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A unique cutting-edge cookbook with 150 mouthwatering, healthy, fast, and easy-to-follow recipes.
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‘Terry is the most creative person I know with vegan cuisine.’ Norene Gilletz - Author of 9 cookbooks, food consultant, food writer and columnist, cooking teacher and lecturer.     


‘There are plenty of whole grain, plant-based recipes out that are of poor quality. The market is in dire need of your level of expertise.’ Peter Burney - Vice President of mLogica, Inc.     


About the authors

We’re a husband-and-wife team, Terry and Tina Botel, who have been vegan for many years. Three years ago we learned about the massive health benefits of unprocessed plant-food.

Subsequently Terry, a private chef with many years of experience, started to use purely whole-food produce and eliminated all processed oils from our kitchen. At the beginning it was extremely challenging to create tasty dishes without the use of any oils, but using his amazing imagination and culinary experience, he began to design his own unique dishes, incorporating a wide range of plant foods, and infusing them with different taste-enhancing and health beneficial herbs and spices, while taking in mind what’s most common and readily available all year round. 


Having been an extremely talented chef for most of his life, Terry quickly excelled at developing and refining cooking and preparation techniques for completely cutting-edge, exciting, and mouthwatering dishes which are easy to make.    

We have been so passionate about this ‘New Age’ Vegan Lifestyle that we devoted the last three years full-time on the intensive research and development of our 'Vegan Up!’ cookbook to help the countless people worldwide who can’t find enticing oil-free whole-food recipes, and also founded our little positive creations company 'Vegan Ventures'.

Terry has been the creative force, and Tina passionately photographed his finished products and written his recipes.


Why we need your support

After nearly 3 years of intensive work, we are finally ready to launch our revolutionary cutting-edge cookbook loaded with 150 mouthwatering, healthy, and easy-to-follow recipes. Now we need your support in this campaign to enable us to self-publish this unique book.


The 'Vegan Up!' Cookbook

All recipes in the book have been designed by Terry with the sole purpose of enriching and empowering the lives of vegans and non-vegans by providing whole-food vegan recipes that are tasty, innovative, and uncomplicated. They are healthy and delicious alternatives to the bland, processed and/or oil-laden vegan recipes commonly available.                                      


The 150 unique recipes in this book cover raw and cooked delights. 

They include:

  • Superb Salads with Oil-free Dressings
  • Terrific Soups
  • Luscious Curries
  • Awesome Dals
  • Irresistable Wok Dishes
  • Scrumptious Pizza & Pasta Dishes
  • Toothsome Hot Pots
  • Hearty Stews
  • Tantalizing Oven Dishes
  • Amazing Side Dishes
  • Lip Smacking Dips
  • Incredible Cheezes
  • Seductive Desserts
  • Real Energy Bars
  • Detoxing Green Juices


Terry created all his easy-to-follow recipes with a very strong emphasis on taste, nutritional values, easily sourced ingredients, and presentation. As a private chef he learned long ago that high-end, healthy vegan cuisine can be easy and in many cases inexpensive. The book will teach you how to make delicious salad dressings and cook or prepare all types of meals without the need of processed oils. Most recipes take into account today’s busy lifestyle and are kept to absolute minimal preparation times.

Our comprehensive cookbook will show you how easy it is to enjoy a healthy plant-based lifestyle. We also included many helpful tips and notes to help demystify this unique vegan way of food preparation.


Terry’s culinary creations bring pleasure to many vegans, vegetarians, and omnivores alike. That’s why he designed his recipes to be also suited for non-vegans, who may want to add a scrumptious healthy vegan meal to their lifestyle here and there. The book is also a great bible on “How to” when entertaining vegan friends or family members.

Basically, this book is a must for anyone who wants to try something new and delectable. 


Every single recipe has been thoroughly kitchen-tested and professionally edited to ensure user-friendliness, reliability, and amazing results.

