartphone-app that will automatically tell you your daily gaming luck. Awesome, isn't it? The app will be available for free for all backers as soon as it is finished.




I want to help but I can't spend money now.

First of all: Thank you very much for reading this. And you can help us as well without spending money. Just spread the word, like our page on Facebook and help us find followers!

When will the Videogame Tarot be finished?

We are currently working on all the card-designs and plan to ship in August 2013. Even if things go horribly wrong we should make it in time (it's all planned...as far as things can be planned). But: If a meteorite hits our house shipping will be delayed a week. At least that is what the cards have told us...

A throw pillow ... really?

Hey - that's awesome. Just imagine hitting your friends with your favourite pixelated videogame hero. Or to hug him or her all day long. Awesome, right?

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