Victoria BC Amalgamation Poll

Greater Victoria BC - funds for a professional poll on the question of Amalgamation within the region.


Professional Poll

Capital Region Municipal Amalgamation Society will engage a professional polling firm.

  • A majority of the 13 municipalities in Greater Victoria have not committed to allow the residents of Greater Victoria a vote on the 2014 municipal election ballot on a non-binding question about amalgamation in our region.

Amalgamation Yes will engage a professional polling company to poll Greater Victoria residents to ask: 'do you want the following non-binding question about amalgamation on the 2014 Municipal Election Ballot?'                              
The non-binding question is: Are you in favour of reducing the number of municipalities in the Capital Regional District through amalgamation?                    
(A positive result of the non-binding question at the ballot would trigger community engagement & research NOT amalgamation.) 

Capital Region Municipal Amalgamation Society is a registered BC society
Our Vision—is a vibrant, diverse and integrated regional community responsive to local needs through effective planning, co-ordination and delivery of services to ensure a high quality of life for current and future generations.
Mission Statement—to achieve more effective and accountable governance within the capital region through municipal amalgamation.
Values—participatory, inclusive, engaging, forward thinking, respectful, results oriented, goal driven, transparent and accountable.

We are a non-partisan, non-profit organization dedicated to bringing about a referendum on the issue of municipal amalgamation in the Capital Regional District (CRD).  We are convinced that the current fragmented local governance model, consisting of 13 separate municipalities, is not the most effective means of governing the region.  We also believe that only through Citizen Advocacy will any change to our local governance occur.  As a group, we do not support any particular model of amalgamation, but we do believe that fewer municipal governments will better position the region to face current and future challenges.

What We Need

  • We need $6,500.00 for a professional polling company to poll residents. Quotes received for a professional polling company to poll a representative number of people in the Greater Victoria Region indicate we need 6,500.00.  We are asking for 7,000.00, additional 500.00 is to cover fees for this campaign.

The Impact

For over 30 years residents have asked their municipal leaders that the notion of amalgamation be legitimately explored through research and community engagement.  For over 30 years municipal leaders have said it should be explored yet nothing concrete has taken place.  The efforts of Capital Region Municipal Amalgamation Society to have a non-binding question placed on the 2014 municipal election ballot have been met with outright 'no', or frustrated, mocked, and ignored.  If the poll indicates residents want the non-binding question on the ballot, those results combined with petition signatures should compel municipal leaders to put the non-binding question on the 2014 municipal ballot.

Other Ways You Can Help

If you just can’t contribute to this campaign, perhaps you can volunteer:

  • Get the word out and make some noise about this campaign.
  • Contact us to volunteer.  We need people to help in our information office (577 Pembroke St.), fold brochures, hand out information, visit neighborhoods and put information into mailboxes, petition signature gathering volunteers, event organizers, municipal election volunteers and the list goes on.  Whatever your talent we will have a place for it!  Email us at amalgamateyes@gmail.com

Thank you.

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