To make this cookbook suitable for the entire English speaking world, the quantities of all ingredients include both imperial and metric measurements.  


Vegan Up’s Mission


We are living in a time where heart disease, diabetes, and obesity rates are rapidly escalating each year, and our environment is slowly but surely falling apart. My hope and dream is by teaching people an alternative, healthier and cruelty-free way of feeding themselves, I will be doing my little bit towards helping reduce modern day diseases, saving animal lives and fixing our environmental issues. 

By supporting this campaign you, too, are directly helping to minimize and address these problems.                             


I am totally dedicated to promoting a healthy balanced vegan lifestyle with all its enormous benefits to our body and mind, as well as our environment, which hopefully will save many more lives of humans and animals alike in the future. 

Anything that encourages and teaches a more positive cruelty-free lifestyle, which also helps our environment and fellow living beings, is truly valuable to our world. Our 'Vegan Up!'  book does it all.


I’m well known for my dedication and passion for the vegan cause, and spend countless hours each week in my free time educating people on the amazing nutritional health and healing values of the vegan lifestyle, as well as the resulting benefits for the animals and environment. 

I believe there is a peaceful vegan lurking deep within all of us, just waiting to be fed right.



What will the funds be used for?

$50,000 may seem like a lot of money, but essentially it will only cover the production and printing costs of 2,000 full-color hardcover copies on recycled paper, as well as getting an e-book done. With printing, the more you print the cheaper it gets. So, if this campaign is hugely successfully and we surpass our goal, we will go for a bigger first edition run.

The money will largely go to printing costs, as well as:

·  Proofreading

·  Indexing

·  Format & Layout

·  Cover Design

·  Contents Design (book and website)

·  Conversion to e-book


·  Copyright Registration

·  Launch Marketing

·  Distribution

This being said, we don’t want to put any of you into any kind of financial hardship. So, please remember that even giving a little will help us getting closer to our goal. Even if you can’t help financially, maybe consider helping this campaign by sharing and promoting it among your friends and family, on social media platforms, in your blog, etc.

Without YOU we cannot produce the “Vegan Up!” cookbook and we want you to know that. We really appreciate your support!



Why Fixed Funding?

We chose the "All or Nothing" funding option, so our contributors are automatically refunded by Indiegogo through PayPal should we not reach our goal. Read more here -> Indiegogo Funding Options

So, please spread the word far and wide about our positive project.

I don’t have a Paypal account. Can I still support your campaign?

Yes! You can use your credit card to ‘Pay as a Guest’ in PayPal without signing in.

Stress-free Tip....

It’s best to make the payment from a laptop or desktop computer, rather than from your tablet or phone, as Paypal often doesn't easily support those.

1.  When you get to the PayPal screen, you'll see up top "Choose a Way to Pay".

2.  Select the second option: "Pay with a debit or credit card".

3.  Complete the form.

4.  When you get to the checkbox that says: "Save this information with a PayPal account. It's easy and free to sign up. Uncheck the box "Learn more about PayPal".

5.  Click "review and continue" to continue with a payment using a credit card.

6.  Click on the "continue without logging in" link.

Is there an Indiegogo app to make contributions to your campaign?

Yes, there is now a free Indiegogo iPhone app available -->

I don't live in the USA. Can I still contribute?

Yes, you can! Paypal will convert the dollars into your currency for you.

When will I receive my perk?

The estimated delivery time 2 months (November 2014) after the campaign's successful close. 

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    Come and meet the authors!

    You and a friend will be invited to lunch with us at Hiltl’s Restaurant in beautiful Zurich, Switzerland, to receive your personalized, signed hardcover copy of our “Vegan Up” cookbook. (Travel not included)

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    Learn all about Vegan Cuisine!

    Terry will teach you all aspects of a well-balanced whole-food Vegan Cuisine and Plant-based Nutrition in your own kitchen for 1 month (6 hours every day / 5 days per week). This knowledge will change your life forever and empower you. (Plus travel cost outside Europe)

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